Daddy Says… Freedom

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Freedom, I think that’s one of my favorite things about homeschooling with the kids.  It really gives us a lot of freedom.  Freedom to be flexible, to take field trips when we want, to bring the kids to exciting places where they can learn more in a day with their family than they could in a whole week of classroom time.

We have had the pleasure of taking them to the Children’s Museum, where they get all sorts of hands on lessons in a fun environment.  It’s all so much fun, they don’t even realize they are learning!



We have also brought them to the Science Museum.  They both really get into the various experiments and displays.  The Little Professor spent a good deal of time analyzing the exhibits, and the Mighty Princess has such a bright, inquisitive mind that they both had a lot of fun.


We also recently took them to Plimoth Plantation, where they were able to get a first hand history lesson.  They both had so many questions, and absorbed all the answers.  They really enjoyed interacting with the Wompanoag people, seeing how the tribe had lived in the 1600’s.  They also really liked the English Village, where people were roleplaying as members of the village as it was in 1627.  The Princess had a lengthy conversation with “Mrs. Bradford” – the Govenor’s wife, and the Little Professor spent some time learning from one of the mates of the Mayflower, learning about nautical navigation using the “Science of Triangles”. They were both also quite impressed with the cannons in the fort.


 Even our trip to Disney will be a learning experience.  They will be attending special classes put on by Disney to give them a behind the scenes look at the physics involved in some of the rides. And all of these things are made available by the freedom homeschooling gives us. Someday we will even be able to take them out on the road to learn and experience North America.  To travel to all sorts of different areas of this incredible and diverse continent we live on.

There are so many amazing things to see and do, it really gives me a thrill that our children will have these opportunities to grow and learn.

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