Daddy says… 40

So it’s happened, no going back now – I’ve hit 40.  I can remember a time in my life when 30 seemed so far away, but now here I am in my forties!  No big deal I guess – as it turns out, I’m just one week older than I was last week.

So, how did we celebrate this amazing achievement? A wild night on the town? A big raucous party with friends and family?  Nope – I spent it with my favorite people, doing my favorite things.  I had an incredible weekend with my wife and kids, camping in our new trailer!  We cooked steaks on the barbeque for dinner, had a great dessert and spent some time together as a family. A little later on we went swimming in the indoor pool at the campgrounds and even managed to get some Mummy & Daddy time relaxing in the hot tub.  Of course, we had to give up Mummy’s iPhone as a distraction for the Little Professor & the Mighty Princess, but it was nice to have that quiet time.

The rest of the weekend was just as relaxing.  We spent time sitting by the fire –

with a bite to eat-

And having fun at the playground –


All in all – it was the best birthday so far!

Daddy says… Oh the places we’ ll go

One of the things our family really wants to do is travel.  There are so many amazing places in North America that we’d love the kids to see – and to see ourselves!  One of our favorite places is of course – Disney! We’re pretty excited as we have begun planning a trip to Disney in the fall.  There are so many fun things to do, cool sights to see and good times to be had as a family, that always puts Disney at the top of our list.


But we also have plans for long-term camping, travelling North america and seeing some amazing places.  We feel there are so many awesome opportunities for the kids to learn, grow and experience the world around us hands on.  And homeschooling really gives us the freedom to do it!  We can travel and give the kids that first hand, life experience education while they also get the classic reading, writing and arithmetic education in a one on one environment.

Just a few places I’d love to be able to bring the kids:

     Yoho National Park – Canadian Rockies


Monument Valley – Utah

Cape Breton – Nova Scotia

 There are just so many different places to go and see, from beautiful natural vistas, to important historical sites, incredible museums and all sorts of national monuments.  There are so many amazing experiences just waiting to be had, and I’m excited to enjoy them with my family.

Daddy Says… My dress up Princess

Yes, I am a proud Daddy of a beautiful little girl.  She is smart and funny, creative and witty. And… she loves to dress up.  She always has.

Typically, she dresses up like a princess, or like a favorite character from a movie or show.  But every now and then she pulls out a cute little waitress outfit and takes Mummy’s breakfast order.

Though sometimes she pulls off something unique…  Like, dressing up in Daddy’s shirt… complete with tiara and purse!

And once in a while, she manages to convince the Little Professor to join her.

Or at the very least, perform with her while she is dressed as a princess.

So, whether she’s rubbing elbows with celebrities,

Or just jamming with Daddy,

I always love my little dress up princess!

Daddy says… Our amazing kids

It’s an interesting adventure being a parent.  One day, you’re living your own lives as a couple and then you get the news you’re going to be parents!  Needless to say, everything changes at that point!  Your lives are no longer just about the two of you – you will soon have a little one to look after, to care for, to feed and bathe, to teach and most importantly, to love.

My wife and I had our oldest boy, the Little Professor, 6 and 1/2 years ago, and it amazes me how he’s changed and grown in that time.  I can remember the day he was born, how incredible it was to have him in my arms.  I can remember him playing with a balloon the first time, his adorable little smile as he would play in the living room of our little apartment. How he had his own special language where he would just make up words – Laylo was water, Pepok was interchangeably ketchup or chicken – and Papapar was Polar Bear.


Then, a year and a half later came the Little Princess.  She was a tiny little peanut by comparison to our ‘big boy’.  She was always so delicate and pretty, it was surprising to find how adventurous she was.  I remember her up and moving, climbing over, under and around every obstacle in her path. She is truly an amazing little girl.  She and her big brother were instant friends and spent time untold together playing, singing, fighting and having fun.


 It’s hard to think now that I spend my mornings working with and helping to teach them both their homeschooling.  That those cute little babies grew up into adorable toddlers, and are now brilliant, cute little kids learning to read, write, add and subtract.  They just seem to grow up so fast.

And now, we have our youngest… the Milk Monkey!  Our little sweet baby – he has such a laid back attitude and yet is just as smart and adventurous as his older siblings.  He’s quick to smile and laugh, and he just makes me feel absolutely amazing when he looks up and gives me one of his contagious smiles.

So, while life definitely does change once you become a parent, the adventure never ends!


Daddy says… My amazing wife

Let me tell you about my amazing wife “Honestly Mummy”.  She is the most beautiful, talented and brilliant woman I have ever known.

She lovingly teaches and cares for our three children everyday, handles and runs our household like a well organized and efficient machine, and deals with (and is patient with!) me and my crazy work and school schedules.  She does more in one day than a lot of people do in a week, and somehow manages to find time to write a blog post everyday, occasionally bake some amazing cupcakes and makes time to (and genuinely wants to) spend time to talk with me when I finally do make it home in the evenings.

We share a lot of things, our interest, our passions, our Faith, our children and our lives, but I am truly fortunate that she shares one thing in particular with me everyday – herself.