Daddy Says… A Lion’s Paw

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Mummy mentioned the following in her last post:

“The little Princess is still not feeling well.  She’s not keeping much down but we’re able to keep the fever in a comfortable range with some children’s Tylenol.   Hopefully tonight she’ll get some good rest and and be back to her usual peppy, cheerful self – and hopefully tonight I’ll get some much needed sleep.”

Unfortunately, that did not happen.  Our little Princess had a rough night.  She woke up several times with a bad headache and a fever and she continued to have a hard time keeping anything down. So, by the morning we had decided we better take her to see the Doctor.

We packed everyone up and took a drive to the pediatrician and the Doctor explained that because of the nausea, the little Princess was definitely dehydrated, and that the three days of headaches were also concerning. So… we were off to the Hospital!  I dropped Mummy and the Princess off at the hospital and took the other kids home.

At the hospital, they had to put in an IV line in order to get some saline into her.  Mummy told me our little girl was super brave!

A little later in the afternoon Nana J came over to watch the Milk Monkey, the Professor & Miss Fancy while I joined Mummy at the hospital.  By the time I arrived, out little Princess had already finished off two bags of saline drip and was sitting up eating dry Cheerios and watching “The Lion King”.  It was obvious she still wasn’t feeling so well, but it was good to see her smile again, and very good to see her eat again. At one point Mummy pointed to the hand with the IV and asked “Why don’t you tell Daddy what that is?” – the Princess replied “My Lion’s Paw… Rraawrrr”.

She’s so cute!

Not long after, the Doctor came and spoke with us, letting us know they were sending the Princess home.  She was re-hydrated, they gave us a prescription for some anti-nausea pills and advised us to keep a close eye on her over the next couple of days while combating the fever with Tylenol and Ibuprofen.  So, as much as we would have liked to see her feeling back to her old self after her visit to the hospital, instead we took her home, not feeling much better than when we brought her in.

It’s not easy to see my little girl not feeling well, but I know with some prayer, some medicine & a lot of Love, she’ll be back to her old self soon.

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