Avast! A Tale o’ Me Pen Pirate.

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Ahoy, me Matey’s…lend me yer ear fer a tale of ole ‘bout me lad, t’ pen pirate.

He be going ‘round near and far making t’ marks on me beauty…


Arrr! An’ on me treasures.

Arrr!  T’ scurvy face me wakes up to ev’r morn.


Me lad ev’n be giv’n his Matey Woody t’ black spot!

I be sayin to me wee Hearty “Belay that mark’n me lad.  Me booty’s worth more than a Doubloon!

Ye be swabbing the treasure an’ ye be swabbing me beauty…

and ye be keeping  yer pen pirating ways far from here.

In days o’ yore, ye’d be kissing the gunner’s daughter fer yer mutinous ways. Arrrr!  I be a more forgivin’ lot!

*The title Pen Pirate was self proclaimed by The Little Professor when asked why he would draw on things… hence the pirate theme of the post.

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