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I have been homeschooling my children for almost 2 years now.   The Little Professor started with Grade 1 and is now finishing Grade 2.   The Mighty Princess is doing Kindergarten.  It’s fun and we have a good routine going.


A little information about our home school:

  • We use the ACE Curriculum – Mummy adds some of her own stuff to keep it fun and exciting
  • Pace work hours are 8am – 2pm – unless something fun comes up, then we just work around that
  • Life schooling hours are 24/7 – we try to turn everything we do into a learning experience
  • Everyone who attends our school has to do it with a happy heart – some mornings that takes a little encouragement
  • Our goal is to take our schooling on the road as much as possible – to get some hands on learning



Even the Milk Monkey joins us for school.  He’s learning about physics as he drops his toys to the floor.

Teaching my children is inspiring. It’s amazing watching their little brains expand with knowledge!

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