Daddy says… Fathers Day

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I love fathers day. And not just because Mummy takes care of the kids early and lets me sleep in, or the breakfast in bed (pancakes and a steak, egg & cheddar sandwich -Mmmm), or the cute homemade cards. Yes, all those things are great, and I do really enjoy them, but typically on fathers day, we spend a quiet relaxing day with each other – and that’s what I really love.

This year, we were camping in our trailer and had a great day together. We took a nice hike in the park and the kids spent most of the time exploring the woods and hunting for good walking sticks. We made our way to a freshwater spring that the park has some taps hooked up to and filled our water bottles with some crisp clear spring water.


A little later in the afternoon, we came back and cooked a nice dinner on the grill. Some hot dogs and a selection of chicken sausages along with a nice salad.

All in all it was a great day, because I spent it with my favorite people in the world – My family.

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