Daddy Says… Smoochies

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Our little Milk Monkey is a bit of a handful at times. Sometimes he can be a chubby little ball of terror, and other times, he’s a screech monkey, but through all of that – he’s an adorable little sweetheart.

He is learning to express himself in various ways, he says “Meeeee” when he wants something, while alternately pointing and opening and closing his hands.  He sings along with his favorite songs from The Wiggles, or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – and of courses dances along.  But, I have to say, one of the cutest things he does is give “smoochies”.


At nighttime as we’re getting him ready for bed, I’ll tell him “Ok little guy, go give Mummy Smoochies!”  And he goes running over with his lips pursed & hums out a big “Mmmmmmm” and gives a big ole kiss on the lips.  It’s the perfect way to say goodnight!

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