Best Laid Plans…


This morning I woke up earlier than normal with hopes of getting a head start on my day.

Today was a Nana J day – where all three children go with Nana J for the day and have lots and lots of fun.  On these days I get about 4 times the amount of things done then I do on any other day.  My plans were to get all my work done, then house work, then dinner ready and then hopefully some quilting!

There’s nothing like quilting to motivate me.

One thing I’ve learned as a mummy is that plans can change in an instant…

As I headed downstairs for coffee, I was met by Daddy and the kids…

and a freshly washed couch.

The Monkey had just thrown up and he didn’t look good at all.

 Suddenly all my plans just evaporated and I found myself cradling my sweet little boy, trying to sooth him through his tears.

nc 3

Sadly, there was very little sleep but he did get moments here and there.

Thankfully, Daddy was able to work from home.  It would have been very hard to have taken care of the little guy alone.

He must have thrown up 6-8 times in the first two hours alone and then there was the inconsolable crying that went on and on, going back and forth between Daddy and I hoping one of us could relieve his pain.

Eventually towards the late afternoon things started to look up for the little guy and he began to smile again.  He was able to keep some liquids down starting with ice chips and working his way up to chicken noodle soup and crackers.

nc 2

  I was so happy to see him feeling better.  I hope it carries on throughout the night and he wakes up feeling well again tomorrow.

On a more positive note, the Princess’s new curriculum arrived today and it looks great!  I couldn’t be more thrilled with it.  We switched curriculum this year, more so for the Professor than the Princess but went ahead and switched for her too.  We decided to go with Switched on Schoolhouse for the Professor which is a computer based curriculum but since it only starts from Grade 3 on we went with the LifePac for the Princess.

nc 1

I love it!  It’s perfect – I especially love the Science curriculum.  There are so many hands on experiments even in Grade 2.  There’s a lot of thinking involved and reflecting on what is being taught and not just memorizing.  I also like that she will be learning cursive writing by the end of the year.

I can’t wait until the Professor’s curriculum arrives…along with the regular subjects of Math, Language Arts, Bible, Science, Geography and History he will be learning Spanish, French, Health and Basic Drawing.  It’ll be a full work load this year but he’s excited about it.

In with the shipped curriculum was a card with a website where we can buy a corresponding science kit that has all the materials and equipment to recreate all the experiments.  Naturally I looked it up to see what we would need and instantly decided we will be making many, many orders with the company.  They have a large selection of hands-on science resources at great prices.  If you’re interested in checking it out it’s

You’re Not You When You’re Tired…


Have you ever seen those Snickers commercials – the one where hungry people are grumpy and not themselves and are portrayed by various celebrities like Betty White or Joe Pesci?  Their attitude gets adjusted upon eating a Snickers and thus become themselves again.

Well, that’s life with the Little Professor, only instead of hunger it’s fatigue and instead of a Snickers it’s a nap.  When he gets really tired his whole personality changes and it’s not for the better – it’s definitely not Betty White!  He becomes very angry and emotional and every little thing becomes a “my life is ruined” issue and that’s how he was yesterday when he was trying to ride his bike.  Daddy was trying to help him and he was just not having it, especially since his sister was biking around effortlessly.  The thing is, he can ride his bike -he’s very new at it – but he can do it, he was just too grumpy to try.

bikes 4

After a couple threats of going inside and getting ready for bed the Little Professor adjusted his attitude enough to have a little fun.

bikes 2

The two of them rode up and down the streets enjoying their new found freedom…

bikes 5

and the high of controlling their own set of wheels.

bikes 3

The little Monkey tried to keep up with his big brother and sister but it wasn’t so easy on Mummy’s old tricycle – yes, I actually rode that tricycle through the streets of Quebec.  Well, maybe not the actual streets more like on the drive ways and side walks. Now the little Monkey is inching down the streets of Massachusetts with it 30(mumble mumble) years later!


Eventually the little guy realized he’d get a lot farther, a lot faster on foot, so he ran and ran and ran.

By the time we went inside everyone was exhausted and ready for bed.  This morning when the kids woke up they wanted to go out and ride again!

I’m so thrilled to see my little ones finally enjoying their bikes!

Fort Popham…

Last week while we were in Maine we decided to take a drive over to Fort Popham to check it out.  The kids weren’t sure what to expect and weren’t really excited to be heading anywhere on the hottest day of our vacation.  I knew once we arrived they would enjoy the Fort.

Sure enough, as we pulled up the kids were excited to get out an explore.  The salty breeze from the water mixed with the dampness of the Fort provided us a break from the oppressive heat.

ruins 6

Fort Popham was amazing!

It was built from large blocks of granite in 1861 at the mouth of the Kennebec River.

The structure was beautiful!

The contrast of the granite with beautiful views of the river through the windows were breath taking.

ruins 8

Even the kids were completely impressed throughout their running around, climbing and exploring.

ruins ruins 2

The Monkey discovered a secret room at one end of the Fort which he labeled the stinky room and couldn’t wait to take me there.

ruins 4

Daddy couldn’t resist a little inappropriateness…one of the many reasons I adore him!

ruins 7

While the kids and Daddy were enjoying themselves and having fun, I was busy taking lots of pictures!  I just couldn’t get over the views.

ruins 9

ruins 12

ruins 11

I just wish the sun could have broken through the haze so I could have really captured the beauty in it’s true splendor.

I did however manage to capture the raw cuteness pretty well!

ruins 5

I love that little one!

ruins 3

The Professor and the Princess tried their hand at a little history – we didn’t get it right the first time, but we were pretty close.

Who knew baseball became so popular so early?

Not us, that’s for sure!

After a little manipulating of the answers to make them correct the kids wanted a picture taken.

By the time we got back to the campsite we were hot and tired….and the Monkey needed a serious drink of Mickey juice…aka water in a Mickey cup.

ruins 10

Karaoke Fun…


Last week while camping in Maine the campground had a night of Karaoke and the Professor really wanted to sing.  I didn’t get to go see him because the Monkey was already in bed asleep but Grandpa got the whole thing on video!  I have no idea how he chose the song, since he’s never even heard of it previous to his performance.  I think he was pretty cute for his first try of Karaoke!

Now he’s hooked…hopefully I won’t catch him sneaking out to the local Chinese restaurant for long nights of singing!

Daddy’s Smoking Something…

Today was a pretty lazy day which was good for me since I have somehow managed to get a cold during the middle of a heat wave.

I spent a lot of time inside the trailer thankful for the air conditioning while Daddy spent the day swimming with the kids and keeping an eye on his smoker.  His smoked ribs attracted the attention of a lot of the other campers.  In fact, Daddy brought a few ribs to one of our neighbours and they were very impressed.

Sm 1

They weren’t the only ones…we all thoroughly enjoyed our dinner tonight!

sm 3

Along with the ribs we had corn and beans and lobster ceaser salad.  Lobster has been kind of the theme for this week.

sm 5

We had a bunch of messy eaters tonight…they ended up wearing almost as much as they ate.  They were so busy enjoying it, I don’t think they even noticed.

sm 4

And some ate so much they had to sleep it off!

sm 2

Even still, there was room for ice cream!

It was a very yummy day!!

Maine -ly Just Relaxing….

mfd 11

We are on vacation in Maine!  We were suppose to leave yesterday morning to start our vacation but decided very last minute to head out Thursday night instead.  Since we had to go straight through Boston, Daddy decided it would probably be easier to do it in the evening rather than during morning rush hour.

I was really happy about that decision.  I spent the whole city portion of drive white knuckled while praying to God to get us through.  Meanwhile Daddy and the kids, were fully confident and reassuring me that it would be ok.

mfd 12

Driving through the city of Boston is one thing, but driving through with a 35′ trailer behind you is a whole other experience – one I’m still getting use to, even after all the trips we’ve been on.  It’s especially stressful when the kids are all yelling because the puppy got loose and attacking everyone!

This morning was our first morning waking up in Maine and it was beautiful out.  We sat outside relaxing and watching the kids have fun.

mfd 7

mfd 8

Breakfast was basically what ever someone wanted and coffee, and it ranged from Smartfood popcorn courtesy of Nana L, to Canadian cookies and homefries from the snack bar.  It was a lazy, lazy morning and it was wonderful!

mfd 5

mfd 6

The Monkey was in his element with the freedom of vacation.  He was running around with his bike helmet on and his swimmie ready to take on any activity that may present itself.

mfd 1

mfd 2

mfd 3

I kind of liked having him all shielded and protected in what he was wearing, especially since the day before he opened the trailer door and fell out, banging himself on the stairs pretty good on his way down.

mfd 10

He wasn’t seriously hurt but it did leave his face bruised and swollen on the left side.  So for me, a helmet was a good thing and I fully encouraged him to wear it!  It allowed me to relax just that little bit more, knowing his head was ok!

Even Jack was in the vacation mood and enjoyed the morning sun light as he played right along side of the kids.  It was a good start to our much appreciated vacation!

mfd 4

Dragon Box and Basket Full of Baby…

This weekend I came across a game app that I highly, highly recommend!  It’s called Dragon Box and my kids love, love, love it!  The Professor is completely addicted to it and I couldn’t be happier about it!

mm 5

Dragon Box is a game that introduces important math elements in a fun and exciting way that kids enjoy while gradually learning fundamental algebraic elements.  Since the game rules are simply basic math rules, the kids don’t even realize they’re learning math…until it’s too late!


It starts off very easy and gets more challenging with every level, just like any other game only with this one they will be doing algebra by the end.  The app costs $5.99 and believe me, it’s worth every penny and more!  The colours are bright and beautiful and the little creatures are cute…it’s seriously brilliant.  If there was ever an app to purchase or a game you would want your child to get lost in, it’s this one!

While the older kids were checking out Dragon Box, the Monkey was busy, busy, busy today!

mm 4

If you saw a diapered baby walking around today in Mickey crocs while wielding a plastic knife, that was my Monkey.  He kept trying to “cut” things with his little knife without success.  It was very disappointing to him.

So instead he decided to set up a comfy spot to read…

mm 2

He’s a curious little guy.

He doesn’t like playing with toys very often.  He’s more interested in trying to find unusual things to play with.

Sometimes I’m not sure what to do with him other than love him and take lots of pictures.  It’ll be interesting to see what interests he develops as he gets older.  I’m sure whatever they are they will be unique and very interesting, and keep me on my toes.

On a totally unrelated note…check out how many clothes we are clearing out of  the kid’s closets!!

mm 3

I’m so happy about it!

Happy Fourth of July…

 Today almost turned out to be devastating for our children but instead ended up being a fun and exhausting day!

We were getting ready to go to some children’s races put on by the neighbourhood my husband grew up in when the Princess and the Professor got into a little power war.  It ended with the Princess throwing the front door open giving Jack the chance to zip past her and out into the street.  It probably wouldn’t have been such a traumatic event at that point except for the movie Frankenweenie, which we had just watched the day before.  Daddy and the Professor took off after Jack while I tried to console the Princess and get her to calm down enough so we could help.  The Princess, Monkey and I managed to make it outside in time to see Jack running at hyper speed right in front of a car!

Not the best timing, for sure!

j4 11

Thankfully, our neighbour who was driving the car had his window open and thankfully heard the Professor yell out to him to stop and thankfully Jack picked up his pace in his super, spastastic form and missed the wheels just in time.

Eventually, with Daddy, the Professor and the Princess diving for the puppy, a couple neighbours trying to corner him and the Monkey and I trying to lure him in with sweet, encouraging words, Jack ran up to a couple ladies who were doing their daily walk….and they nabbed him!

We brought him back home and loved him for a bit, then set off to the races.

Sadly, I managed to forget the good camera in all the excitement and had to rely on my phone to get pictures.  I apologize in advance for the blurry and unfocused pictures.

j4 7

The little Monkey was so cute running his races and ended up coming in third twice.  It helped that there were only 3 kids running in those two races!

j4 9

He was a natural at the potato sack race!

j4 8

He and the Professor were great partners for the wheelbarrow race…until the Monkey collapsed and his big brother dragged him by the feet to the finish line.

j4 10

The Princess was super fast but didn’t have anyone to race against since there weren’t any girls in her age group.  She didn’t let that stop her, she ran the races anyway and even gave it her best effort!

j4 2

The Princess was happy to get a trophy!

j4 3

The Monkey preferred to steal his…

j4 4j4 5

and the Professor was so proud of himself for winning his trophy.  He gave the potato sack his whole effort and won first place.

J4 6


After there was face painting, and hot dogs and hoodsie ice creams.  I was really impressed by the whole event!

Later we went down the street for a BBQ with family and the kids swam all day.

It was definitely a day for them to remember!

Sox and Sims…

The other night Daddy and the Little Professor were invited to a Red Sox game.

sims 5

This was the Professor’s first time going to a professional game and he thought it was pretty cool.  After the game he and his cousin had a sleepover at Nana J’s.  On their way home he called to tell me how much fun his evening was and to let me know he had saved a portion of his cotton candy for his little sister so she could try it too.

Meanwhile at home, the younger two were having a fun night of their own.  First, there was ice cream to be had.

sims 3

Also Daddy had taken the Princess to the local Redbox to choose a movie, Escape from Planet Earth, for the evening and she and the Monkey really enjoyed it.

Daddy and the kids weren’t the only ones having fun, earlier that day they went out and bought me a surprise…flowers and the newest Sims expansion pack!

sims sims 2

The Sims is a game that came out in February 2000.  Since then they have released 2 new versions along with many, many expansions packs and 13 years later I am guilty to owning and playing all of them.

More importantly, I have the Sims to thank for my family, so when my family gives me a new game, it’s kind of ironic, since the game gave me all of them!

In late 2002, I signed on to Beta test The Sims Online.  Having enjoyed the stand alone game so much, the idea of playing the Sims with thousands of people online was amazing.  A year later, still playing the Sims Online I met Daddy in the game.  We chatted for a year and eventually met in person and the rest was history!

Interestingly, I also met my best friend in the same game 11 years ago and we have talked (a LOT!!) just about every day since!

On a totally unrelated note…this is what happens when I let Daddy and the Monkey go to Target by themselves!

sims 6

They come home with yet another super hero t-shirt – cape included!