Daddy’s Smoking Something…

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Today was a pretty lazy day which was good for me since I have somehow managed to get a cold during the middle of a heat wave.

I spent a lot of time inside the trailer thankful for the air conditioning while Daddy spent the day swimming with the kids and keeping an eye on his smoker.  His smoked ribs attracted the attention of a lot of the other campers.  In fact, Daddy brought a few ribs to one of our neighbours and they were very impressed.

Sm 1

They weren’t the only ones…we all thoroughly enjoyed our dinner tonight!

sm 3

Along with the ribs we had corn and beans and lobster ceaser salad.  Lobster has been kind of the theme for this week.

sm 5

We had a bunch of messy eaters tonight…they ended up wearing almost as much as they ate.  They were so busy enjoying it, I don’t think they even noticed.

sm 4

And some ate so much they had to sleep it off!

sm 2

Even still, there was room for ice cream!

It was a very yummy day!!

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