Smiles of all sizes…

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Near the end of last year the Little Professor lost his first tooth.  We cheered and celebrated!  The Tooth Fairy was good to him…she brought him $5, a toothbrush and a nice little personal note that smelled of peppermint and was full of glitter. This was such a big moment, we had all been waiting for weeks as he wiggled the little tooth and ate soft food, tenderly taking care of it.







He was so excited that he ended up dropping it on our carpet which made us realize, while on our hands and knees trying to find the tiny little tooth, our carpet is the colour of baby teeth.  We eventually found it!  The second tooth he lost a couple weeks later did not fair so well, that one was swallowed during the night.  The Little Professor took the news surprisingly well!




Meanwhile, in another mouth a little tooth was growing and moving up towards the surface of the gums.  With much drool and lots of gumming, it peaked through and made itself known during one of the Milk Monkey’s amazing smiles!  Once again, we all cheered and celebrated!


Since then the Milk Monkey has grown yet another tooth.  His smile is becoming unbearably adorable and our resistance is futile, we give in to all of his demands of snuggles and love!





I am so thankful that my children have healthy teeth, whether they be coming or going, to fill their beautiful smiles!

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