Daddy Says… Jedi Princess

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On one of our last days in Disney, the Mighty Princess informed me she would like to be a Jedi.  A couple of years ago, her older brother went through Jedi Padawan training, and now she was old enough to do the same.  So, we got up bright and early, rushed right on over to the sign up as soon as the park opened and managed to get her into the first session.

They asked her a few questions as we were signing up:

Will you listen to all of the instructions of your Jedi Master?  Yes!

Are you willing to learn the ways of the force, and use a lightsaber?   Yes, I can already beat my brother in lightsaber battles!

Are you afraid of the dark side of the force?  No!!

Such a brave little youngling!

Soon enough she and the other potential Jedi were on stage, meeting their Jedi Master.  They were each given a training lightsaber and the training began.


No sooner had she begun her training, than she was confronted by Darth Vader!!

She successfully defended herself from the dark lord of the Sith and completed her Jedi Training.  She was very proud when the voice of Yoda came over the speaker system and proclaimed that she and her fellow younglings were now all official Jedi Padawans.  We celebrated by going on the Star Tours attraction…

I know the Force will be with her… always.

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