Daddy Says… Sleepover

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Once a year Nana J takes the kids for a sleepover at her place.  They always really look forward to it, and this week was their time.  Mummy and I dropped them off in the morning with a small suitcase, a couple of stuffed animals and a lot of smiles.

They spent the day going to playgrounds and having fun, then after soccer practice they apparently stayed up late watching movies!

Today they went to Imagination Island, and spent the day playing on indoor climbers and Jumpy houses.  Lastly, they went to Friendly’s restaurant and had dinner, complete with make your own sundaes and face painting!

Nana J knows how to show those kids a good time!  But I know they were happy to be home too.  The professor rushed in to give the Milk Monkey a big hug, and the Princess just wanted to spend some time with Mummy.  As much fun as they have when they are away, it’s good to know that they really love being home too.

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