All the Gross Stuff…

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Today was a three poop day!  Most days are one poop days, sometimes we get a two poop day but it’s a rare thing to get a three poop day.  Thankfully Daddy arrived home just in time to change the third one!  I was finished with cleaning poop off baby bums for the day.  Daddy and I have a deal, when he’s home he changes the diapers – for the most part.   Daddy is very helpful!  I don’t think we’d have 3 children if he wasn’t.

Daddy is also in charge of cleaning up puke – my stomach can’t handle it, especially when I’m pregnant – which I’m not, at the moment.  The worse time was on our way home from Canada, 5 years ago.  I was pregnant with the Princess.  The Little Professor was about 18 months old and all of a sudden he threw up all over himself and the back seat of the car.  It wasn’t the baby puke kind either, it was the full force projectile kind.  We were on part of the highway where there weren’t any rest areas for a stretch and there wasn’t enough of a shoulder to pull over.  Being the brave mummy that I am, I reached back to hold the little guy’s hand as we drove for a good 15 mins to the next rest stop – it felt like forever!  The stop was the kind that was just a park without washrooms, not very helpful in our situation.  We pulled over just in time for me to get out and start throwing up myself.  Daddy cleaned the Professor off as best he could with wipes and bottles of water, then handed him off to me, which started a whole new round of retching.  That was talent on my part being able to throw up with a big pregnant belly and holding a toddler at the same time.  In the end, Daddy got everything and everyone cleaned up and we all piled back into the car.  The overwhelming sent of puke surrounded us for the next 5 hours, while I periodically dry heaved the rest of the way home.

So yes, Daddy takes care of gross stuff in our family.  He’s also the one who cleans out the mystery dishes from the fridge…eeeewww!  Daddy’s pretty awesome like that!

On a much cleaner and less gross note….

Today we did our homeschooling in the trailer.  It was a trial run for when we finally get out there.  After lugging all our books and necessary school supplies outside – boy, was that a job in itself –  we finally got to work.  It was a very distracted day but it was new…I think with time it’ll be great.  I know it will!!  I’m excited – can’t you tell??!!



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