Daddy says… Tug of war

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It’s fun watching our little ones growing up.  It doesn’t seem like that long ago we were carrying the Milk Monkey everywhere, holding him close and feeding him his bottles.  Now he’s up and moving all over the place!  We’ve given up our living room and set up gates to try and keep him out of trouble.  But, of course, as Mummy posted here – he’s up and climbing on everything now!

Last night he managed to climb up onto the couch with his sister.  When her guard was down, he was able to grab hold of her beloved “Meow Meow” and the tug-of-war began.  Neither wanted to give it up!  The Milk Monkey has a pretty strong grip and seemed convinced it must be his, but the Princess was not going to give in without a fight either.

After a few minutes the Mighty Princess muscled “Meow Meow” aware from the little guy.  However, in retaliation, he pulled on her hair.

Yes, it doesn’t take long for those little babies to start growing up and developing personalities of their own, and it’s just amazing to watch them develop. The Professor is our little thinker, always asking questions.  The Princess is our kind hearted, yet tough-as-nails brave little girl. And the Milk Monkey – well, so far he’s our adventurous little daredevil, ready to climb up and over anything in his path!

One thought on “Daddy says… Tug of war

  1. Haha – those are two very spirited little children, and I suspect there will be a lot more tug-of-war-type altercations over the coming years! ; )

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