A Little About The Professor….


After a year of writing about the Little Professor, he decided he had a few things he wanted to say himself.  The following is what he wrote:

Hi, I am the Professor.  I am 7 years old.  I feel glad because I’m the first child.

I like being the first child because:

  • I don’t have to nap anymore.
  • I am the biggest.
  • I get to ride big kid rides.
  • I have my own bed.
  • I have my own computer.
  • I have my own 3DDS.

And here are some things I don’t like:

  • The Princess bugging me, as only a little sister can.
  • Not getting my way because I let the younger ones get their way.

Sometimes I don’t get as much attention as the Milk Monkey does, but I don’t mind, he’s my baby brother.

So again, I like being me.

Cabin Fever…


This winter weather feels like it’s never going to end.  Just when I think spring is tip toeing in, winter fights back with another snow storm.  This weekend we’re going to see another snow fall and I’m not sure I can take it.  I’m tired of being cold, and I’m tired of being cooped up inside.  I want to get out and go camping, swimming and bike riding – but mostly camping.  I’m craving the warm sun on my skin and the sound of cheerful birds in the trees.  I want to pack up the trailer and just go…

cf 2

The kids are bouncing off the walls…they need a good, barefooted run across the grass.  They also agree that we should just hitch up the trailer and go south.  Words like Disney and Florida are being tossed around and are, oh so tempting.   It’s hard to explain to them why we can’t just go, especially when it’s all I really want to do.

It’s not that I don’t like winter.  I really do, but only up until January.  Once Christmas is over winter becomes an annoying drag and it’s become apparent that I can’t do another full winter again.  I don’t care where we go next year…Disney…but it needs to be for at least two weeks, it needs to be somewhere hot…Disney…and it needs to be during the coldest, longest part of winter!

cf 3

Until then, I’ll try to hang on without going too crazy and get through the next month.  That’s when I will start stocking the trailer for this year’s camping season!

Happy Valentine’s Day…

vday 7

Every Valentine’s Day we make a little surprise for the kids.  One year we trailed hearts all around the house for them to follow until the found their little present.  Another time we gave them a treasure hunt.  They had to answer riddles to get the clue for the next riddle and eventually found their surprise.

This year we made them a card that had a coded clue in it.  First they had to crack the code and then they had to figure out the clue the riddle provided.

vday 6 vday 5

As it turns out, the Little Professor had the same code in one of his school PACE’s so as soon as he figured out what it was, he looked up the key and solved his quickly.

I had made a key for them so I gave that one to the Princess.

vday 4

Once they figured out the riddle they immediately went to find their surprise…

vday 3 vday 2

We were told that this was the best Valentine’s yet!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope your day is filled with love and laughter!!

Blizzard of 2013…

This weekend we had a blizzard.

The difference between a blizzard and a plain ole snow storm is the wind.

For a snowstorm to qualify as a blizzard it must have…

 – sustained winds or frequent gusts of 35/mph or more

– blowing or drifting snow which reduces visibility to a quarter mile or less

– and must last for at least around 3 hours

That’s what we had here and even though the amount of snow doesn’t really qualify it as a blizzard, we did get a lot.

I think the hardest part was telling the kids they had to wait before they were allowed outside to play in it.  With the high winds we didn’t want them to get hurt.

blizzard 3

We did end up losing part of our fence.  We will definitely have to replace it this year.  If you look in the background you’ll see another section down from a couple months ago when we had a hurricane.  It’s not doing well.

The Milk Monkey spent a lot of time at the window Friday afternoon exclaiming “Wow!” and “Side!” (outside) as he watched the snow whipping around outside.  Even though it kept snowing the next morning we could no longer see it since the windows had been covered from snow drifting on to the sill.

The kids were itching to get out in it, so late Saturday morning we spent the hour getting everyone into their snow gear and made our way out into the cold.  Usually, I watch from the window but I decided to venture out with the kids so they could play and I could keep my eye on them while Daddy attempted to try and dig out the vehicles.  One of our kind neighbours (we are blessed with good ones) came over and lent him their snow blower. That was a big help since it would have taken him all day to clear even half of what he managed.

The kids had been hoping for a lot of snow this year and boy did they get it!  All at once!


The snow was up to the Monkey’s shoulders.  We joked that we should put a little flag on his head.

blizzard 2

The Princess, my little snow eater, was in her glory!

blizzard 4

The Professor enjoyed pulling his little brother along for a ride and he only managed to tip him a couple times, dragging his little head through the snow.

After hours of playing outside we were all a little wet and chilly and in desperate need of some hot cocoa.  Once we were all in and settled, I climbed back into my spot and continued with my favourite 2013 Blizzard activities…

blizzard 5


The Wiggles…


 wiggles wiggles 3wiggles 2

When I started homeschooling the Little Professor I was concerned with all the wiggling and fidgeting that went along with it.  I would be explaining something to him and he just couldn’t sit still.  Even after reminding him repeatedly some little part of him had to be moving.

To me it made more sense to put that energy into his reading and writing.  I assumed that if he stayed still he’d be able to concentrate easier and when he couldn’t do it I began to wonder if he might have attention issues but the fact that he absorbed information like a sponge kept me from pursuing the issue.  He was doing so well in with his schooling that I figured it probably wasn’t a big issue.

Now that the Princess is starting to read and write and do addition she can’t seem to sit still either.  However, she can sit for long periods of time playing her DS without blinking an eye.

What I’ve come to realize is that the wiggling and fidgeting and moving around is how the little ones concentrate.  They’re like little engines that need to rev in order to really get going.  For me all the moving around is distracting but for the Princess it’s actually helping her focus.  I try not to stifle her little process too much but I do try to remind her to keep her bum on the seat, so the chair doesn’t tip and that is challenge enough.

The other thing I’ve realized is they grow out of it on their own.  Three years later, the Little Professor sits at his desk quietly and concentrates without all the moving and wiggling, as he does his school work.

I can’t help but wonder what it’s like for a teacher with a whole classroom of cute, little, wiggly children!

New Baby, or a Puppy…


Do you remember this picture?

It’s from this post, the one where the Princess was devastated that she wasn’t getting a sister.

For a while we had come to an understanding.  She was going to be our one and only Princess and she really seemed to be on board with that plan.  She began to see the benefits to being our only daughter.  Girl’s time was always going to be just her and I.  She wouldn’t have to share any of us with a sister.  However, with a little time she started thinking again about how nice it would be to have a sister. So this morning she broached the subject with me again.

“Can I have a sister?”

As it turns out, she had decided it’s not fair that there are 3 males in the house and only 2 females.  We are out numbered and because of that we have a serious problem.  Once again I had to explain to her that it just wasn’t going to happen no matter how hard she pleaded with me.

After going through it over and over again, I decided to approach it at a new angle.

What if sometime in the not too distant but not quite yet future we get a girl puppy?  Would that work?

Not only did I get a yes, but my Princess leaped off the bed into my arms.

I was so happy to have moved on, that I had no idea the can of worms I had just opened.

Now the Princess would like to pinpoint the exact date we will be getting a puppy!

Homeschooling After Hours…

On a good day, the kids are done with their home school work load around 11 am.  They start around 7 am.  Not all days are good days, some are a struggle and there’s a lot of day dreaming.  Lately there are fewer of them.  So the question I know you’re asking is, what do the kids do with the rest of their day?

I’m glad you asked….here’s a little look!

extra 10

They paint…

extra 12

and do other crafts.

extra 13

The learn about electricity with Snap Circuits…


and paleontology by digging up their own dinosaur bones.

lego 4 lego 6

They love to build with Lego’s!

extra 6 Dress Up 3

There’s a lot of dressing up…

extra 16

and napping, when their bodies tell them they need it

extra 7

and even some napping while dressed up.

extra 15 extra 14 mos

There’s a lot of traveling and camping…

im 4 ja visit

and field trips.

extra 9

They enjoy weekly outings with Nana…

extra 3

and home spa times with Mummy.

extra 11 extra 8 extra 4 extra 2

It doesn’t matter if it’s baking, writing stories, crafts or just plain silliness, my children get a lot of time for creative learning and playing.  They are enjoying their childhood and that makes me a happy Mummy!

Time for the Toddler Bed…

I can barely wrap my mind around the fact that my little baby is now in a big boy bed.  This weekend Daddy turned the Little Monkey’s crib into a toddler bed.  I was curious how it was going to look since we had bought one of those 3 in 1 crib, toddler bed and bed frame.  So far I’m not that impressed since the big transformation is just taking one side of the crib down, so who knows what the bed frame will look like.  I’m not sure how the monkey will feel sleeping in his crib when he’s sixteen!

Eventually I want to decorate the little guys room but for now it has more of an eclectic feel with all the hand me downs from his brother and sister.  The Monkey doesn’t seem to mind.  Whether it’s the pink and purple kitchen or the well used spider man chair, he’s thrilled with his new room.  His little tour of his room was filled with lots of giddy ooohs and aaahs!

It went something like this (translation by mummy):

New room 5

This is my new bed!

New room

This is my new chair!

New room 7

This is my new play kitchen!  

I haven’t been brain washed yet by what society deems as gender specific colours, so I don’t mind that it’s pink! (ok, maybe I took a little creative liberty translating this one)

New room 6

These are my new wooden food toys!

New room 2

This is me jumping really high on my well padded area rug! I’m really excited!

New room 3

This is me sleeping in my big boy bed.

New room 4

This is me being woken up by Mummy’s excessive picture taking!  I’m not impressed.

Good night!