Flashcards on a Ring…

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A while back I did a post about making flashcards.  You can find it here.

But what do you do with all the flashcards once they’re made?

Great question!  I’m so glad you asked.

If you are like us, you have more flashcards than you know what to do with.  Ours were piling up fast with every new PACE and spelling list.

When they started spilling over and the dog ran off with one (yes, the dog literally ate the homework) I knew it was time to get our flashcards organized.

fc 2

I bought an index card file for about $10 and filed the flashcards in alphabetical order.  That way when I need a word, I know exactly where to look.

That works great for storing the flashcards but what about when you need to populate the latest spelling list, what do you then?


I bought these little index cards on a ring – 3 for approx. $7.

The ring opens up and I removed all the index cards that came on it.

fc 3

I used one of those cards to mark the hole on my flashcards.

fc 7

I punched a hole on the marked spot on all the flashcards with a single hole punch.

fc 6

Then I just went through and picked out the words I needed….

fc 5

and put them on the ring.

When we are done with those words, I can refile them for the next child and add new words to the ring.

fc 4

The flashcards are kept together while in use and they won’t get damaged!

You can find the little index cards on a ring from Staples.

I’m going to go back and buy some for our math flashcards next!

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