Daddy says… Busy Days

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Just a quick update tonight to let everyone know what’s going on.  We’re still in Canada and will be here for a little bit longer.  Mummy has been keeping busy helping her Mom recover from an unexpected surgery.  She’s also been assisting her Grandmother with Doctor visits etc while her Mom is out of commission.

The kids are enjoying it, they get to spend lots of time with their Canadian relatives.  The Milk Monkey has been having a lot of fun in particular.  The way Nana L’s place is set up, we just have to put a gate to keep him off the stairs, and one to keep him out of the kitchen – otherwise, he has the run of the downstairs.  He spends his time running around, playing with everything he can get his hands on and being cute for his Grandparents.

Nana L is recovering well and getting stronger everyday, which is great!  We figure if all goes well, we’ll head back to the states over the weekend.


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