Daddy Says… Psalm 23

I was looking through a folder of old photos on my computer earlier and stumbled across an old video of the Little Professor at age 3 reciting the 23rd Psalm. While he’s reciting, Mummy gets a call on the phone and the Professor keeps escalating his volume and intensity in an effort to keep her attention.

I love the look on the Princess’s face… it’s one part amusement and one part absolute admiration for her big brother.

It’s funny to look back and see them so little.  They have both grown so much since then!

Daddy Says… Creep, Crawl & Slither


Over the weekend the Little Professor went to birthday party at a friend’s house.  They had a unique form of entertainment for the kids, Joe’s Craz-zy Critters.  Joe and his brother Devin came in and entertained and educated the kids for over an hour with all sorts of exotic creatures.


There were huge snakes, lizards, spiders and scorpions as well as a very large bunny, a chinchilla & a pig!  It was a very fun and informative party and the kids loved it.

lizards7   lizards4   lizards5   lizards6

The Professor found all of the creatures fascinating, though he was not really interested in holding any of them.  I can’t really blame him, at least when it comes to the scorpion and tarantula, though I would have liked to check out the monitor lizard!

As it turned out, the big hit of the party was “Rosie” the pig.  The kids thought she was great, they fed her Multi-grain Cheerios and yelled when she squeeled.


After the animal entertainment was over, the kids sang happy birthday, had some cupcakes and then headed on home with loot bags in hand.  All in all, it was a great time.

Daddy Says… Flipnotes


This Christmas, the Professor was pretty impressed to receive a Nintendo 3DS handheld game system as a gift.  We had been talking about it for a while, and he was saving up his money to buy it himself, so he was genuinely surprised to find it among his gifts!  Just as happy about the gift was the Princess… By default, she was given his old DS as a practice system.

She didn’t hesitate to start taking all sorts of photos, playing games and recording little songs that she could then play back at various speeds to alter her voice. One of the programs we found is Flipnote. It’s a simple program where you can create animations by drawing them one page at a time.

I made a quick little Star Wars animation and the Princess liked it so much, she decided to do one of her own.  After a few frames, she asked me to take over, but offered some ideas of how it should go.  About halfway through the battle, she decided the scene needed a cat:

She liked the surprise ending with the cat so much, she made her own:

When we showed Mummy, she thought it was so cute, she decided to make one too!

I have to say, I think Mummy’s says it all.

Daddy Says… The Doc is In


Having children is always an adventure, you get introduced to all sorts of characters along the way!  In the past year or so Disney released a new show, Doc McStuffins.  It’s about a young girl who is a doctor to all of her toys.

The Mighty Princess has really enjoyed the show and watches it whenever she gets a chance.  So this past Christmas Mummy and I got her a cute little doctors set, so she can take care of all of her own toys too.  However, it seems she also enjoys dressing her little brother up as a doctor as well.  As I was making them some breakfast over the weekend, I was introduced to Doc McMonkey!

Not only does he look the part, but apparently he (with some assistance from his big sister, I’m sure) had been patching up an Orca that had a couple of “boo boos”.


With the imagination on these kids, you just never know who you’re going to meet!

Daddy Says… Eating the House


This year the kids and I built a Gingerbread house.  I was pretty impressed with all the decorating ideas they came up with!  The Princess stacked a few tootsie rolls together for a chimney, and the Professor used a bunch of swedish fish as paving stones for a walkway in front of the house.  There were squares of Hershey chocolate bars as doors and windows, twizzlers for trim along the roof and even a couple of lollipops with mini M & M’s attached as apple trees out front.

It really was a lot of fun & the kids had a blast.  Even the Milk Monkey was there, his biggest contributions were getting to eat small pieces of twizzlers, and adding a lot of “ohhh”s and “wow”s, but he loved it too.

This past weekend, we let the kids break it apart and start eating!


It was a little bit sad to see their creation turn into an after dinner treat, but they really enjoyed it.  The Milk Monkey kept looking at us with an “I can’t believe you’re letting us do this!” look.  It was very cute!

Somehow I think this will become a new Christmas tradition for us!

Daddy Says… Dinosaurs and Daycare


The Milk Monkey has been heading off to the backup daycare a lot this month. As I mentioned in another post, my employer provides 20 days of backup daycare, and we had quite a few left for the little guy at the end of this year so we’ve been using them up to give Mummy a bit more quiet time to take care of some other projects she’s got going on.

He really likes getting out and going to see his “friends” at the daycare, and he prefers to walk and hold my hand as we head through the building. He always waves and says “Hi” to every person we pass – it’s like he’s the little mayor of daycare town.

But, even the mayor needs downtime, and apparently when our little guy is kicking back at home, he likes to do it dino style.


We’ve had this little dinosaur costume since the Professor was a little guy and the Milk Monkey just loves it.  Every now and then as we’re getting him dressed, he’ll spot it hanging in his closet and starting pointing at it while saying “Me, Me, Me”.  Of course, we usually go for it, especially if it’s just a quiet day at home for him.  Though he did accompany me to the supermarket while wearing it once.  It’s very cute to see the little dinosaur stomping around the house, dancing to “the Wiggles” and giving the occasional little “roar”.

Daddy Says… Working Man


If there’s one thing we love at our house in the winter, it’s a nice warm fire in the fireplace.  Last week, we ordered 1/2 cord of wood from our local landscape company and had them drop it on a tarp on our front lawn.  It was a convenient spot so we could then transport it by wheelbarrow to the bulkhead and organize it into two stacks – one in the basement, and one on the side porch.

I recruited the little professor to lend a hand and I have to say, he really pulled his weight – probably more than his weight actually!  As I was running wheelbarrows full of wood to the bulkhead, he would take logs down 2 at a time and then Mummy would organize them into a nice stack in the basement.  Once we decided we had enough downstairs, we moved on to the side porch.  He was a huge help in running logs up and down the stairs and even handled the wheelbarrow some of the time.

Wood3     wood4

After a couple of hours of hard work, we were finally finished and we got the little guy into the house.  Then he had a hot shower, a warm cup of cocoa and was finally relaxing in front of the fire – enjoying the rewards of his hard work.

It’s nice to know I now have a helper that can help me with these projects around the house!

Daddy Says… As Primitive As Can Be

We ran into a bit of a technical issue this weekend.  With the Professor playing an online learning game, and the princess watching a show on the TV, suddenly it all came to a stop.  With a few exclamations of “Awww” and “Hey!” Mummy and I were alerted to the problem.

Unfortunately, it was more than just a little glitch.  As it turns out the Verizon box in our basement was unable to connect to the parent company anymore which left us without any Internet, Phone or Television.  The TV we could live without just fine, and it was inconvenient not to have the internet but we were more concerned about not having a phone.  While Mummy does have a cell phone, we really prefer to have a landline active just in case there is an emergency and someone needs to call 911.  When calling from a landline, the 911 service knows exactly where the call is coming in from.

At any rate, we contacted Verizon and had some difficulty with the technicians on the phone. In fact, it was a customer service nightmare.  They were telling us they couldn’t get anyone out for 2 days, and we really weren’t willing to accept that for the reasons mentioned above.  One of the supervisors was extremely rude and abrasive and we were determined to discontinue our service if Verizon did not deal with the situation appropriately.  So, the following morning, we called the customer service department again and mentioned our concerns, we also mentioned the discussion we had with the rude supervisor and our intention of cancelling our service if the issues were not resolved quickly and I have to say Verizon actually stepped up and did what they could to make it right.

A technician showed up later that day and worked on the problem for the afternoon.  As it turns out, he was not able to fix it that day, but did set up a follow up appointment for the next morning.  So, the final result was that service was eventually restored and we felt a lot better about having stayed with the company.  The technician that came to the house was a very hardworking, nice person that was determined to get the system up and running again.  He even left his direct phone number with us so we could follow up with him just in case there were any further problems!

It’s great to have all of our services back, we can watch our favorite shows and use the internet to post to the blog, but most importantly we have the phone back in case of emergency!

Daddy Says… Smoochies

Our little Milk Monkey is a bit of a handful at times. Sometimes he can be a chubby little ball of terror, and other times, he’s a screech monkey, but through all of that – he’s an adorable little sweetheart.

He is learning to express himself in various ways, he says “Meeeee” when he wants something, while alternately pointing and opening and closing his hands.  He sings along with his favorite songs from The Wiggles, or Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – and of courses dances along.  But, I have to say, one of the cutest things he does is give “smoochies”.


At nighttime as we’re getting him ready for bed, I’ll tell him “Ok little guy, go give Mummy Smoochies!”  And he goes running over with his lips pursed & hums out a big “Mmmmmmm” and gives a big ole kiss on the lips.  It’s the perfect way to say goodnight!