Pictures with Santa

Yesterday we went to the mall to visit with Santa.  Ever since my little Princess was born I would match her Christmas outfit to our Little Professor’s, but now that we have the Milk Monkey I’ve taken it to a new level.  I dress my boys in the same outfit.

I love it!

I realize I probably only have a couple more years, at most, to enjoy doing this.  For now the Professor humours me and even gets a kick out of it, but I know the year will come when he will be too old to wear the same outfit as his little brother.

Before we get in line to see Santa I like to get a picture of the kids standing in front of the gigantic tree.  I do it every year.  However this year the little Monkey didn’t want any part of it.

His two older siblings tried to convince him, they tried holding him in place as he screamed and they tried to encourage him to stand with them, but it was just not going to happen.

The Milk Monkey just wanted to explore.  There were too many bright and sparkly things to check out.

The Princess and the Professor were more than happy to pose for me!

The Princess even more so than her older brother.  She loves having her picture taken!

After our visit with Santa, the kids asked to go on one of the Merry go Rounds.  The little Monkey had never been on one, that was their argument, so Daddy and Nana J took them to ride it while I did some Christmas shopping.

Daddy took many pictures and it looks like they had fun, even if they Little Professor could barely get his legs to fit!  I’m pretty sure he’ll be requesting rides every time we go to the mall, just like his brother and sister, to which I will almost always reply “no”.  Nana J and Daddy of course are another story!



Decorating the Tree…

Last week we decorated the Christmas tree.  The Milk Monkey thoroughly enjoyed the whole process along with his brother and sister.  He wasn’t quite sure what we were doing walking around checking out trees but he was excited.  He seemed aware that we were doing something special.

When he saw the tree tied to the top of the truck, he pointed and shouted “ook ook” (look look), and when Daddy brought it in the house he grinned big and mischievous.  Having a tree in the house was the ultimate fun for him!

This year the Little Professor took over my job of holding the tree steady while Daddy tightened the base and secured it in place.  He was very proud of himself.

I was very proud of him too!

The Princess also took on a new job.  She stood behind the tree and passed the lights back around to Daddy.  It was fun at first but she was glad when it was finished.


The kids did the majority of the decorating.  We let them place all the ornaments where ever they thought looked best.

I think they did a fabulous job!

After the tree was finished we celebrated with Hot Cocoa while we watched the Polar Express.  The Milk Monkey was very impressed with the movie.

He’s getting so big!

It’s a joy to watching experience everything!

We’ve kept the tree lit along with a roaring fire all week and it’s so beautiful.

I’m enjoying Christmas so much this year!


I’m On The Edge…

I’m on the edge,

the edge,

the edge,

the edge,

the edge,

the edge,

the edge,

I’m on the edge…

 I’m not a Lady Gaga fan.  I don’t have anything against her, I’m just not into her music. Last year there was a commercial that played a clip of the song over and over again, so unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point of view, those are the only words I know.  As I clung to the edge of my bed last night a little Milk Monkey wiggled and jiggled beside me, coughing his little croup cough – that part of the song was the only thing that ran through my head.

And yes, I woke up singing it too.

Even still, I loved having my little guy in our bed.  At one point he opened his little sleepy eyes ever so slightly and whispered a little “hi” to me with his raspy, wheezy voice.  A little while later he wrapped his small restless arm around my neck and gave me a snuggle.  If it were up to me, I’d have all my kids in with us.  Daddy and I have very opposite views on co-sleeping.  I would love a big room where we could fit the crib and the bunk beds in.  It just makes sense to me to keep my little ones safely close by, but Daddy prefers they be in their own room and even though the Princess may back me up, I’m sure the Professor prefers his own space.

We came to a compromise a while back.  The babies get to sleep with us for the first 8 -12 months of their life.  They had their own cribs next to ours and it was wonderful. With the Milk Monkey we bought a co-sleeper for the side of the bed and it was the best baby item I’ve ever purchased.  I highly recommend them.  It’s so close to having the baby in bed with you while keeping them completely safe.  Eventually, each child transferred out of our room to their own, usually quite easily, except for the Princess.  Nothing was easy with that little one when she was a baby.

Even with all the co-sleeping we’ve done with the children in the past, it’s very seldom they try to get in bed with us.  I credit our early co-sleeping days to that.

Our little Monkey eventually went back to his own bed, where he could get the mist from the humidifier and I managed to get some space on the bed, but not much as Daddy hogs most of it anyway.

Daddy Says… As Primitive As Can Be

We ran into a bit of a technical issue this weekend.  With the Professor playing an online learning game, and the princess watching a show on the TV, suddenly it all came to a stop.  With a few exclamations of “Awww” and “Hey!” Mummy and I were alerted to the problem.

Unfortunately, it was more than just a little glitch.  As it turns out the Verizon box in our basement was unable to connect to the parent company anymore which left us without any Internet, Phone or Television.  The TV we could live without just fine, and it was inconvenient not to have the internet but we were more concerned about not having a phone.  While Mummy does have a cell phone, we really prefer to have a landline active just in case there is an emergency and someone needs to call 911.  When calling from a landline, the 911 service knows exactly where the call is coming in from.

At any rate, we contacted Verizon and had some difficulty with the technicians on the phone. In fact, it was a customer service nightmare.  They were telling us they couldn’t get anyone out for 2 days, and we really weren’t willing to accept that for the reasons mentioned above.  One of the supervisors was extremely rude and abrasive and we were determined to discontinue our service if Verizon did not deal with the situation appropriately.  So, the following morning, we called the customer service department again and mentioned our concerns, we also mentioned the discussion we had with the rude supervisor and our intention of cancelling our service if the issues were not resolved quickly and I have to say Verizon actually stepped up and did what they could to make it right.

A technician showed up later that day and worked on the problem for the afternoon.  As it turns out, he was not able to fix it that day, but did set up a follow up appointment for the next morning.  So, the final result was that service was eventually restored and we felt a lot better about having stayed with the company.  The technician that came to the house was a very hardworking, nice person that was determined to get the system up and running again.  He even left his direct phone number with us so we could follow up with him just in case there were any further problems!

It’s great to have all of our services back, we can watch our favorite shows and use the internet to post to the blog, but most importantly we have the phone back in case of emergency!