Confessions of a Fabric Junkie…

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fabric 7

Big D and the Little Professor have decided they want to create a show about my love for fabric and quilting.  The Professor thought it would be fun to focus on my quilting – maybe film the process of my work.

Big D had a whole other take on it.  He pictured a dark and shady documentary that would shed light on the obsessive-hoarding side of my need for fabric.  Of course he stated this as we were on our way home from a big fabric sale at Joann Fabrics.  What he doesn’t realize is that I saved him a whole lot of money this past weekend!

It’s really hard to pass up a great fabric sale…so hard, that I can’t and I didn’t!

I shopped and I shopped….and I shopped some more.

fabric fabric 2

fabric 3

I wasn’t buying fabric for any specific quilt, I was doing what is called…

stash building.

Just between you and me, stash building means buying fabric just because I like it and I want it and maybe someday down the road I will use it to complete a fabric selection for a quilt.  The perfect missing link!

Even though I was technically stash building I did manage to find some very nice colour families that will make some great quilts.

fabric 4

Pink and Yellowy – Orange

fabric 6

Black and Cream

fabric 5

Grey and Yellow

fabric 12

Aqua and Navy

fabric 8

Green and Cream

fabric 10

Orange and White

fabric 9

Navy and White

fabric 11

This looks like a repeat but this one is actually Black and White.  I’m thinking of doing a Boston Commons quilt with this one.

fabric 15 fabric 14fabric 13

There were also a few different fabrics that didn’t match anything, they were just beautiful!

There were more fabrics, too many to post but all of them just as gorgeous.

Some people like to look at flowers, some like to stare out at the deep blue of the ocean…

I like to submerse myself in colourful fabric and take in the unique patterns.

I like to dream about what could be with each one.  It soothes me and relaxes and it brings a smile to my face!

**** No budgets were blown by the purchasing of the above fabric (that’s just how good the sale was!!!)

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