Daddy Says… Mummy’s House

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Mummy really enjoys watching those home design shows on HGTV.  One of her favorites is “Sarah’s House” featuring the designs of Sarah Richardson. Each season Sarah takes an old home and completely renovates it and makes it into a fully upgraded, beautiful home.  So, I guess I have her to thank (at least in part) for this weekend’s extended trip to Home Depot!

Granted, we have been hunting for a new dishwasher for a while, and we had plans to go this weekend and pick one out – but once Mummy realized we had a few extra dollars to spend in order to fulfill a special coupon deal we had, her affinity for Sarah’s home improvements came out and suddenly we were shopping to finish off renovating our kitchen.

When we bought our house, almost 5 years ago now, the kitchen was a disaster!  We’ve put a lot of work into it since then and slowly it has been becoming a kitchen we can be proud of.  It does still have some finishing touches to be done, and that’s largely what we spent our time and money on at Home Depot.

In addition, we actually did find a dishwasher!  We’ve arranged for delivery and should have it next weekend. We’re looking forward to being able to stop washing so many dishes by hand!

Our new dishwasher!


I’ll be the first to admit that doing the work of home improvement is not my favorite thing to do, but I have to say that it’s a pretty good feeling once a project is complete and you can really see how much a little work has improved things. Mummy and I have a bit more work to finish off our kitchen, but before long, it will be an incredible room – miles away from where it started.

And then… on to the rest of the house!

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