First Love…

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Since we arrived at Disney we’ve had a lot of interaction with Disney Characters.

We’ve waited in lines to do a Meet and Greet, today we went to Chef Mickey’s for a character breakfast and we’ve even spent time playing with Chip and Dale at the campfire in the campgrounds.

The Princess and the Professor love the character interaction.  They are old pro’s at it.  They remember it from our last visit and they’re excited to spend time with their beloved characters from their favourite movies.

For the Milk Monkey this is all new.

The first time he actually saw one of the characters was at the campground campfire.

He had just woken from a deep sleep to the extra large furry chipmunks.  He was petrified at first.  Every time the Princess or the Professor got close to one, he would scream in fear for them.  After a while he began to realize they were not going to hurt his dear siblings and really, they seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Eventually he wanted to get down and play along with them.

Even still, throughout our days here, his caution of each new character has won out over his joy of meeting these new and exciting characters in his life.

That is…

until today, when he met Cinderella!

My youngest son fell instantly in love.

He practically ran to her, he took her hand, he hugged her and I’m pretty sure he was even ogling her!

There was definitely some flirting

and when it was time to go he kicked and screamed as we pulled him from her grasp!

It was definitely love at first sight!

Cinderella…forget Prince Charming…the Milk Monkey is where it’s at!!!

PS…Do you babysit??!!

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