Daddy says… Oh the places we’ ll go

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One of the things our family really wants to do is travel.  There are so many amazing places in North America that we’d love the kids to see – and to see ourselves!  One of our favorite places is of course – Disney! We’re pretty excited as we have begun planning a trip to Disney in the fall.  There are so many fun things to do, cool sights to see and good times to be had as a family, that always puts Disney at the top of our list.


But we also have plans for long-term camping, travelling North america and seeing some amazing places.  We feel there are so many awesome opportunities for the kids to learn, grow and experience the world around us hands on.  And homeschooling really gives us the freedom to do it!  We can travel and give the kids that first hand, life experience education while they also get the classic reading, writing and arithmetic education in a one on one environment.

Just a few places I’d love to be able to bring the kids:

     Yoho National Park – Canadian Rockies


Monument Valley – Utah

Cape Breton – Nova Scotia

 There are just so many different places to go and see, from beautiful natural vistas, to important historical sites, incredible museums and all sorts of national monuments.  There are so many amazing experiences just waiting to be had, and I’m excited to enjoy them with my family.

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