Girls Day Out – Boys Day In….

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 We had an amazing weekend!

My Little Princess and I went for a girls day out to the American Girl store.   This in itself is a wonderful treat but to top off a very special day, we went on our female excursion with some dear friends.

The Little Princess was so excited!

Here’s a little background info about the Princess and her American Girl doll.  Daddy and I were not really sure if she was ready to get her doll, they are very expensive and must be well taken care of.  So we decided if our Princess wanted to get one – which she absolutely did…she made that very clear, repeatedly! – she would have to pay for half of it.  That’s a good chunk of money for a 4 year old but we felt it would be a good learning experience.  She had been saving her whole life for something special and she decided on an American Girl Doll.  Once Daddy and I agreed she could get one, she knew exactly which one she wanted – Cecile!


She promised to love her forever!

So off we were to the American Girl store with our friends.  We had plans to spend a lot of time there and we certainly did!  We left early so that we could get a lot of browsing done before the crowds arrived.  The girls had so much fun looking at all the dolls, clothes and accessories.

There was some serious shopping going on!


         We spent a good hour looking at everything!  We made “hair appointments” for the dolls and then went for lunch at the American Girl doll Bistro.  Lunch was surprisingly delicious, which is always welcome when you’re paying a high price for novelty!   The two BFF’s were in their glory sitting in the beautiful pink booths and I think us Mummies were enjoying ourselves just as much!   Even the little dolls were socializing!


After lunch we headed over to hair salon to get Cecile’s hair done –believe me! She needed it!   When the Princess chose Cecile as her doll I had tried to talk her out of it because of the hair.  I knew it wouldn’t take long for those beautiful ringlets to turn into a frizzy mess!  Between the Princess and I, we have our fair share of frizzy hair and I wasn’t looking forward to adding to it with a doll!  The salon visit was an absolute must and the $10 it cost us wasn’t too painful compared to the $20 styles!


Once Cecile had her new look, we decided she needed some new clothes.  After some more looking around and spending way too much money, we made our way home.  I reminded the Princess many times that this was part of her birthday presents, that it was a treat and the majority of Cecile’s clothes will be made by Mummy at a fraction of the cost of her new outfit – mostly to ease my own guilt of spending so much money on doll clothes.

My sweet little Princess was fine with that, she was just appreciative for the day she had.

When we got home she sat in my lap and hugged me tight!

I was happy knowing that she was aware of how special the day was and that she was very blessed to have experienced it!

While we were out shopping, Daddy was home with the boys!  I’ll let him tell about what they were up to!

Daddy says… Boys day in:

So, while Mummy and the Little Princess were having a girls day out with a couple of their friends, the Little Professor, the Milk Monkey and I had a boys day in!  The girls’ outing was planned about a week in advance, so in an effort to keep the Little Professor from feeling left out, we decided to have a special day at home doing some of his favorite things.  Thankfully, during an excursion into the attic this week, I stumbled across some old Nintendo Gamecube games.  I knew one of them in particular would be right up the Little Professor’s alley, so I kept it on hand for our Sunday together.

Once the ladies were out the door and on their way, the guys settled in for some time just kicking back and gaming:


I’m not sure the Milk Monkey really understood what was going on up on the screen, but he was having fun anyway!

We had a great time just hanging out being guys, and we topped it off with the Little Professor’s choice for lunch – a pizza topped with plenty of meat.

Yes, it was a very manly afternoon, but my favorite part was just spending time with my boys.

As much as the kids enjoyed their time apart, once we were all reunited,

the Princess and the Little Professor were inseparable for the rest of the evening!

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