This Weekend…

This past weekend started off pretty bad.

 I didn’t feel very well Saturday and spent most of the day in bed sleeping.

I ended up having to miss my Little Professors soccer game…not something I like to do.

Thankfully Daddy kept the kids occupied, in between taking apart the lawn mower, so that I could rest – he’s so good like that!

Yes, the lawn still hasn’t been cut…I’m pretty sure the neighbours will be showing up at our door with torches and pitch forks!

Maybe they can just torch the lawn and be done with it! 

Today I woke up feeling just as yucky as I had the day before but I had to tackle my weekend project.

Since getting back from Canada the laundry had piled up and was out of control, so between that and switching out the summer clothes with the winter ones, I spent another day in the house.

The closest I got to fresh air was having the windows open.

The breeze was beautiful and refreshing and I think it actually helped me feel better but not nearly as much as the mother-daughter mud masks courtesy of the Princess.

We sat together on my bed and smeared Chocolate Mud Masks on each other’s face.  She was actually quite good at it and only got it in my eyes once!

Even though the smell made me want to throw up and the mask made my already flushed face an irritated, bright red, it was wonderful spending time with my little girl.  She thought the idea of putting mud on our face to make it look good was just too funny and I could see a light bulb go off in her head…”If mud makes our skin better there should be mud BATHS!”

I told her there were…and that was the most delightful news she’d heard in a long time.  I promised my sweet girl that one day I will take her to a spa so she can have a mud bath and she giggled with excitement.

I love her so much!

A little later as Daddy and I were getting the Milk Monkey ready for bed, the three of us had a really good game of Pee-Ka-Boo.


It’s a game he’s really good at…he gets right into it with the expected hiding of the eyes and then the big “Boo”.

He’s just so stink’n cute I could eat him!

As for the Professor, he’s spent Saturday checking on me…buying me flowers and doing a lot of reading.

He’s been into a new book series called Andrew Lost.  He’s really enjoying them, so much so, he sat in the basket part of the buggy at the store the other day so he could continue to read while we shopped.  He even stays up late at night with a flashlight!

He totally takes after his Mummy!!

And now, while I write this, Daddy is doing the thing he’s been looking forward to most this weekend…

watching the season premier of the Walking Dead!

  I can hear the zombies all the way from downstairs!!

Yikes…too scary for me!!!

So that’s our weekend…

What did you do?

Brain Quest…

When we left for Canada the other week we didn’t bring the kids school work.  We weren’t expecting to be gone so long.  When we realized we were going to be there for another full week I ran out to find something to temporarily replace our curriculum.

After looking through many different work books I came across the Brain Quest one and instantly knew it was what I was looking for.  It touched on so many subjects like Spelling and Vocabulary, Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Math Skills, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions and Decimals, Social Studies, Science and more – all in the one book.  The pages are colourful and bright.  The lessons are fun and filled with games and puzzles.


What I really liked about it was that it touches on the basics while keeping things entertaining.  It makes for a good supplemental curriculum for kids whether they are home schooled or attend a conventional school.  The lessons vary from fairly easy, which helps build confidence, to more challenging, which really gets the kids thinking.  The pages tear out easily which is good because the answers are in the back of the book.  Every activity has a little Brain Box at the bottom of the page which is more of a review than a lesson.  If your child has not learned that particular lesson in school, be prepared to do some teaching.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the Brain Quest workbooks and just thought I’d pass on my thoughts to you!

The Neighbors…

Every once in a while one of the fat television networks come out with something deliciously original.  Something refreshing that doesn’t fit the typical formats of the routine shows of today.  You know, there’s the typical medical shows where the doctors treat patients with shocking or overly emotional issues all the while carrying on inappropriate relationships with each other and dealing with their own outrageous situations.  Or the detective shows, where the main characters are so exceptionally intelligent that they manage to solve every single crime within the hour.  Not to be outdone by the train wreck trash that we politely label “reality tv” though I’m pretty sure it’s not a reality that is shared with 98% of the human race.  Dare I even mention Honey Boo Boo!  Then there’s the edgy comedies that are based loosely on typical american lives and mask political agendas with humor.  Not that I’m complaining about any of them, I have many favorites in each one of those categories.

Out of all the new shows this season, the funniest one goes to The Neighbors on ABC.  At first even I, a lover of corny syfy shows, found the concept to be a little over the top.  Everybody knows aliens are scary and threatening, not funny!

For those of you who are not familiar with the show, it’s about a group of aliens who buy up a gated community and settle there after naming themselves after profession atheletes like Larry Bird and Dick Butkus.  After living on earth for ten years, one of the alien couples decide to move away from the group selling their home to the Weavers, a human family from New Jersey.  From there the families try to relate to each other as their relationships grow.  They begin to bond while dealing with the unknown and misunderstood behaviors of neighbors from a different race.

The pilot was a little shaky as most are, but it was still funny.  It was entertaining enough to make me watch it again the following week.  The second episode was out right funny…at times I actually laughed out loud.  Tonight’s show was even more hilarious.  Daddy and I laughed through the whole show.  I have to attribute a lot of those laughs to Jackie Joyner-Kersee played by Toks Olagundoye, the main female alien and Debbie Weaver, played by Jami Gertz, the female human.  Both women are great comedic actors.  If you can over look the awkward alien concept, the simple plots and just enjoy the plain, silly humor, then you might want to check this show out.  Maybe you already have.

The only bad thing about the show is my total enjoyment of it because that’s pretty much a death wish for any show!

Daddy Says… Dance Machine

If there’s one thing the Milk Monkey loves to do – it’s dance.  He can be in the middle of just about anything, but when the music comes on, it captures his attention immediately.  In fact, “The Wiggles” is one of our go to shows when the little guy is grumpy because they have so much music and it always gets him going.

Mummy took the below video at the Imageworks interactive play area in Epcot.

He can be an adventurous little one sometimes, climbing over and escaping from his play area.  He also loves to play and have fun with his big brother and sister.  But more than anything – he loves to dance.

The Gate Keeper…

In our house the Gate Keeper is none other than Daddy.  This evening he spent some time buying and arranging baby gates around the living room.

I know what you’re thinking…we live a thrilling life!

The Milk Monkey has become very efficient in escaping his designated play areas.  He’s a regular Houdini…but not as tall.

He climbs up on the couch and scales the credenza, slowly lowering himself on the outside of his approved perimeter, allowing him to scoot up the stairs.

Of course this means I have to stop what I’m doing and chase after him…not a big deal if it was once or twice, but when he does it over and over again it can be time consuming.  Daddy decided it was time to try opening up his play area again giving him more space.  He went out this evening and purchased two baby gates from the local Target store.

I still have no idea how he can go into Target and come out with only the items on his list!  It’s an amazing talent I wish to possess!


With a little creativity Daddy managed to section off the whole living room, blocking off the kitchen and the stairs.

Tomorrow will be the big test! Hopefully all goes well and our chubby, little Milk Monkey is happy and safe in his new found freedom.

The Plane Crash…

Last night I had a dream that I was on a plane.

It was a flight to raise money for a charity and I was with a childhood friend and her husband.

As we took off it was quickly evident we were going to crash as we started descending toward a deep, blue river.

I remember looking out the small window and thinking the scenery was so lush and beautiful.

I was in awe of the beauty the earth held, even during such a disastrous moment.

The whole time I whispered “Thank you Lord”, something I do in real life during the especially trying moments.

The ones where I have little control over, the moments where there is little time to form a complex sentence.

Some may call it a crutch but for me my trust in God empowers me, giving me the courage I need for the tough times.

Apparently, it even permeates my dreams.

As the plane descended to the river I was thankful it remained intact as we sliced through the cold liquid.  The water folding over the plane swallowing it whole.

Instead of panic, I was thankful the plane remained dry inside even though we were about 60 feet below the surface.

The plane eventually skidded to a halt ensnaring us in a tangle of steel from a sunken iron bridge.

I looked over to my childhood friend, gripping her hand and told her I loved her.  Of course she was strong, like she is in real life, she reassured me we’d be rescued and would see our children soon.

I knew I had to remain thankful for each small victory and not allow the overwhelming circumstance to let fear overcome me.

I was peaceful.

I woke up to complete clarity and I thought about my dream.

My first thought was to call my friend at a decent hour and warn her not to board a plane but that was the dark, middle of the night talking.

I’m not an Avionics Engineer.  I don’t know if it’s even possible for a plane to remain under water without the water seeping in.  I remained awake for quite a while trying to think of a way out of the situation in my dream.

In the end I knew forming a plan was completely unnecessary because I was safe in bed with the warmth of my little baby next to me, his sweet breath moist on my skin.

Still, the dream felt so real and I couldn’t help but compare it to my every day life.

So often I feel like I’m crashing towards the earth only to be engulfed by waves of life trying to drown me.

Sometimes stress may take over temporarily but overall I am winning.

I’m thankful for the little victories.

“Thank you Lord” remains on my lips.

We are home, we are safe.  My mother is good.

I have a lot of work to catch up on,

we have a lot of things that need to get done,

but we are good.

Thank you Lord!

Daddy says… Busy Days

Just a quick update tonight to let everyone know what’s going on.  We’re still in Canada and will be here for a little bit longer.  Mummy has been keeping busy helping her Mom recover from an unexpected surgery.  She’s also been assisting her Grandmother with Doctor visits etc while her Mom is out of commission.

The kids are enjoying it, they get to spend lots of time with their Canadian relatives.  The Milk Monkey has been having a lot of fun in particular.  The way Nana L’s place is set up, we just have to put a gate to keep him off the stairs, and one to keep him out of the kitchen – otherwise, he has the run of the downstairs.  He spends his time running around, playing with everything he can get his hands on and being cute for his Grandparents.

Nana L is recovering well and getting stronger everyday, which is great!  We figure if all goes well, we’ll head back to the states over the weekend.