Daddy Says… Creep, Crawl & Slither

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Over the weekend the Little Professor went to birthday party at a friend’s house.  They had a unique form of entertainment for the kids, Joe’s Craz-zy Critters.  Joe and his brother Devin came in and entertained and educated the kids for over an hour with all sorts of exotic creatures.


There were huge snakes, lizards, spiders and scorpions as well as a very large bunny, a chinchilla & a pig!  It was a very fun and informative party and the kids loved it.

lizards7   lizards4   lizards5   lizards6

The Professor found all of the creatures fascinating, though he was not really interested in holding any of them.  I can’t really blame him, at least when it comes to the scorpion and tarantula, though I would have liked to check out the monitor lizard!

As it turned out, the big hit of the party was “Rosie” the pig.  The kids thought she was great, they fed her Multi-grain Cheerios and yelled when she squeeled.


After the animal entertainment was over, the kids sang happy birthday, had some cupcakes and then headed on home with loot bags in hand.  All in all, it was a great time.

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