Blizzard of 2013…

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This weekend we had a blizzard.

The difference between a blizzard and a plain ole snow storm is the wind.

For a snowstorm to qualify as a blizzard it must have…

 – sustained winds or frequent gusts of 35/mph or more

– blowing or drifting snow which reduces visibility to a quarter mile or less

– and must last for at least around 3 hours

That’s what we had here and even though the amount of snow doesn’t really qualify it as a blizzard, we did get a lot.

I think the hardest part was telling the kids they had to wait before they were allowed outside to play in it.  With the high winds we didn’t want them to get hurt.

blizzard 3

We did end up losing part of our fence.  We will definitely have to replace it this year.  If you look in the background you’ll see another section down from a couple months ago when we had a hurricane.  It’s not doing well.

The Milk Monkey spent a lot of time at the window Friday afternoon exclaiming “Wow!” and “Side!” (outside) as he watched the snow whipping around outside.  Even though it kept snowing the next morning we could no longer see it since the windows had been covered from snow drifting on to the sill.

The kids were itching to get out in it, so late Saturday morning we spent the hour getting everyone into their snow gear and made our way out into the cold.  Usually, I watch from the window but I decided to venture out with the kids so they could play and I could keep my eye on them while Daddy attempted to try and dig out the vehicles.  One of our kind neighbours (we are blessed with good ones) came over and lent him their snow blower. That was a big help since it would have taken him all day to clear even half of what he managed.

The kids had been hoping for a lot of snow this year and boy did they get it!  All at once!


The snow was up to the Monkey’s shoulders.  We joked that we should put a little flag on his head.

blizzard 2

The Princess, my little snow eater, was in her glory!

blizzard 4

The Professor enjoyed pulling his little brother along for a ride and he only managed to tip him a couple times, dragging his little head through the snow.

After hours of playing outside we were all a little wet and chilly and in desperate need of some hot cocoa.  Once we were all in and settled, I climbed back into my spot and continued with my favourite 2013 Blizzard activities…

blizzard 5


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