Daddy Says… Camping Gear

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Unfortunately our schedule has kept us from camping the past couple of weeks. So, to make up for it, this weekend we spent some time shopping for some gear to use while camping. Each time we go camping we find that there are things that we could use to improve our camping experience, so Mummy has been making a list on her iPhone.  The list includes some of things we just didn’t think of before we got out there; a laundry basket, a small axe, flashlights – and a shovel that could kill a pig (as seen on Doomsday Preppers) among others. We didn’t get everything on this trip, but we did find at least a few items.

Some decorative lights to hang along the awning:

Some solar powered pathway lights to help light up our campsite at night:

We also bought a few less exciting items including a dustpan and broom, a citronella candle to keep away the mosquitoes and some sunscreen.  The point being that even when we’re not camping, we’re thinking about it and planning ahead for when we will be.  There are a lot of places we’re really excited to go to, and amazing things to see along the way.  It may take little more time then we would like, but one day we will be out on the road full time, and we’re going to want to have all the little things ironed out before we go.  In some ways, we can look at these local camping trips as our practice runs for the biggest adventure yet to come.

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    • It’s an ax, shovel and a couple other things in one…we don’t need it to kill a pig or have any plans to do so…lol. Having one tool that can do a couple things is great for saving space and weight.

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