Daddy says… Pegleg

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Slap – Thunk – PLOK – Thunk     Slap – Thunk – PLOK – Thunk     Slap – Thunk – PLOK – Thunk

We’ve been hearing that pattern all evening.  Our little Milk Monkey has been crawling around in the trailer with a block in one hand and it makes a big PLOK sound every time it hits the floor.  We keep laughing, thinking it almost sounds as if he’s a little baby pirate with a pegleg crawling around. And of course with his big brother and big sister crawling around with him, he gets more and more excited and crawls around even faster, laughing and yelling – it’s so good to hear them all having fun together.

The little guy is getting to the age where his older siblings can actually play with him and include him in games of their own, which is really great to see.  The Professor & the Princess are pretty close in age – only a year and a half separate them – but the milk monkey is a late addition.  I’ve wondered what his place was going to be in their little group, but he seems to be doing just fine figuring it out on his own.

And tonight it included his making a   Slap – Thunk – PLOK – Thunk   noise as he crawls along with his pegleg.

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