Face Painting…

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I’m always looking for something fun and creative to do with my 3 favourite little ones.  A couple weeks ago, I had this idea to get some face paints.

What kid doesn’t like face paints?

I told the kids that if they did their very best on all their school work, I would paint their little faces.

Of course they did their very best…

and we’ve been having face painting fun ever since.

I’ve even painted other little kids faces who have made their way to our campsite to let me know they like my work!  Our site was very popular this weekend.

face p 2 face p

There have been a lot of masks, butterflies and glitter…

face p 3 face p 4

and Super Heroes…some I’ve never even heard of (Blue Beetle? Huh?).

It’s so easy to do and the kids love it so much.  We’re all having a blast coming up with original and some not so original idea’s…and seeing how they turn out, even if they aren’t perfect. The little Monkey was totally impressed with his Eeyore face, especially since Eeyore is his favourite stuffy  who goes everywhere with him.

face p 5 face p 6

The paints are hypo-allergenic and non toxic (that’s always good, right?) and they’re super easy to clean – even the black comes off completely with just a wet cloth.

It’s refreshing to find something fun and exciting that the kids enjoy but is still super easy to clean up!

So if you are looking for something fun, silly, creative and easy to clean…think about face paints!

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