A day in the life of us

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A typical day for my family goes like this:

6:10 – The Milk Monkey stirs and my husband (as wonderful as he is) gets him from his crib and brings him into bed with us.

6:30 – The Princess awakes and promptly starts bugging the Professor who is still asleep.

7:00 – Daddy gets up and takes the whole gang downstairs while Mummy sleeps a bit.

8:30 – Everyone has eaten, Daddy starts work, Mummy gets going, the professor starts school.

9:30 – Daddy leaves for work and the Princess starts school.

9:45 – The Milk Monkey is hungry.

10:00 – The Milk Monkey is tired and goes for a nap.

10:05 – The Princess has to go to the bathroom…again.

10:10 – Mummy encourages the Professor for the 10th time to concentrate and do his work.

10:15 – Mummy explains to the Princess that correcting her is not the same as punishing and there’s no need to cry.

10:20 – Mummy catches the Princess as she leaps through the air with excitement about how much she loves doing school at home.

10:25 – The Milk Monkey is awake again, Mummy puts him in his high chair, he smiles as we sing songs about the sounds the letters make.

10:30 – Mummy tells the Professor to leave the baby alone and do his work.

10:40 – The Milk Monkey is bored, so Mummy gives him puffs to eat.  He prefers dropping them on the floor.

11:00 –  The Princess is finished school, Mummy encourages the Professor for the 20th time to concentrate on his work and get it done.

11:05 – Mummy steams some fruits or veggies to make baby food.

11:10 – Mummy starts work, the Milk Monkey goes in his jumperoo and the Princess plays upstairs while the Professor continues with his school work.

12:00 – Milk Monkey is hungry again.

12:05 – Mummy makes lunch.

12:15 – Mummy cleans up around the kitchen and finishes the baby food and feeds Milk Monkey.

12:30 – Mummy cleans up lunch and gets back to work.

1:00 – The Professor finishes school and it’s quiet reading time/nap time for everyone except Mummy (though she wishes it included her).

2:00 – 5:00 – Time is filled with games, crafts, playing, reading…mixed with work for Mummy, making dinner and various Milk Monkey needs.

5:30 – Dinner.

6:30 – Daddy gets home and takes over so Mummy can get work finished…hopefully before it gets too late at night.

7:30 – Bed for the kids.

It’s busy, sometimes even crazy and there’s usually a list at the end of the day of things I just didn’t get done.  At times I feel like I’m just barely keeping my head above water but it’s all worth it in the end!



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