Freezing Cold, Forts and Picnics…

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Today was cold!  Super cold!

We did a couple things to try and keep warm.

The kids stayed in their thick warm pajamas and we cranked the heat.

We  also ordered a cord of wood to get the fireplace going but unfortunately it won’t be delivered until tomorrow morning.

Even with all our attempts to get warm there was still a chill in the house, so after the school work was finished, the kids and I built a fort and filled it with all sorts of blankets.

fort 2

The kids spent the rest of the day in their fort.  They read books, played a little DS and the Princess even took a little nap.  I packed a little lunch for the two of them so they could have a fun picnic inside the fort.

Fort 3

They had so much fun they decided to sleep in it tonight.


My two sweet ones are snuggled in their little hideout, sound asleep, warm and cozy.  It’s a fun way to stay warm on a cold winter’s night!

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