Daddy Says… Back up

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As one of our benefits, my employer pays for 20 days of back up daycare at a facility near our offices.  We typically utilize it when Mummy has some specific things she needs to get done without the kids around, or could just use a break from the non stop caring for small children.

“Mummy, I need a drink” – “Mummy, I’m hungry” – “Mummy, the baby is climbing the couch again” – “Mummy, can I have some paper to draw on” – “Can you put this Barbie outfit on for me”

Or their arguing: “He hit me!” – “She hit me first!” – “He has the Lego I want!” – “I had it first!” – “(sobbing) He broke my feelings!”

The Professor and the Princess have been going for years and really enjoy it, and this week, the Milk Monkey went along for the first time as well.  It was hard for Mummy to let her little guy go, but he’s old enough now, and we thought the time was right. So, I packed up all three kids and brought them with me when I left for work.

We got to the daycare center and the two older kids ran off to the backup room while I brought the Milk Monkey to the Baby room.  He was there with about 4 other little ones, at least two of which were about his age and crawling about.  After giving the staff his stuff and explaining his schedule a bit, I knelt down and gave the little guy a hug and kiss and headed for the door.  I was almost expecting to hear him get upset and need “Dada”, but I looked back as I got to the door and he was already crawling off looking to play with some of the toys.  I guess he is a lot like his older siblings.  I had to tear them away from the water table they were playing at just to get a goodbye hug!

I stopped by at lunch time to check in and see how the little guy was doing.  It turns out he was having a blast! He had been hanging out and playing with all sorts of stuff, had some Goldfish crackers and some of the baby food I had sent him with and was generally having a great time. And as happy as he was to see me when I showed up, he was just as fine with me leaving once lunch was over.

At the end of the day, I went and picked up the kids.  All three of them had a really great day but were ready to head out.  The Professor and Princess had made some crafts to take home, including a new necklace for Mummy & a couple wooden models of a plane & a car – along with a painting the Professor proudly calls “The Worst painting EVER”.

I came home to a thoroughly relaxed Mummy and the following sight in the backseat.


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