Daddy Says… The $100 sheet of stickers

Well, we had another visit to the emergency room yesterday.

During the afternoon, I noticed the Mighty Princess had a little funny smile on her face.  Not her usual cute little funny smile, but more of a crooked, lopsided smile.  I decided to keep an eye on her while she was playing, and noticed it seemed to be a consistent thing, so I decided to do a few little tests with her to see what was going on.  I had her give me the biggest smile she could, showing teeth and all – but only the left side of her face smiled.  Next, I had her blink as fast as she could, but it seemed her left eye was blinking a lot faster than her right, and at times the right eye didn’t fully close.  After a couple of more tests of scrunching her face, and closing her eyes as tight as she could I could see something was definitely wrong.

I knew right away that it was Bell’s Palsy. I had it myself when I was 16, so I was able to recognize it pretty quickly.  After a bit of online research, I found it was frequently linked with Lyme Disease. As you will recall, the Princess was in the hospital last week – well, at the time, one of the possibilities was Lyme Disease, but it was too early to test for it.  And seeing as she was feeling better on Friday, we just figured it was some sort of virus and that we were all done with it.

Think Again!

After the at home testing and online research, we called the Princess’ pediatrician’s office and the Dr. on call called us back.  She recommended we go to the hospital to have someone look her over.  So, after another trip to the hospital, the Doctors in the ER confirmed what I was thinking.  That it was most likely Lyme Disease from a tick bite. So they drew some blood for a test, gave the Princess some antibiotics and sent us on our way.  Usually they have a sticker to give the kids, but apparently the person who orders the rolls of stickers had not done so recently and the Nurse presented the Princess with a couple of selections of small sheets of stickers.  Our little girl picked the Tweety Bird sheet and we were out the door.  A one hundred dollar co-pay spent, and a sheet of stickers gained – along with a diagnosis and a prescription I suppose. 

The most important thing is that we have a plan of action to help our little one.  I know how strange the Bell’s Palsy can be – you can’t move one whole half of your face and it can be a bit unnerving. I was glad to hear that in most kids her age it goes away completely within 2-3 weeks.  So we’ll have her take the medicine and keep a close eye on her.

I can’t wait to see this little smile again

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