Bath Towels for the Shower…

My little Princess experienced her first Shower this weekend.  I was getting myself ready when it dawned on me that she might enjoy going, so I called her over quietly and asked her.  She looked at me for a moment with an odd look on her face, then politely declined.  Going to the park was definitely more fun then having a shower!

We talked a little about what a Bridal Shower was, something I would never have thought to explain.  When we got to the “no boys allowed” part she was more than excited to go.  She carefully chose her own dress and planned how she wanted me to style her hair.  She even grabbed her little purse so she could be just like Mummy.  It was like going to a ball, or at least it was until she found out that our gift to the beautiful bride-to-be was a set of towels and a wash cloth –I’m seriously considering getting some for myself.  She was appalled and even a bit embarrassed!  The Mighty Princess insisted we buy something else instead, something better and prettier – an American Girl doll maybe?  I told her about the registry and how her soon-to-be Auntie had asked for the towels, so it was a gift that she would enjoy.  With a little hesitation she gave her consent but only after seeing the beautiful gift bag.

We had a wonderful time!  The Princess was a little social butterfly.  She enjoyed the punch and all the other child friendly beverages along with the various foods.  She was so fond of the desserts that she insisted I take a picture of them.


All the fun and excitement wore her out and she fell asleep on the way home while playing on her leap pad.  The next day, while talking to my father in law, I found out she had gone up to the bride-to-be after the gifts were opened and asked her if she really did like the towels only to find out they really were appreciated.  Then my Princess asked if she liked the gift bag also and again, that was met with praise.  To which the Princess replied, “Well then you should keep it!”

Daddy says… You Don’t Want to Know

When people ask what I do for work, I typically tell them “You don’t want to know”.  It’s not because it’s mysterious or dangerous, or even gross – it’s just that once I start explaining what it is I do, people start to get this glazed look in their eyes.  Even my wife can only take so much and halfway through a discussion of something from work, I can tell I’ve completely lost her interest.  She gets this distant look as if she’s thinking about pretty much anything apart from what I’m saying.  Sure, she tries to pretend she’s interested, but I can tell.

I should just make up some really interesting job, then change it every time someone different asks.

Me? Oh, I choreograph pyrotechnics for Rock concerts.

What’s that you ask?  Well, I calibrate and test roller coasters.

Oh, sure I could tell you what I do for work… but then I’m afraid I’d have to kill you.

But no – for now at least, I tell them that I put the fun in Fund Accounting and just leave it at that.  It may not be exciting or interesting, but it helps pay the bills for now.  One day in the not too distant future I’ll be able to answer with “Oh, I manage a website while I drive my family around North America”.

Now that’s interesting and exciting!

All I Want for Christmas is a Gift…and a Sister!


Every once in a while I experience a poignant “Mummy moment”.  It’s never during the times you would imagine.  It usually takes place during the most mundane moments, not during the milestones and it’s rarely life changing, but it’s beautiful and profoundly moving and it is the evidence that my life truly is amazing.

I had one of those moments tonight while folding laundry on my bed.  Daddy was playing guitar while he and the kids hung out in their room.  It’s one of the things they like to do before bed.  I was listening while trying to catch up on the never ending loads of wash.  The Professor started singing the Blues and it went something like this…

Santa comes down the chimney…

He puts the gifts under the tree…

I really hope…

He has a gift for me!

I want a gift!

I want a gift!

Don’t give me no coal…

Don’t give me no food…

I don’t want no wish…

I want a gift!

The Thomas the Tank Engine “Harold” helicopter was the microphone, the Light Saber was his mic stand and he was rocking the house with his Santa Blues!  I’m sure there have been many times I’ve been prouder but I just couldn’t recall any of them as I listened to him sing.

Earlier this evening our little Princess came to us with a request.  She decided she wanted a sister.  When I broke the news to her that it probably wasn’t going to happen, she didn’t take it very well…

She started crying big, crocodile tears, she pleaded, she demanded…she pleaded again.  We tried to explain to her that even if we did have another baby, we don’t get to choose if it’s a girl or boy.  It’s not like we can just order up a little girl and give it to our Princess to be her sister.  Eventually I was able to convince her that it’s nice that we’re the girls of the family and that we are blessed to have each other.

Her response was “Well then can I sleep in your bed?”

Return of the Screech Monkey….(said in a spooky voice).

It’s a good thing this baby is so cute!

The other day I wrote about how he was climbing now rather than screeching, well I think I spoke too soon.  He screeched all day today!  Forget water boarding, if you really want to torture someone, stick my little Milk Monkey in a room with them, they’ll tell you everything you want to know!  I feel like telling you all my deep, dark secrets right now!!  

I’ve been flat out exhausted for the past couple days now.  I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone think straight.  I have a lot less patience when I’m tired, so the screeching really struck a nerve (or two or three).  I was really happy when Daddy finally got home and took over with the baby.  My heart goes out to all the single mummy’s out there who don’t get the relief at the end of the day.  I have no idea how they do it!  I’m very thankful for a husband who takes such an active role in caring for our children.

The Little Princess’s face is improving bit by bit, every day.  I noticed today that her little eyebrow on the right side, now lifts as high as the left.  It’s so nice to see her face returning to the way it’s suppose to be.  Her right eye no longer has the vacant expressionless look to it, I can see the gleam returning.  The little Princess has an excellent smile – I think the word excellent was created just to describe it – I can’t wait to see both sides of her little mouth upturned into one of them!

Daddy says… Tug of war

It’s fun watching our little ones growing up.  It doesn’t seem like that long ago we were carrying the Milk Monkey everywhere, holding him close and feeding him his bottles.  Now he’s up and moving all over the place!  We’ve given up our living room and set up gates to try and keep him out of trouble.  But, of course, as Mummy posted here – he’s up and climbing on everything now!

Last night he managed to climb up onto the couch with his sister.  When her guard was down, he was able to grab hold of her beloved “Meow Meow” and the tug-of-war began.  Neither wanted to give it up!  The Milk Monkey has a pretty strong grip and seemed convinced it must be his, but the Princess was not going to give in without a fight either.

After a few minutes the Mighty Princess muscled “Meow Meow” aware from the little guy.  However, in retaliation, he pulled on her hair.

Yes, it doesn’t take long for those little babies to start growing up and developing personalities of their own, and it’s just amazing to watch them develop. The Professor is our little thinker, always asking questions.  The Princess is our kind hearted, yet tough-as-nails brave little girl. And the Milk Monkey – well, so far he’s our adventurous little daredevil, ready to climb up and over anything in his path!

Tearful Goodbyes and Encouraging Smiles…

After 5 weeks of visiting, Little Miss Fancy returned home with her parents Saturday morning.  There were lots of tears after she left and the house felt a bit empty, and a lot more quiet without her.  The quietness could partly be attributed to our own 3 children being exhausted from all the excitement and sight seeing of the past week.  I myself ended up drifting off on the couch Saturday only to wake up and stumble off to bed for another couple hours.  I’ve been fighting off a cold for the past couple days and it completely wiped me out Saturday.

Today we seemed to have a little more energy and spent it swimming in Papa’s pool – the water was so crisp and refreshing.  We bbq’d some chicken sausages and I made a salad and we had dinner at Papa’s by the pool.  It was relaxing.  It’s always nice visiting with Papa (my father in law), he’s fun, kind and tells great stories!  It was definitely a great way to end the weekend.


While we were packing up getting ready to leave, the Milk Monkey was trying to climb out of his stroller.  We’ve been having some climbing issues with him recently.  I had forgotten what it was like to have a toddler around.  Let me tell you, I’ve had a lot of reminders lately!  He’s climbing up on things constantly and yet, he refuses to walk.  He’s climbed both living room chairs, the little children’s chairs and he’s even climbed into the storage bin under the couch – he stayed in that one for about 45 mins just hanging out.  The climbing makes it hard to get anything done when he’s awake.  We’re forever having to rescue him!  I guess it could be worse, he could still be screeching!  Thank goodness he’s stopped the screeching!

The Little Princess is doing well.  I’ve noticed a tiny bit of improvement in her face.  Her little lips have started to slightly curl up again on the right side.  It’s a very small improvement but it’s extremely encouraging!  We went to the doctors visit this past Friday and the doctor confirmed we were given the right treatment at the hospital.  She’s getting the right antibiotics and the 3 weeks was the correct length of time.  I’ll be happy when this is all a distant memory behind us.  We will definitely be more vigilant checking for ticks!


Daddy says… Lyme Disease

So, the results are in – it’s definitely Lyme disease.  Some bug bit my little girl and made her sick!

Though I have to say, she has taken the whole thing very well.  She has been a real trooper.  Having had Bell’s Palsy myself when I was 16 I know how disconcerting it is.  It’s a very strange feeling to not have total control over your body, and even stranger still to not have control over your own face!  But the Princess has been amazing, in good spirits, laughing and having fun as if there was nothing different.

We have an appointment with the Pediatrician tomorrow, so we’ll see what they have to say there, but for now we will continue on with the antibiotics and keep doing whatever we can to make sure the Princess gets better.

The Girl With the Crooked Smile…

It’s been difficult to watch my beautiful, little girl express herself without moving one side of her face.  She’s such an animated child which only seems to emphasize the partial paralysis.   I know it’s only temporary and I keep telling myself that but it’s still hard sometimes.  I do have to say her little crooked smile is adorable!  For some reason she’s gained the funniest little giggle…it must have something to do with not being able to move one side of her mouth.  My little Princess has been a real trouper through the whole ordeal.  It hasn’t seemed to bother her at all and it’s definitely not stopped her from being her wonderfully goofy self, even when faced with some of the complications her condition has caused her.

On Monday we went into Boston.  We took the T (a train) in, which the children love to do.  As soon as we left South Station I noticed the Little Princess was having trouble with her eye on the non moving side of her face.  Tears were streaming from her eye and she kept rubbing it with her hand.  It was quite windy and I figured it was probably getting irritated from the wind and the inability to blink.  I gave her a napkin, wet down from water for her to hold.  Not only was the wind irritating but she couldn’t squint to keep the sun out, or close her eye lid when the wind blew wisps of her hair into it.   The Little Professor graciously gave his baseball cap to his sister to keep her hair away from her face and the sun shaded from her eyes.  Eventually we stumbled upon a sun glass booth in Quincy Market and bought her some sun glasses and she was good from then on.  I just wanted to scoop her up and shield her from everything but my Mighty Princess would have none of that…there was too much to do.

It’s been a busy past couple of days.  Miss Fancy’s parents, my aunt and uncle, arrived from Cincinnati to take her back home.  It’s so nice having family visit.  I don’t get to see these relatives very often, so when I do get some time with them I cherish it.  Thankfully, I get their company until Saturday and then they’ll return home, taking my sweet, little Miss Fancy with them.  I’m definitely going to miss her!!  Hopefully, she had enough fun to want to visit us again next summer!!



Daddy Says… The $100 sheet of stickers

Well, we had another visit to the emergency room yesterday.

During the afternoon, I noticed the Mighty Princess had a little funny smile on her face.  Not her usual cute little funny smile, but more of a crooked, lopsided smile.  I decided to keep an eye on her while she was playing, and noticed it seemed to be a consistent thing, so I decided to do a few little tests with her to see what was going on.  I had her give me the biggest smile she could, showing teeth and all – but only the left side of her face smiled.  Next, I had her blink as fast as she could, but it seemed her left eye was blinking a lot faster than her right, and at times the right eye didn’t fully close.  After a couple of more tests of scrunching her face, and closing her eyes as tight as she could I could see something was definitely wrong.

I knew right away that it was Bell’s Palsy. I had it myself when I was 16, so I was able to recognize it pretty quickly.  After a bit of online research, I found it was frequently linked with Lyme Disease. As you will recall, the Princess was in the hospital last week – well, at the time, one of the possibilities was Lyme Disease, but it was too early to test for it.  And seeing as she was feeling better on Friday, we just figured it was some sort of virus and that we were all done with it.

Think Again!

After the at home testing and online research, we called the Princess’ pediatrician’s office and the Dr. on call called us back.  She recommended we go to the hospital to have someone look her over.  So, after another trip to the hospital, the Doctors in the ER confirmed what I was thinking.  That it was most likely Lyme Disease from a tick bite. So they drew some blood for a test, gave the Princess some antibiotics and sent us on our way.  Usually they have a sticker to give the kids, but apparently the person who orders the rolls of stickers had not done so recently and the Nurse presented the Princess with a couple of selections of small sheets of stickers.  Our little girl picked the Tweety Bird sheet and we were out the door.  A one hundred dollar co-pay spent, and a sheet of stickers gained – along with a diagnosis and a prescription I suppose. 

The most important thing is that we have a plan of action to help our little one.  I know how strange the Bell’s Palsy can be – you can’t move one whole half of your face and it can be a bit unnerving. I was glad to hear that in most kids her age it goes away completely within 2-3 weeks.  So we’ll have her take the medicine and keep a close eye on her.

I can’t wait to see this little smile again