We Just Called it a Bucket

The Tummy Tub

Maybe I’m just getting older, or maybe it’s because we are on our third child or maybe it’s simply because I can’t see myself spending $40 for something I can get at Walmart for $5.  Whatever the reason, I can’t help but think someone is pulling an Emperor’s New Clothes move on a whole lot of new mothers.  I’ve read the reviews about how it mimics the mother’s womb and how the babies love the warm water and I’m certainly not about to dispute that.   In fact, I remember my mother bathing my brother in a similar fashion when we were children but back then we just called it a bucket.

 It’s not a new idea, just a marketed idea.

Look familiar?

Growing Big…

Today was the Milk Monkey’s 9 month wellness visit.


He was fabulous!

He charmed the doctor with his chubby little body and coy little smile.









He was a sweet little gentleman, cooperating with all the nurse’s requests.

I took great joy in hearing how healthy and wonderful my little man is doing, especially around this time of his life.  He has now lived longer out in the big world than he had in my tummy and it makes me reminiscent of his gestational journey.

A little history about my Milk Monkey:

He was born a month early premature…at 9 1/2lbs…and no, we didn’t get the dates wrong.  We followed his tremendous growth with ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy.   When it comes to fetal weight, most mothers are concerned not enough is being gained but because of gestational diabetes I was on the other side of that spectrum.   I would watch in frustration as my sweet baby boy gained more and more weight regardless of my strict diet and all the insulin shots.  The gestational diabetes was out of control.  Instead of panicking, I would call my mother and we would pray.  It kept me peaceful. God is faithful.

At 35 weeks we were at a routine ultrasound and the specialist made the shocking decision to admit me to the hospital.  There was a list of serious concerns.  They wanted to greatly increase the insulin at every meal, also my little guy was transverse which along with lots of extra amniotic fluid was putting pressure on my previous c-section incisions.  If my water were to break, his cord could be born first and collapse on him.  I had been carrying around a full term baby for about a little over a month by that point so my body was stressed and it was causing many different issues.

The first day went by as a blur, so many nurses and doctors visiting my room and I missed my children immediately.  I wouldn’t be the one to explain to my children that I wouldn’t be home for month and that made me cry.  In children time that’s almost forever!

As it turned out I only lasted a week in the hospital before I went into labour.  My little baby boy was born without any complications thanks to the amazing doctors and wonderful nurses, but mostly thanks to my God who is always faithful!

I have been thinking back to those events many times lately and I always come to the same conclusion.  Every moment of it was completely worth it because it was just a process I went through to get my precious, precious little boy!

Love and Laughter…

One of the qualities about my children I enjoy the most is their unpredictability.

Most of the time it’s a good thing.

My children keep me alert, they keep me wondering and they are a constant source of humour.

Sometimes it’s their choice of attire…

Sometimes it’s where and how they fall asleep…

Sometimes it’s their achievements…

and sometimes it’s just a simple moment…

that makes me smile.

My heart fills with laughter and my days unfold before me with new adventures.

When the evening finally arrives and I’m drained of all energy…

from all the responsibilities of life,

a small, unexpected gesture in the form of a snuggle and the spoken words from a tiny voice

– “I love you, Mummy” –

blinds me from all the stresses that have surrounded me throughout the day.

Walt Disney World – The Place Where Dreams Come True

We really, really like this place:


We took the kids there in 2010.   The trip was the beginning of many firsts for us as a family.

The first time the kids flew on a plane.

The first time sleeping in Grandpa’s trailer at The Fort Wilderness Campground.

It was the first time the Little Professor washed dishes (but not the last)!

The first time the Princess and the Professor met their favourite characters in person.

Belle from Beauty and The Beast

Alice in Wonderland

Mickey Mouse

Buzz Lightyear

Lotso – and yes, he does smell like strawberries!


We had lots of fun firsts on that trip…

but the best first of all was finding out that the Milk Monkey

was going to join our family 8 months later!

Our little dream came true!

Plymouth Escapes of Reality

When life starts getting too stressful I like to pack up some water and some sweaters and pile everyone into the car and take off to Plymouth.  There’s something about that place that de-stresses me.  The closer we get, the lighter my shoulders feel and the easier I breathe.  I don’t know if it’s the ocean air or maybe it’s being around tourists that makes me feel like I’m on a mini vacation but I find it restful and renewing.

So one Saturday, last September, after some wonderful and much needed Mummy time, I announced to the family that we were off to explore new parks down in Plymouth.  With lots of cheers we were on our way.  Finding new parks for the kids to try out is something we like to do.  We’ve been to Plymouth many times but we never found this little gem until that special weekend. The children enjoyed it immensely and so did Mummy and Daddy as we watched the boats sway in the ocean while the warm salty air kissed our skin.

We had some new found friends following us around!  The sign at the entrance read “Do Not Feed the Ducks!” but I think people must feed them anyway by the boldness of our feathered friends.


The kids played and played…they didn’t want to leave and who could blame them…the evening was magical in that calm, relaxing park.



That day I was thankful that we had grabbed a bite to eat right before we found the park. In fact it was “the really nice lady” (the Little Professor) from Ali’s Galley who steered us to it.  If you are ever in Plymouth and you want a really good roast beef sandwhich you HAVE to try Ali’s Galley!  The Sweet and Sassy is amazing!

Field Trips…

One of the things I really LOVE about home schooling is that we get to go on field trips whenever we want!  One of my favourite places to go with the kids is the Boston Children’s Museum.  It’s very hands on and the kids love it!


Great climbing for the kids!
Landing the plane.
A little break dancing…not sure where she learned to do that!
Swallowed up by a bubble.


One Monday every month the Boston Children’s Museum hosts a HomeSchool Meet and Play.   The next one will be this coming Monday, February 27 at 11:00am.  We’d love you to join us in Countdown to Kindergarten for HomeSchool Meet and Play!

If you’ve never been to the Boston Children’s Museum, I strongly recommend it.  Not only do the children love it, I’m pretty sure most of the parent’s do too.


I’m thankful that I am able to share so many moments like these with my children!

Spring is in the air…

The Milk Monkey and I were hard at work…he with his toys and me with my job. (Have I mentioned I work from home?)

The mild weather outside was beckoning us, so we stopped what we were doing and went for a stroll.

At one point we just stopped and breathed in the crisp air.

I closed my eyes and bathed in the warm sun while listening to a bird sing with chimes in the distance.

It was a delightful promise of the spring to come.


It did not take long for the Milk Monkey to go from this:


To this:


I have been homeschooling my children for almost 2 years now.   The Little Professor started with Grade 1 and is now finishing Grade 2.   The Mighty Princess is doing Kindergarten.  It’s fun and we have a good routine going.


A little information about our home school:

  • We use the ACE Curriculum – Mummy adds some of her own stuff to keep it fun and exciting
  • Pace work hours are 8am – 2pm – unless something fun comes up, then we just work around that
  • Life schooling hours are 24/7 – we try to turn everything we do into a learning experience
  • Everyone who attends our school has to do it with a happy heart – some mornings that takes a little encouragement
  • Our goal is to take our schooling on the road as much as possible – to get some hands on learning



Even the Milk Monkey joins us for school.  He’s learning about physics as he drops his toys to the floor.

Teaching my children is inspiring. It’s amazing watching their little brains expand with knowledge!

Avast! A Tale o’ Me Pen Pirate.

Ahoy, me Matey’s…lend me yer ear fer a tale of ole ‘bout me lad, t’ pen pirate.

He be going ‘round near and far making t’ marks on me beauty…


Arrr! An’ on me treasures.

Arrr!  T’ scurvy face me wakes up to ev’r morn.


Me lad ev’n be giv’n his Matey Woody t’ black spot!

I be sayin to me wee Hearty “Belay that mark’n me lad.  Me booty’s worth more than a Doubloon!

Ye be swabbing the treasure an’ ye be swabbing me beauty…

and ye be keeping  yer pen pirating ways far from here.

In days o’ yore, ye’d be kissing the gunner’s daughter fer yer mutinous ways. Arrrr!  I be a more forgivin’ lot!

*The title Pen Pirate was self proclaimed by The Little Professor when asked why he would draw on things… hence the pirate theme of the post.