Say Hello to My Little Friend…

camp 9


We had a few of these teeny, tiny, little frogs out on the carpet in front of the trailer the other day.

They were smaller than a penny!  How did they get so small?!

The reminded me of the ones from Disney.

The kids were really impressed with them…but I think Daddy was most impressed!

I can see why, they’re so cute and tiny.

Still…I prefer to admire my tiny amphibians from afar, so I didn’t actually go out and look at them.

It’s the tiny ones you can’t trust…especially when they’re cute!


Happy Birthday Little Monkey…



Tonight we celebrated the little Monkey’s birthday with an intimate party.

There was pizza and cake and lots of presents!

party 2

We sang Happy Birthday twice.  The Monkey was so into it the first time that we just had to do it again!

party 7 party 6

One of the benefits to being the birthday boy is you get to taste test the icing…a couple times.

We got the approval and everyone enjoyed a slice.

party 3 party 5

After cake, there were gifts!  Lots of gifts! The little Monkey was a very blessed boy.

party 4

Halfway through the opening of his gifts the little Monkey stopped, looked me in the eyes and said “poop”.

Daddy asked if he wanted to try using the potty and the little Monkey agreed, so Daddy took him.

To all of our surprise he went!

To me the thought of diapers fading out is so wonderful!

To the Monkey, it wasn’t anywhere near as exciting as all his new gifts!

It was a fun evening.  I love celebrating my children’s birthdays.  I wish every day could be one of their birthdays!

Happy Birthday my little guy!

Two Years Already…

   2 bday 3

We have the honor of celebrating another very important birthday!

Our little Monkey turns 2!

He has been really excited about his fast approaching birthday.  Every now and then I hear him singing parts of Happy Birthday to himself in his sweet little voice.  He is fully aware of what a birthday involves having just celebrated his big sister’s birthday a little over a week ago and he’s more than ready to have one of his own.

When asked what he wanted for his birthday dinner he declared “Cake!”.

I wouldn’t be honest if I said this past year was a breeze.  It was full of challenges for all of us, and my little Monkey stretched my patience almost to the point of snapping but what I’ve come to learn about my little guy is this…

He is sweet!  So very, very sweet!

2 bday 7

And when he looks up at me, with his gorgeous little smile I melt.  Even if he just accidently (or purposely) knocked me in the head with a light saber, when he turns and smiles and says “Th-orry mummy”, I’m as good as ice cream on a hot summer day.

2 bday 2

He is strong, and stubborn and when he doesn’t want to do something he will fight to get his own way.  He would rather have a time out then to give  in!  As he grows up, I pray he holds on to his convictions with the same strength!  I’m confident he will.

2 bday

My sweet, baby boy loves to sing and read and play with his brother and sister and he loves his new puppy Jack.  He has carved himself out a spot in our family where he fits perfectly!

He absolutely adores his father…

2 bday 10

and mummy’s not so bad either.

2 bday 6

Especially when she kisses his little feet.  He loves to have his feet kissed and Mummy is more than willing to comply!

2 bday 9

The little Monkey enjoys being tickled, but only to an extent, then it just makes him grumpy.  He loves to eat, especially his snacks!

He is very smart!  He is always on the look out for shapes, especially for octagons and hexagons and he likes to call out their colours.

He enjoys camping, face painting and anything that involves going outside – and more than all those things…

he loves his Eeyore-y.

2 bday 11

They’re inseparable!

I love my little Monkey dearly!  I love him more every day.  He has taught me a lot in his short little life and he’s made all our lives a lot more interesting.  He completes our family with his funny and quirky, little personality.  I look forward to gaining insights to my little puzzle of a boy as his vocabulary grows over then next little while!

Most of all, I’m just so thankful to be his mummy!  I’m so thankful to have his cuddles and to receive his smiles!  I’m so thankful to be able to share dinosaur hugs day after day!  I’m so in love with my little guy and I’m thankful to have a lifetime with him in it!

Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet boy!

Girls Just Want to Have Fun…

gd 2

Saturday the Princess and two of her friends went for breakfast to celebrate her birthday.  The three of them had so much fun giggling while eating their breakfast.

gd8  gd 3  gb 8

After we made our way over to Snip Its for a little pampering.  The girls had manicures, up do’s and make up.  They even had their hair glittered.

gd5 gd4

They enjoyed the all the beautifying – the Princess had so much fun with her little friends.

gd 7 gd6

Up until this point the Princess has had big birthday parties, so I wasn’t sure how she’d feel when her small celebration was over.  I didn’t want her to feel like she was missing out, but as it turned out, she had more fun with just two friends!  She was able to do something special and spend some quality time with both of them.  The other bonus to a small gathering was that I was actually able to just watch her enjoy herself rather than spend my time running around like a mad woman entertaining everyone.

It was so nice to see them having so much fun!


The girls went home with cupcakes and loot bags filled with girly things like lip gloss, nail polish and other little treasures.

My little Princess was so happy with her day!

Six Years….

6 bday

There’s a story my little Princess likes me to tell her.  It’s the story of how she came to be part of our family.  She’ll climb on my lap and wrap her little arms around me and start me off, or sometimes I’ll be the one to reach for her.  It starts off with how I wanted a little girl but everyone in Daddy’s family told me it was impossible.  There are a lot of people in Daddy’s family but only one girl born per generation and the most recent generation already had a girl.

babies 3

This is usually where the Princess chimes in “…but you really wanted a little girl” and I give her a hug and say “so very much”!  I go on to tell her that I prayed and prayed and reminded God that he gives us the desires of our hearts….and that a little girl was definitely my desire.  We usually laugh a lot during the story…especially at the part of the ultrasound, when we found out we were having the Princess.  That’s also the part where I usually start to tear up too.  She likes to hear about who was at the hospital and how everyone thought she was beautiful.

6 yrs old


This story is always more popular this time of year because of her birthday.  I still find it hard to believe it’s been six years now since my beautiful  sweet, little girl joined our family.  Six wonderfully blessed years!  During those years she has brought a smile to my face at least 2190 times.  I know this because there is not one single day that has gone by when I haven’t smiled at least once because of her. My little Princess is special.  She has a beautiful heart and a gentleness about her that lights the world through her eyes.

6 bday2

Sometimes it takes my little Princess a little longer to get a thought out but she usually has something profound to say.  She can also be really silly and she has a wonderful sense humour.  When she tells a story, she does it with passion and every picture she draws has a tale.  When she dresses herself she chooses things she loves and not necessarily what matches. She loves pink and purple and shiny, glittery things.  She also loves dirt and bugs and every kind of animal she can possibly think of.  She is full of questions, idea’s, thoughts and suggestions.  She plays hard and she’s very wise.  She’s emotional and strong.

6 bday 3

She’s an amazing little daughter, a loving sister and a friend to anyone who will have her.  My life is better having the Princess in it.  I’m am so thankful to have been chosen to be her mother!  Happy Birthday my beautiful, amazing, precious little girl!!!  I love you so much!

6 bday 4

Glorious Bedtime….



Today was one of those days where I was contemplating my options.  I began making plans to escape – where would I go…who would I bring and how long would I stay?

It was one of those days where the ring of the phone made me huff and dramatically throw my arms up while mumbling phrases like “What know?” and “How am I suppose to get anything done?”

Today I poured myself a glass of wine at 4:30 just to celebrate the Monkey’s long nap, not caring that it would eat up 5 very valuable Weight Watcher’s points.  It was worth it!

Today was a long, difficult day!  The Milk Monkey has been sniffling, sneezing and coughing.  He’s broken out in hives and has not been a happy little guy.

When the little Monkey isn’t feeling well he’s a little ball of terror – and that’s putting it mildly.

He makes sure we all know he’s miserable and he…is…very…trying.  He quickly wears my patience thin and that’s even with the extra portion from the sympathy of his situation.

He spent the day hitting his sister on the head with books, throwing toys at us and trying to steal school supplies – running with sharp pencils is always discouraged, even when not feeling well.

He wiped boogers on my clothes, pulled hair, screeched, threw food around and cried

and cried

and cried.

Daddy came home early to help relieve some of the stress.

He probably wished he hadn’t.

As soon as school was finished for the day, the Princess and the Professor ran to their rooms to play out of their brother’s reach.

Bedtime was a glorious event in our house tonight!!!

The Monkey had a warm shower, was dressed in snuggly pj’s and had his favourite book read to him.  We sang songs and tucked him in.

After the bedtime prayer and a few kisses, peace fell upon our house.

It’s wonderful!

Happy Valentine’s Day…

vday 7

Every Valentine’s Day we make a little surprise for the kids.  One year we trailed hearts all around the house for them to follow until the found their little present.  Another time we gave them a treasure hunt.  They had to answer riddles to get the clue for the next riddle and eventually found their surprise.

This year we made them a card that had a coded clue in it.  First they had to crack the code and then they had to figure out the clue the riddle provided.

vday 6 vday 5

As it turns out, the Little Professor had the same code in one of his school PACE’s so as soon as he figured out what it was, he looked up the key and solved his quickly.

I had made a key for them so I gave that one to the Princess.

vday 4

Once they figured out the riddle they immediately went to find their surprise…

vday 3 vday 2

We were told that this was the best Valentine’s yet!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope your day is filled with love and laughter!!

Blizzard of 2013…

This weekend we had a blizzard.

The difference between a blizzard and a plain ole snow storm is the wind.

For a snowstorm to qualify as a blizzard it must have…

 – sustained winds or frequent gusts of 35/mph or more

– blowing or drifting snow which reduces visibility to a quarter mile or less

– and must last for at least around 3 hours

That’s what we had here and even though the amount of snow doesn’t really qualify it as a blizzard, we did get a lot.

I think the hardest part was telling the kids they had to wait before they were allowed outside to play in it.  With the high winds we didn’t want them to get hurt.

blizzard 3

We did end up losing part of our fence.  We will definitely have to replace it this year.  If you look in the background you’ll see another section down from a couple months ago when we had a hurricane.  It’s not doing well.

The Milk Monkey spent a lot of time at the window Friday afternoon exclaiming “Wow!” and “Side!” (outside) as he watched the snow whipping around outside.  Even though it kept snowing the next morning we could no longer see it since the windows had been covered from snow drifting on to the sill.

The kids were itching to get out in it, so late Saturday morning we spent the hour getting everyone into their snow gear and made our way out into the cold.  Usually, I watch from the window but I decided to venture out with the kids so they could play and I could keep my eye on them while Daddy attempted to try and dig out the vehicles.  One of our kind neighbours (we are blessed with good ones) came over and lent him their snow blower. That was a big help since it would have taken him all day to clear even half of what he managed.

The kids had been hoping for a lot of snow this year and boy did they get it!  All at once!


The snow was up to the Monkey’s shoulders.  We joked that we should put a little flag on his head.

blizzard 2

The Princess, my little snow eater, was in her glory!

blizzard 4

The Professor enjoyed pulling his little brother along for a ride and he only managed to tip him a couple times, dragging his little head through the snow.

After hours of playing outside we were all a little wet and chilly and in desperate need of some hot cocoa.  Once we were all in and settled, I climbed back into my spot and continued with my favourite 2013 Blizzard activities…

blizzard 5


The Wiggles…


 wiggles wiggles 3wiggles 2

When I started homeschooling the Little Professor I was concerned with all the wiggling and fidgeting that went along with it.  I would be explaining something to him and he just couldn’t sit still.  Even after reminding him repeatedly some little part of him had to be moving.

To me it made more sense to put that energy into his reading and writing.  I assumed that if he stayed still he’d be able to concentrate easier and when he couldn’t do it I began to wonder if he might have attention issues but the fact that he absorbed information like a sponge kept me from pursuing the issue.  He was doing so well in with his schooling that I figured it probably wasn’t a big issue.

Now that the Princess is starting to read and write and do addition she can’t seem to sit still either.  However, she can sit for long periods of time playing her DS without blinking an eye.

What I’ve come to realize is that the wiggling and fidgeting and moving around is how the little ones concentrate.  They’re like little engines that need to rev in order to really get going.  For me all the moving around is distracting but for the Princess it’s actually helping her focus.  I try not to stifle her little process too much but I do try to remind her to keep her bum on the seat, so the chair doesn’t tip and that is challenge enough.

The other thing I’ve realized is they grow out of it on their own.  Three years later, the Little Professor sits at his desk quietly and concentrates without all the moving and wiggling, as he does his school work.

I can’t help but wonder what it’s like for a teacher with a whole classroom of cute, little, wiggly children!