Daddy Says… The Grind

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Well, the trip is over, we’re back at our house and we grudgingly return to the daily grind.  The return to work and our everyday lives only seems to reinforce our desire to be on the road full time.

There is a great sense of freedom out on the road. We could picture ourselves making on the spot decisions about how long we would stay in one place, which direction we would head next and what the destination will be. We just went from Burlington Ontario (just outside Toronto) to Long Point (Out on Lake Erie), considering our heading, we could have just kept going west. Stopping along the way until we hit the West Coast!

 There’s also a really fun sense of adventure. When we left Long Point and decided to just find someplace along the way to spend the night, we were able to talk it out, do some quick research and find someplace we thought might work.  And, as it turns out, we changed our mind halfway there!  And the place we found was perfect – if only we had a bit more time to stay. It would have been fun to check out the NY State Park a bit and talk with the “neighbors” who were so helpful the night we pulled in.

We just have to stay focused, keep planning and find a way to get out there full time. While the daily grind might be necessary right now, we have to work to keep it temporary and not lose sight of what we truly want.

A fun filled, adventurous life on the road.

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