A Trailer-full….

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I’m amazed at how much laundry we generate while camping!  Today we had to do laundry.  We held off as long as we could but we were at the end of wash cloths, towels and under clothes.   Everything gets so dirty very quickly.  I was hoping that some how camping in a trailer would help us avoid the dirt, but no such thing.  Most of the time we – and by we, I actually mean the kids – are filthy!  It just comes with the territory.

At the last campground it was all about the grass stains but here it’s sand, sand and more sand!  We just can’t seem to avoid it.  The kids love to jump in it and dig in it…I even caught the Princess burying her flip flops in it – thank goodness, they would have been impossible to find.

Nana L took the kids down to the beach while Mummy and Daddy had the fun job of hauling the laundry into town – the Milk Monkey came with us.  The kids changed into their bathing suits and waited patiently as little Miss Fancy (the name we’re trying out for our cousin as she takes so much care with how her clothes match.  There’s always a head band or hat that goes along too.  Soooo cute!) finished getting herself ready.  We all turned around to look as the trailer door was dramatically swung open and out came little Miss Fancy in her beautiful, little ruffled white bikini with a matching sunhat and earrings.  She looked like she was ready to sip pina coladas poolside at a 5 star tropical resort. Loved it!!!  She was 10 going on 18!  However, I explained to Miss Fancy that one trip down to the beach would wreck her beautiful bathing suit and promised we’d take her to a pool one day soon, where she could wear it without damaging it with sand particles caught in the fabric weave.  She agreed to put on an older bathing suit and then the kids were off to build sand castles.

Now as I write this our trailer is packed with sleeping family.  We have Daddy and Mummy, Nana L and our dear friend Baba (that’s what our children call her), the Milk Monkey, the Princess and the Little Professor, Miss Fancy and my brother Tim all sleeping in our trailer.  You would think with so many people we’d be completely full but no, we still have one more spot available, so if anyone wants to join us….   You’d have to be a little bit crazy!  Having all these visitors makes it feel more like camping and less like a roaming home.  Having more family around means more hugs for the kids, more love and more people to take them to the “other” park, the one that needs an adult accompanying them because we can’t see it from our site.  Having more family around means lots more love and fun!!


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