Dragon Box and Basket Full of Baby…

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This weekend I came across a game app that I highly, highly recommend!  It’s called Dragon Box and my kids love, love, love it!  The Professor is completely addicted to it and I couldn’t be happier about it!

mm 5

Dragon Box is a game that introduces important math elements in a fun and exciting way that kids enjoy while gradually learning fundamental algebraic elements.  Since the game rules are simply basic math rules, the kids don’t even realize they’re learning math…until it’s too late!


It starts off very easy and gets more challenging with every level, just like any other game only with this one they will be doing algebra by the end.  The app costs $5.99 and believe me, it’s worth every penny and more!  The colours are bright and beautiful and the little creatures are cute…it’s seriously brilliant.  If there was ever an app to purchase or a game you would want your child to get lost in, it’s this one!

While the older kids were checking out Dragon Box, the Monkey was busy, busy, busy today!

mm 4

If you saw a diapered baby walking around today in Mickey crocs while wielding a plastic knife, that was my Monkey.  He kept trying to “cut” things with his little knife without success.  It was very disappointing to him.

So instead he decided to set up a comfy spot to read…

mm 2

He’s a curious little guy.

He doesn’t like playing with toys very often.  He’s more interested in trying to find unusual things to play with.

Sometimes I’m not sure what to do with him other than love him and take lots of pictures.  It’ll be interesting to see what interests he develops as he gets older.  I’m sure whatever they are they will be unique and very interesting, and keep me on my toes.

On a totally unrelated note…check out how many clothes we are clearing out of  the kid’s closets!!

mm 3

I’m so happy about it!

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