Daddy Says… The Milk Monkey turns one.

Today the Milk Monkey turned 1 year old, and of course we celebrated in our favorite way – camping! It’s amazing how quickly the year has passed. Our little guy has grown so much.

We took the trailer on our first really long haul, and after a long weekend of fun and adventure we are all exhausted. This post is being emailed in, so hopefully it gets through ok! Once we are able to secure an Internet connection for the computer, we’ll have a lot more stories to share.

Until then – Happy Birthday Milk Monkey!!!

The Milk Monkey enjoying a birthday dinner of smoked ribs ala Honestly Daddy.

Daddy Says… It’s all in the preparation

Our house is in prep mode.  We have a trip planned to Canada in two days and we are all working to get the trailer packed, the house tidied up and everything ready.  There’s always a long list of things to bring with us, but now it’s a little longer as we have a trailer to prepare (and store things in!).


On top of that, we’re going to be bringing home a visitor! Mummy’s 10 year old cousin is going to be coming home with us to stay for a month during her summer vacation.  The kids are pretty excited about it as they don’t see her very often. It will be fun to have another person in the house, especially someone the kids will have a lot of fun with.

Of course, all this prep work can add to the stress level here as well.  Sometimes Mummy or I get a bit frazzled with everything going on, but we know that once we’re on the road – all that stress just melts away. It’ll be a long drive too, with a big trailer – our longest haul with the trailer so far – but it will also be a fun adventure.  And at the end of the journey, there will be all sorts of friends and family to visit, a baby dedication and two birthdays to celebrate.  But even better than that – there will be lots and lots of family camping time together.

And that’s what makes the work worthwhile.

Daddy says… 40

So it’s happened, no going back now – I’ve hit 40.  I can remember a time in my life when 30 seemed so far away, but now here I am in my forties!  No big deal I guess – as it turns out, I’m just one week older than I was last week.

So, how did we celebrate this amazing achievement? A wild night on the town? A big raucous party with friends and family?  Nope – I spent it with my favorite people, doing my favorite things.  I had an incredible weekend with my wife and kids, camping in our new trailer!  We cooked steaks on the barbeque for dinner, had a great dessert and spent some time together as a family. A little later on we went swimming in the indoor pool at the campgrounds and even managed to get some Mummy & Daddy time relaxing in the hot tub.  Of course, we had to give up Mummy’s iPhone as a distraction for the Little Professor & the Mighty Princess, but it was nice to have that quiet time.

The rest of the weekend was just as relaxing.  We spent time sitting by the fire –

with a bite to eat-

And having fun at the playground –


All in all – it was the best birthday so far!