Daddy says… Brilliant!

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Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.  That’s my kids.  Just brilliant, wonderful kids.

The little princess took a test today, a special test that’s part of the curriculum we use and it’s designed to see how ready she is to start a 12 week learn to read program. She aced it with a score of 94%.  I’m so proud of her! There were some math aspects to the test as well and I was surprised and pretty impressed to see she had no trouble with those at all.  She’s so smart!

And the Little Professor is just on the cusp of finishing Grade 2.  He’s pretty excited, planning his graduation dinner. There are long discussions of what he’d like for dinner, who might be there and, of course, what type of desert there might be.

And even the Milk Monkey has been impressing us this week.  No, he hasn’t started school yet, but he has been practicing his speaking, mimicking everything people say to him.  I’m so proud of our little ones, they are such smart little students it’s pretty incredible to see them learn and grow.

One thought on “Daddy says… Brilliant!

  1. Awesome! I am very impressed with the progress they are all making, but especially how quick the Mighty Princess is learning how to read! She will be reading a book in no time! 😉

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