Lawn Mowers and Flat Tires…

My husband is brilliant!

He actually fixed the lawn mower!  I’m just so thrilled and impressed with his ability to research something and fix just about anything he wants!  I’ve yet to see him go up against something he couldn’t do!  It’s one of the qualities I adore about him!

I’m his cheerleader and he is my hero!

Now we just have to wait until a decent hour to get the lawn mowed!

Earlier this evening Daddy didn’t arrive home when he was expected…in fact he was really late.  He doesn’t have a cell phone so we didn’t have any way to contact him and find out if everything was ok.

At some point the Little Professor started to get concerned and he climbed into my lap with tears in his eyes.

He said “I think Daddy’s been in an accident.”

I was shocked that my little guy had such serious concerns about his father’s well being.  I held him tight and reassured him that everything was fine and thankfully Daddy pulled up a few minutes later.  He had a flat tire on his way home and no way to let us know, but he was alright!

I’ve hugged him a lot more tonight.

The Little Professor made me a bit emotional.

I love my wonderful husband so much and never want to live life without him!

The Gate Keeper…

In our house the Gate Keeper is none other than Daddy.  This evening he spent some time buying and arranging baby gates around the living room.

I know what you’re thinking…we live a thrilling life!

The Milk Monkey has become very efficient in escaping his designated play areas.  He’s a regular Houdini…but not as tall.

He climbs up on the couch and scales the credenza, slowly lowering himself on the outside of his approved perimeter, allowing him to scoot up the stairs.

Of course this means I have to stop what I’m doing and chase after him…not a big deal if it was once or twice, but when he does it over and over again it can be time consuming.  Daddy decided it was time to try opening up his play area again giving him more space.  He went out this evening and purchased two baby gates from the local Target store.

I still have no idea how he can go into Target and come out with only the items on his list!  It’s an amazing talent I wish to possess!


With a little creativity Daddy managed to section off the whole living room, blocking off the kitchen and the stairs.

Tomorrow will be the big test! Hopefully all goes well and our chubby, little Milk Monkey is happy and safe in his new found freedom.

Happy Birthday Little Professor…

Today my Little Professor turned 7 years old!

It doesn’t feel like 7 years have gone by since he was born…

but it has and every year we celebrate having our sweet boy as part of our family.

Daddy dressed The Little Professor for his first birthday.  He also styled his hair!

On the Little Professor’s 2nd Birthday, he helped mummy make the cake.

On his 3rd Birthday Mummy and Daddy had to take a big splinter out of his foot.  It hurt and he was out of sorts for the first part of his party.  The gifts helped lighten his mood.

On his 4th Birthday he was just starting to become aware of Star Wars.  It didn’t take him long to be a fan.  Nana bought him a cool Clone Trooper cap and that was awesome!

Star Wars remained a hit for the rest of the year and on the Little Professor’s 5th Birthday, Mummy attempted to make him an R2D2 cake.  My little boy was thrilled!

For his 6th Birthday it was all about Spider-man!

Which brings us to my Little Professor’s 7th Birthday.  As Daddy mentioned a couple posts back, his “party” was having two of his friends camp with us but today was his actual birthday.  Nana J and Papa came over to celebrate with us.

There were many gifts…


money, lego, clothes, books and toys!


Nana J even gave the Princess some Pj’s and the Milk Monkey his own Tv remote!

Star Wars is still a favourite…some things never change.

The Little Professor had a great day celebrating his birthday!

My Birthday wish for my precious, 7 year old boy is…

that this year slows down for us so we can enjoy and cherish our time together

because the last 7 years went by in a flash!


Lately the Milk Monkey has taken up a new lifestyle…

He’s become a nudist.

This is not something new for my children.

The Little Professor spent the first couple years of his life naked.  He’d keep his clothes on when we went out but as soon as we stepped back through the door he’d strip down to his birthday suit.

The Princess was even worse…there was no guarantee she’d keep her clothes on whether we were home or not.  At her third birthday party she took off all her clothes in the jumpy house and really partied!

Then there was the time she mooned everyone at a BBQ we were guests at….

It would seem the the Milk Monkey is following in the steps of his older siblings.


Unfortunately, the downside to all the cute nakedness is that un-diapered privates leads to some very unwanted accidents.

That very thing happened today and I had to spend some of my very, precious time on my hands and knees scrubbing pee out of my rug.

The upside is…

It looks like it’s time to bring out the potty!

Inch by Inch by Inch…..

Lately…every day my little Princess asks me to measure her.  It’s not just once either.  She gets me to do it a couple times throughout the day.

She is desperate to grow another inch and a half!

It’s all about the Disney rides these days and their height restrictions.

The little Princess is measuring 42.5 inches, which is great because most of the “good” rides have a height restriction of 40 inches.

This is where we high five each other!

So, in that respect things are going pretty good for her, but then there’s the really cool rides like Space Mountain and Expedition Everest.  For those she needs to be 44 inches – another inch and a half!

We”ve tried stretching her, eating  self proclaimed, growth inducing foods like carrots and hummus and trying on various items that might help with the height issue.

We have discovered that when she wears her running shoes and a baseball cap she gains almost a whole inch.

This is exciting!  This means she has only another half inch to go!

With the countdown at 2 weeks it doesn’t give her much time to get there.


The Little Professor is riding high with his height of 48 inches!

Not only can he get on the “good” rides and the “really cool” rides but he can also ride the “super awesome” rides like the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster.  However because he is at 48 inches exact he can also go in all the kiddie sections at the water park.

He has the best of both worlds on this trip!

Their excitement is infectious and I’m in awe that my tiny, little children want to go on such big thrill rides.

I have to admit I’m a little more hesitant about letting them but I’m also super excited have new little ride partners.

They’re growing up so fast I can hardly keep up!

Weekend at Mummy’s

Sometimes a Mummy just needs to get away for a bit and breath and that’s exactly what I did this weekend.  A couple other Mom’s and I went camping.  I realized just how blessed I am to have such wonderful friends.  Even though it rained, we were still able to sit outside under the awning and  relax in the glow of the hanging lights and some candles.

Today Daddy and the children came to help me close up the trailer and tow it back home.  I was greeted with big hugs and kisses, even my little Milk Monkey was saying “Mu-mmy, Mu-mmy” rather than his usual plea’s for Daddy.  He was snuggly in my arms and didn’t want me to let him go.  It felt good knowing I was missed so much and even though I had a fabulous time, I was so happy to be back with my family.

Back at home, the Milk Monkey decided it was time to stay vertical in his travels and he began walking.  Just like that!  I was so happy I didn’t miss it!  Daddy and I sat in the play area with our little cutie and had him walk back and forth between us, the whole time laughing at our obviously amazing little guy!  Even though we’ve experienced this twice before with the Little Professor and the Princess, it was just as awesome with our Milk Monkey.

Tonight we are fake camping once again.  The kids were a little bummed they didn’t get to go with me this weekend so we agreed to camp out in the trailer for the night.  The decision was met with cheers and lots of excitement as they gathered their chosen stuffies, along with their pillows and blankets and we all made our way out.  All three kids whispered and giggled in their bunkhouse as they were falling off to sleep and it warmed my heart listening as our little Milk Monkey was included in the fun.  He’s getting so big and he’s really finding his place with his siblings.  I love it!!

Chubby, Little Ball of Terror…

A little over a year ago the Milk Monkey entered our lives.  He was a sweet, laid back baby.  We weren’t sure how we’d handle having a third child, but were pleasantly surprised at how easy he was.  There was barely a ripple in our daily schedule.  He was the missing piece to our family puzzle.

Now our little sweetheart is more like a chubby, little ball of terror.  He’s trouble with a capital T!

Forget the terrible twos, right now we just need to make it through the wild ones!  It’s not that he climbs everything he comes in contact with, or that he amuses himself by trying to bite everyone and it’s not even that he still spends the majority of his day doing his ear piercing screeches, it’s that he does all of that constantly and more.  He bites, he pinches, he tries to poke our eyes out, he pulls hair and he smacks…and when he’s done all that, he does it all again while giggling his deep belly laugh.  It’s all fun and games while trying to poke someone’s eye out.

Today he escaped, his play area, made a run for the stairs, climbed them and crawled to his siblings room just slightly out of my reach the whole time.  For his safety I sat him in his highchair.  He screeched, he threw his puffs at me, he stuck his finger down his throat repeatedly making himself gag and finally he started rocking his chair back and forth until it wasn’t safe and I had to take him out.

I eventually sat in the play area with him and let him climb on the couch hoping that if he was allowed, he’d get bored and move on.  He did get bored – but not before pulling a chunk of my hair out first – and tried to swan dive off the couch head first. Thankfully, I was right there and grabbed his leg just before his head made contact with the floor.  That elicited shrieks of joy from my little cherub.


Daddy arrived home and made the decision to cut back on the little Milk Monkey’s play area.  The new area doesn’t have furniture to climb on, and there’s no way to open it and sneak out.  The decision was made for the baby’s safety as much as for Mummy’s sanity.  It didn’t take long for our little one to realize he could push the gate towards me, his little leg muscles bulging in the process but Daddy put a stop to that by tying the gate in place.  There’s no escaping now, thank you very much!

I love my little guy, whether he’s quiet and agreeable, or he’s a chubby, little ball of terror!  He’s still the perfect addition to our family. However, when I look back on my little Milk Monkey’s photos of the past year, I can’t help but wonder…

What happened to our sweet, little laid back guy?

Bath Towels for the Shower…

My little Princess experienced her first Shower this weekend.  I was getting myself ready when it dawned on me that she might enjoy going, so I called her over quietly and asked her.  She looked at me for a moment with an odd look on her face, then politely declined.  Going to the park was definitely more fun then having a shower!

We talked a little about what a Bridal Shower was, something I would never have thought to explain.  When we got to the “no boys allowed” part she was more than excited to go.  She carefully chose her own dress and planned how she wanted me to style her hair.  She even grabbed her little purse so she could be just like Mummy.  It was like going to a ball, or at least it was until she found out that our gift to the beautiful bride-to-be was a set of towels and a wash cloth –I’m seriously considering getting some for myself.  She was appalled and even a bit embarrassed!  The Mighty Princess insisted we buy something else instead, something better and prettier – an American Girl doll maybe?  I told her about the registry and how her soon-to-be Auntie had asked for the towels, so it was a gift that she would enjoy.  With a little hesitation she gave her consent but only after seeing the beautiful gift bag.

We had a wonderful time!  The Princess was a little social butterfly.  She enjoyed the punch and all the other child friendly beverages along with the various foods.  She was so fond of the desserts that she insisted I take a picture of them.


All the fun and excitement wore her out and she fell asleep on the way home while playing on her leap pad.  The next day, while talking to my father in law, I found out she had gone up to the bride-to-be after the gifts were opened and asked her if she really did like the towels only to find out they really were appreciated.  Then my Princess asked if she liked the gift bag also and again, that was met with praise.  To which the Princess replied, “Well then you should keep it!”

All I Want for Christmas is a Gift…and a Sister!


Every once in a while I experience a poignant “Mummy moment”.  It’s never during the times you would imagine.  It usually takes place during the most mundane moments, not during the milestones and it’s rarely life changing, but it’s beautiful and profoundly moving and it is the evidence that my life truly is amazing.

I had one of those moments tonight while folding laundry on my bed.  Daddy was playing guitar while he and the kids hung out in their room.  It’s one of the things they like to do before bed.  I was listening while trying to catch up on the never ending loads of wash.  The Professor started singing the Blues and it went something like this…

Santa comes down the chimney…

He puts the gifts under the tree…

I really hope…

He has a gift for me!

I want a gift!

I want a gift!

Don’t give me no coal…

Don’t give me no food…

I don’t want no wish…

I want a gift!

The Thomas the Tank Engine “Harold” helicopter was the microphone, the Light Saber was his mic stand and he was rocking the house with his Santa Blues!  I’m sure there have been many times I’ve been prouder but I just couldn’t recall any of them as I listened to him sing.

Earlier this evening our little Princess came to us with a request.  She decided she wanted a sister.  When I broke the news to her that it probably wasn’t going to happen, she didn’t take it very well…

She started crying big, crocodile tears, she pleaded, she demanded…she pleaded again.  We tried to explain to her that even if we did have another baby, we don’t get to choose if it’s a girl or boy.  It’s not like we can just order up a little girl and give it to our Princess to be her sister.  Eventually I was able to convince her that it’s nice that we’re the girls of the family and that we are blessed to have each other.

Her response was “Well then can I sleep in your bed?”