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Yesterday was a big day for our little Princess – it was her first official haircut!

I say official because there was the time when her big brother decided to cut her hair so it would turn brown and lose it’s magical powers (Tangled).  He didn’t want anyone to kidnap her.  It’s hard to get angry with that kind of reasoning.

The Princess has resisted all other attempts of getting her hair cut or trimmed,  however today she decided to get it cut.  Before she could change her mind I packed up my three wonderful little sweethearts and made our way to the nearest Snip Its!

I was so proud, as usual.  She really is an amazing little girl!

She articulated her exact wishes of what style of cut she wanted.  She sat so still and was so serious about the whole process.  It turned out absolutely beautiful if I do say so myself!

In the afternoon, our Little Professor was planning out his school project.  He had asked us to get him some whipping cream so he could make some butter.   It was a project from his curriculum.

 He patiently whipped and whipped the butter – it took a long, long time.

The end product was delicious!

The Princess enjoyed it so much she thought it would be nice to give it to people and then maybe they could give us some money.  That one is going to be a little business woman!

We are all getting so excited to pick up our trailer on Friday.  It should be an interesting day since Daddy has never pulled a trailer let alone a 35 foot trailer.  Please pray for our safety and dry weather 🙂

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