Carnivorous Creations…

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cp 9

A while back we bought the kids the Carnivorous Creations.

It was agreed upon by all that it looked really cool – how could plants that eat bugs be anything but?

So finally today we managed to get some time to try it out and this was our experience…

CP 1

The kit came with little dehydrated soil discs that the kids placed into the pot.

I thought this was a great idea because it was tidy and easy…two things I’m all for.

cp 11

Next came the water…4 cups to hydrate the soil.  The kids worked together well taking turns pouring the water into the pot.  I’m not sure what it is about pouring and measuring but my children love any chance they get to do it.

cp 2

The directions say that the discs dissolve quickly but we found it took a little extra patience then we were expecting.  We waited and waited and eventually….

cp 3

it slowly started to break down.  With a little jabbing, mashing and stirring it all came together nicely and the kids had a great time playing with the dirt.

Then we opened up the seeds package and this is what we got.

cp 4

cp 10

This too.

At this point, I started to question whether or not we’re actually going to see any plants.  The kids tried to plant the first little batch but we couldn’t be sure they actually made it into the soil or if they just stuck to their hands or fell to the floor.  The seeds were so tiny in their small little hands.  It was at this point I decided to look at the instructions again…

cp 8

and I realized this was not going to be as exciting as I had hoped.  At three months they will only be slightly bigger than a penny and 6 months not much bigger, and that’s if the seeds actually made it in.  I think it’s going to take a year before it looks anything like the picture on the box.

Oh, and remember the picture of the seeds in the little baggy?  That one was separate from the tiny seeds and after adding some water to the baggy it needs to go into the fridge to germinate for 6 weeks before it can be planted in the pot.

We continued on and the kids seemed to really enjoy adding the decorative features the most.

cp 5

cp 6

The box says it’s for ages 4+ but I just don’t see it.  I think it’s probably better for older children who can understand that it’s definitely not instant gratification.  They will need to invest months before they will see any results.

cp 7

My advice would be…if it’s about planting, and watching things grow I’d stick with beans or catnip.  If it’s about insect eating plants I suggest you look around for an older plant to buy because it’s going to take a long while before these plants eat anything.

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