Squishy Baff Anyone?

The other day I came across something that I just couldn’t resist buying for the kids – Squishy Baff.  I had heard about it on the View and the package looked so much fun, that I decided to grab a box and surprise the kids.  I ran the bath Saturday night and poured the powder in, following the instructions that came with it.  I immediately recognized exactly what it was I was dealing with.  Squishy Baff and I had met once before, long ago when the Professor and the Princess where both very little – the days I barely survived.  I remember that day clearly.  I was doing a load of laundry, one of many and somehow a diaper made it’s way in – don’t worry, it was a clean one.  As I’m sure all of you with kids know, diapers and water do not mix.  Given enough water they swell up until they pop and a very Squishy, gel like substance springs forth clinging to anything it comes into contact with.  Had I known then what I know now, I would have scooped up that gelatinous gold and thrown it in the bath!  I would have given it a cute little name and laughed all the way to the bank, instead of crying in exhaustion about another mess I’d have to clean up that day!

As I watched the pink water thicken with diaper gel, I was pretty excited to see the kids reactions.  They kept pounding on the bathroom door inquiring about the surprise.  I would open the door just enough to poke my head out and shout “NO” with some funny made up accent.  This of course sent the kids into hysterics, adding to the build up of a super surprise.  Finally I let them in and flung back the bath curtain waiting for their shouts of joy…and waited, and waited.  It was like they immediately knew I was trying to pass off a bathtub full of diaper gel as a fun experience and trying to hide that fact by dying it pink – after all who would want to sit in a warm bath of plain, old diaper gel.  The Professors first question to me was “Can we just have a regular bath?” but after a little coaxing they both reluctantly climbed in.

In the end the Princess loved it, she squished around in it gleefully while the Professor never did quite get past the feeling of it.  It was just too weird and gross for him.  I personally thought it felt fantastic.  I kept putting my hands in it, slowly making my way up to my elbows.  The Professor did not stick around for long, he’d had quite enough after a couple minutes.  After a lot of looking deep into their eyes, down to the debts of their souls to find out the truth – had anyone peed in the bath??! – I decided to give it a quick try myself.  It was wonderful!  It felt like a zillion lovely little jellyfish were giving me tiny warm hugs.  It was comfortable and relaxing and I would never have guessed that I would enjoy being submerged in diaper gel, even dyed pink.

A couple things I should warm you about Squishy Baff

 It says that a box will give you two baths – it won’t, unless you don’t mind baths that are ankle deep.  Be prepared to use both packages.

You really need to sprinkle the power and quickly start mixing it around or it will clump.  Ours clumped a little but it eventually…mostly broke down.

It takes a good 10 minutes to actually get the full effect, so run your water slightly warmer than your children usually like it, so that when they do get in, it’s still nice and warm.

IT IS MESSY! – Picture worst case scenario messy, me crying beside the dryer messy, little bits of gel everywhere messy and then multiply that by 10!  I cleaned it up the best I could and there were still little bits of gel here and there when I was done, however the next morning I didn’t see any gel.  Does it dry up?  Do the diaper gel fairies come to collect it for all the little babies out there?  I don’t know and honestly, I don’t care…it’s gone!

It is slippery!  Dangerously, slippery!  Do not allow your children to stand in the tub at all once they are in.  Help them get in and out.  Seriously, I almost wiped out myself – not exactly how I’d want a paramedic to find me.

I’ve read reviews where the dissolving powder, which turns out is salt, doesn’t work and it’s clogged their drains to the point of having to bring a plummer in.  Had I read the reviews before I tried it I probably would never have bought it, however it dissolved well for us.  The only thing I can think of is I added fresh hot water to the tub before putting the salt in and in about 10 minutes it had almost completely turned back to liquid.  I thought I noticed the tub draining slower tonight –it was probably my imagination – so I added some salt to the draining bath water and that seemed to help – again probably my imagination.

All in all it was a fun experience.  I don’t think we’ll do it again anytime soon.  It’s a bit expensive and kind of a pain in the butt, but totally worth it for a fun, crazy bath night.  Next time, I might just have to buy it for myself and hide it from the kids!!

Happy Easter!

This year our Easter was completely different than any other Easter we’ve ever celebrated.  We didn’t do the big Easter breakfast, or the big Easter dinner and the Easter bunny came to our trailer a few days early…which lead to a lot of speculation as to whether the kids would be able to hunt him down.  They left carrots out and various veggies, hoping to catch him in a snack.

Mummy and Daddy kept spying the Easter Bunny but he was super quick and the kids were just not able to see him in time, however they did find many clues of his presence.

Those carrots and veggies did eventually get eaten, in fact one carrot was found the following morning with rabbit bites in it…made by a real rabbit to everyone’s surprise!  There were also little gifts of books and chocolates left in a basket.  It was a lot of innocent bunny fun!

Then there was this morning, my favourite part of all.  The kids climbed into bed with Mummy and we snuggled and talked about the real reason we celebrate Easter.  We talked about how Jesus died on the cross for us so that we can have our relationship with God.  That he rose again so we can be with God in heaven one day but also just as important, that we can be with Him now!  For all the fun that the bunny brought us this weekend we are so very well aware that there would be no fun, no smiles, no reason to live without out our beloved Lord and Savior!  So yes, my favourite part of the whole “Easter” weekend was watching my children with their big, wide eyes and happy smiles as they listened to the wonderful Word of God!

1 Peter 1:3
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…

Normandy Farms – Part 1

We finally did it!  Saturday we went camping for the first time with our trailer and it was everything we had dreamed about.  We really weren’t sure what we were getting into but it didn’t take long to find out.  The campground we went to is Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort.  Here is how our adventure went…

Saturday morning we started packing the trailer which turned out to be a lot more than grabbing a few things.  Our goal is to have it completely stocked with everything we need – cookware, towels, bedding and toiletries – we want to be able to grab some clothes and go.  It’s going to take a while to get to that point.

After we were all packed and the trailer was hooked up, we headed off down the road.  It didn’t take long for our wonderful little travellers to drift off to sleep for the hour long trip.

This was the second time for Daddy pulling the trailer but it felt like he’d being doing it forever.  He’s always so good at everything he does – I really admire that about him!

When we arrived at the campgrounds I went in to register at the front desk.  They were so friendly and organized and they were very accomodating.  We had reserved a campsite right next to the playground so that the Professor and the Princess could enjoy a little freedom.  Alright, I admit that it was also so Mummy and Daddy could relax by the campfire and still be able to keep an eye on them.

A little confession,  I am not one of those mothers who love to hang out at the playground while the kids are playing.  To be honest, it’s one of the most boring things in the world!  I’m not exaggerating either…it’s like watching paint dry or listening to golf on the radio.  Of course, the kids absolutely love parks, as all kids do, so I endure but the idea of being able to relax while they play until they get bored – well, that’s just perfection!

We were escorted to our site by a “Ranger”, who turned out to be a very polite, enthusiastic young man.  He was very nice and his disposition didn’t change the slightest when I requested to be relocated the moment I saw the site.  I realized that because of the side the hookups were on, our trailer would block the view of the playground.  I immediately envisioned myself spending countless hours sitting at the playground, which would result in a very sore behind – as every parent knows, if some sort of seating has been provided at all, it’s usually the most uncomfortable kind possible.  It didn’t take long and our sites were quickly swapped out for something that would work.

It didn’t take us very long to set the trailer up, we’ve played with it so much the last couple weeks that we’re pretty good at getting it open fast.  While Daddy took care of the last few things, I took the kids to check out the bathrooms.  I was pleasantly surprised at how nice and clean they were.  They were bright and new and they even had granite counter tops…pretty fancy for a campground!

Everything at Normandy Farms was so clean and well kept, we were really impressed.  The sites were very well kept and all the facilities were spotless.

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and exploring and eventually we turned in once the campfire burned out. I absolutely loved not having to drag everything to the washrooms at night for teeth brushing and cleaning up.  It was so nice to be able to do it in our own bathroom at the trailer.  It made getting ready for bed so easy.  Once in pajamas our little sweethearts kept professing their love to us as we tucked them into bed and kissed them goodnight.  I was so happy we were able to give them this experience and even more thrilled knowing it was just the beginning to many, many more.

To be continued……

This is the view I woke up to in the morning….

and this is the view from our campsite…



We are watching The Muppets!  Daddy surprised the kids with the new movie.  Yes, it was a bribe for good behavior but I don’t think that’s wrong. All five of us are hanging out on the couch draped over each other.  The Princess has parked herself in my lap and I love it!   It’s the perfect end to a wonderful day.  The disaster that was previous day is a distant memory now and we are back in our family groove.

After tackling school and work with tenacity of 1000 ants, and getting much accomplished we headed outside for a treasure hunt.  With a list of items to hunt out and some bags, the kids enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather.


Being the super mummy that I am I had brought many copies of the list and extra bags to hand out to all the inquiring children.   Today I think I became just a little bit cooler -do they still say cooler?- in the eyes of the neighborhood kids!  Maybe it’s just in my head…ok, it’s definitely in my head, but I like it.

The rest of our day was pretty uneventful until now, as we sit on the couch enjoying the closeness of each other.  Soon we will get the kids in bed and mummy and daddy will have some romantic time together.  Ewwww!  Mushy kissy love!  That gets the kids going every time.

One of those days…

Have you ever had one of those days where everything goes wrong and any attempt to fix it just makes things worse?  Where normally pleasant and agreeable children have decided today is the day they are going to pick every battle?  Where the laid back, sweet little baby refuses to play on his own and is indignant that you are not holding him constantly?  For us yesterday was that day.

It started off with a pounding headache however I wasn’t about to let that interfere with our routine.  I jumped on the treadmill but every step I took just made the headache worse.  I tried to distract myself  by staring out the window at our unused trailer, longing to escape.

Downstairs I was met by the Professor who appeared to be as unpleasant as myself that particular morning.  I was a bit weary because I’m not a naturally patient person.  It’s taken a combination of 3 children, a fixer upper house and homeschooling to build up the level of patience I have now and it was in jeopardy of being torn down in minutes.  It certainly wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened and I’m sure it won’t be the last, but it’s never pretty – it always leaves me feeling defeated.

Homeschooling was tough, about as pleasant as a root canal. Later that day the pile of work on my desk was going down painstakingly slow and the Milk Monkey just wouldn’t nap, or play on his own.  I was beginning to question my parenting abilities, then it hit me, it’s an unusually lovely day for March, we need to get outside and go for a walk.  After scrambling to pack the diaper bag and trying to get everyone in shoes and  just a bit of frustration we found ourselves enjoying the warm sun and the sounds of birds.  That is, until the Princess fell and scraped her arm.

The thing about the princess is that she tends to overreact to things.  She can be very dramatic especially when it comes to pain or even perceived pain.  There have been times when we have closed all the windows just to try to remove a splinter from her finger – we don’t want the neighbours to think we abuse our children.  Just trying to get a look at one of her wounds sends her off in hysterics.  She screams and yells and shouts “No, no, no…don’t hurt me!” at the top of her lungs.  She gets herself all worked up to the point that her body starts shaking.  It’s all very traumatic.

I imagine the shrieks that came from the Princess yesterday could be heard halfway across town especially after she spotted the blood.  She screamed her usual “no, no” and I was secretly glad that we were outside for all to see that I was not beating her but merely dressing a little scrape.  As I held her tightly in my arms, kissing her little head and wiping away her tears I realized that being outside was not the magical cure to our disastrous day.  The Princess had enough and wanted to go inside, so we did and the baby started crying again.

I longed to lock myself in the bathroom with a good book and a bubble bath when Daddy got home but remembered it’s in desperate need of remodeling.  Instead I decided to let the kids watch a movie while lying on their beds.  I turned on the tv downstairs and played with the baby feeding him puffs to keep him quiet and happy.  I gave up on any hope of accomplishing anything of significance.  Maybe it’s not the best parenting moment but it was what worked for us at that time.  Once again there was peace in the house and the headache I had woke up with started to fade a little.

Not every day is going to be a great amazing day and I can accept that.  Some days are just tough.  I realize that I just need to keep focused on how blessed I am to have my three wonderful children.  I’m able to stay home with them and raise them myself.  We have a great life and I’m not going to let one day detract from all the other amazing days we normally have!




Daddy says… Our amazing kids

It’s an interesting adventure being a parent.  One day, you’re living your own lives as a couple and then you get the news you’re going to be parents!  Needless to say, everything changes at that point!  Your lives are no longer just about the two of you – you will soon have a little one to look after, to care for, to feed and bathe, to teach and most importantly, to love.

My wife and I had our oldest boy, the Little Professor, 6 and 1/2 years ago, and it amazes me how he’s changed and grown in that time.  I can remember the day he was born, how incredible it was to have him in my arms.  I can remember him playing with a balloon the first time, his adorable little smile as he would play in the living room of our little apartment. How he had his own special language where he would just make up words – Laylo was water, Pepok was interchangeably ketchup or chicken – and Papapar was Polar Bear.


Then, a year and a half later came the Little Princess.  She was a tiny little peanut by comparison to our ‘big boy’.  She was always so delicate and pretty, it was surprising to find how adventurous she was.  I remember her up and moving, climbing over, under and around every obstacle in her path. She is truly an amazing little girl.  She and her big brother were instant friends and spent time untold together playing, singing, fighting and having fun.


 It’s hard to think now that I spend my mornings working with and helping to teach them both their homeschooling.  That those cute little babies grew up into adorable toddlers, and are now brilliant, cute little kids learning to read, write, add and subtract.  They just seem to grow up so fast.

And now, we have our youngest… the Milk Monkey!  Our little sweet baby – he has such a laid back attitude and yet is just as smart and adventurous as his older siblings.  He’s quick to smile and laugh, and he just makes me feel absolutely amazing when he looks up and gives me one of his contagious smiles.

So, while life definitely does change once you become a parent, the adventure never ends!


Let it Begin….

It’s that time of year again when proud parents from all over sign their little ones up for spring soccer and we are no different.   This will be the 4th season of soccer for the Little Professor and he can hardly contain his excitement.  When he first started playing he liked to look up at the sky and watch the clouds or tangle himself up in the net of the goal post, like a little fish struggling for freedom.  As the seasons past he started getting better and paying attention more.  He tries harder now and he spends time practicing his running so he can be faster.


The thing that I love about soccer and the Little Professor is that when the uniform is on, it’s like he’s playing the World Cup.  He plays hard, he hydrates hard, he sit’s on his ball watching from the sidelines…well, hard and he enjoys every minute of it.   He may not be the best 6 year old player out there but he sure knows how to act the part!

The Little Professor loves playing soccer, he looks forward to it every spring and fall.

The Princess on the other hand…not so much!

Oh, she was definitely one of the cutest, little players in her tiny little uniform with the socks that reached her shorts and little piggy tails swinging while she ran.  She tried to hang out with the older girls and they really couldn’t resist her while they waited for their practice to start.

For the princess soccer was all rainbows and butterflies until it actually started and someone took the ball away from her.   That’s when the  pouting began.  She would sit by the goal posts or on the side lines ignoring the coaches requests while we unsuccessfully tried reasoning, bribing,  and threatening her to get back on the field.

To the Princess soccer is about other kids being mean and taking away her ball.  Why can’t everyone just get along and play with their own ball?!

With every practice and game we were met with the same fight of getting her dressed and to the field.  It would have been so easy to give in and not go, but we repeatedly explained that she signed up for a season and she will complete it, however once it was over she never had to play soccer again.  Daddy and I would rather find her something she loved to do than force her to play soccer.

 So to my surprise and not without a little weariness I was met with an indignant statement of “I want to play soccer too!”, after hearing that her older brother is playing again this season.  Along with…”We’ll pay it with Daddy’s money…ok?!”.

Practice Camping

One of my goals  in life (my husband’s too) was to get a trailer and travel around North America full time with our children.   This past Friday we managed to get one step closer to our dream.   After years of researching, saving and waiting for the right time, we finally brought home our trailer!

We decided to get this particular trailer because it had the features and space we were looking for our three children and any relatives or friends who wanted to hop on.   The problem was Daddy and I had never had a trailer before, nor had either of us pulled a trailer.  We realized that maybe pulling a 35 foot trailer for our first time might not have been the best idea!  It was a stressful ride for the first 45mins or so, but we soon realized that Daddy was a natural…a real pro!

It was smooth towing the rest of the way home!

We had some very excited children greeting us when we pulled up.  We were all really excited to camp out but knew it was still too cold to add water to the pipes.   We did hook up the electric, and get the propane furnace going…it was nice and cozy!   Later in the evening we closed it up and went to bed in hopes that Saturday would bring us warmer weather.  Instead we woke up to snow!

However, Sunday turned out to be a lot warmer so we decided to practice camping in the backyard!

We made a campfire and roasted hotdogs and marshmallows…

Daddy roasted a hotdog for Mummy….it was so romantic!

The Milk Monkey loved sitting by the fire…he even napped at one point, all cozy and content in his stroller while his siblings ran around collecting twigs and sticks to keep the blaze going.

Later in the afternoon it started to cool off so we took to the trailer with the heater keeping us toasty warm.  The kids played and tried out the new beds and all the seating, they eventually watched a movie while Daddy and I worked on a jigsaw puzzle.

The day was so relaxing and magical.  We all spent it with huge grins on our faces as we were transported to some far off campground, our backyard gradually disappearing.   We were blessed to have a small glimpse at what our future holds for our family.


Yesterday was a big day for our little Princess – it was her first official haircut!

I say official because there was the time when her big brother decided to cut her hair so it would turn brown and lose it’s magical powers (Tangled).  He didn’t want anyone to kidnap her.  It’s hard to get angry with that kind of reasoning.

The Princess has resisted all other attempts of getting her hair cut or trimmed,  however today she decided to get it cut.  Before she could change her mind I packed up my three wonderful little sweethearts and made our way to the nearest Snip Its!

I was so proud, as usual.  She really is an amazing little girl!

She articulated her exact wishes of what style of cut she wanted.  She sat so still and was so serious about the whole process.  It turned out absolutely beautiful if I do say so myself!

In the afternoon, our Little Professor was planning out his school project.  He had asked us to get him some whipping cream so he could make some butter.   It was a project from his curriculum.

 He patiently whipped and whipped the butter – it took a long, long time.

The end product was delicious!

The Princess enjoyed it so much she thought it would be nice to give it to people and then maybe they could give us some money.  That one is going to be a little business woman!

We are all getting so excited to pick up our trailer on Friday.  It should be an interesting day since Daddy has never pulled a trailer let alone a 35 foot trailer.  Please pray for our safety and dry weather 🙂