Comic Com…Yeah!

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Today we took the two older children to Comic Con for the first time.

They loved it!

In fact, they might have even enjoyed it a little more than Daddy and I – and that says something.

They really liked the variety of costumes others were wearing and would fill me in on the details of each character, assuming I was a novice on the subject.

After all…what do mother’s know about Superheros?

We took a lot of pictures of the kids posing with other costume-clad people.  The Princess would very boldly go up to anyone in a outfit she appreciated and ask if they would take a picture with her.  Of course everyone agreed.

The Professor on the other hand wanted to have his picture with certain characters but wouldn’t ask, so I would ask for him.


He was glad about most of my selections….


but some – not so much!  He was definitely not impressed with my choice of Venom, nor was he impressed that Venom picked him up, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

My all time favourite costume today were the two Weeping Angels.

Best episode ever!


The Princess was more than happy to pose with them.  The Professor was about to until I told him “Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink.”  He quickly distance himself after that and he’s never even seen it! It’s just that creepy!


We met with Mark Bagley and he signed some posters for the kids.  He was a nice guy and I couldn’t believe he had a grandson the same age as the Professor.  How cool would it be if your Grandfather worked for Marvel as a comic book artist?

“Yeah, my grandpa draws Spider-man!”


Then there was the purchasing of comics.  We gave each of the kids an amount of money they could spend.  It wasn’t a lot so they had to make some good decisions.  The Professor took his time and did a lot of browsing, he made good use of the deals that were available and weighed each decision.

The Princess on the other hand knew ahead of time which comic she wanted – My Little Pony.  They were more expensive, even with the discount for the second day and she only had enough for one but she really wanted two.  After walking around for a while and not seeing anything else she decided she wanted to go back and buy the other one.  I reminded her that she was short on cash for a second one and she replied that maybe the guy would “drop the price” for her.

I was floored!

I asked her where she’d heard that before and she just shrugged.  We went back to the booth and she asked and sure enough the guy “dropped the price” for her.  He had a good laugh about it and said he couldn’t say no…he didn’t want to be the mean guy that made the cute, little girl sad.  I was pretty impressed with my daughter, I wouldn’t have even thought to ask.

It was a great day today, definitely one we will repeat next year.


Daddy bought me this print of Rose and The Doctor that I absolutely fell in love with!  Sara Richards drew it and I thought it was fabulous! She was even there to sign it for me.  One day we’ll have it framed and hang it in our future game room.  I was happy to go home with it along with some old Archie and Richie Rich comics that I had when I was little.

We left Comic Com today with some new treasures and some old ones too!

I personally learned a few important things today…

  • It doesn’t matter how old or how young someone is – there will always be those who want to dress up and pretend they are much cooler than they really are. (I might be one of them)
  • There are actually girls out there that can make a Tardis costume look sexy. Who knew, right?
  • Never say “Oh look, Todd McFarlane” even while pointing to a label on a section of comics at a Comic Con convention.  It could seriously cause chaos!
  • Being old is a good thing when a bunch of young guys close by are looking at a $10 comic to buy and Daddy declares “Oh I have 20 copies of that one and one of them is signed by Todd McFarlane.

Ha!  Don’t you wish you were 40!

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