A Trailer-full….

I’m amazed at how much laundry we generate while camping!  Today we had to do laundry.  We held off as long as we could but we were at the end of wash cloths, towels and under clothes.   Everything gets so dirty very quickly.  I was hoping that some how camping in a trailer would help us avoid the dirt, but no such thing.  Most of the time we – and by we, I actually mean the kids – are filthy!  It just comes with the territory.

At the last campground it was all about the grass stains but here it’s sand, sand and more sand!  We just can’t seem to avoid it.  The kids love to jump in it and dig in it…I even caught the Princess burying her flip flops in it – thank goodness, they would have been impossible to find.

Nana L took the kids down to the beach while Mummy and Daddy had the fun job of hauling the laundry into town – the Milk Monkey came with us.  The kids changed into their bathing suits and waited patiently as little Miss Fancy (the name we’re trying out for our cousin as she takes so much care with how her clothes match.  There’s always a head band or hat that goes along too.  Soooo cute!) finished getting herself ready.  We all turned around to look as the trailer door was dramatically swung open and out came little Miss Fancy in her beautiful, little ruffled white bikini with a matching sunhat and earrings.  She looked like she was ready to sip pina coladas poolside at a 5 star tropical resort. Loved it!!!  She was 10 going on 18!  However, I explained to Miss Fancy that one trip down to the beach would wreck her beautiful bathing suit and promised we’d take her to a pool one day soon, where she could wear it without damaging it with sand particles caught in the fabric weave.  She agreed to put on an older bathing suit and then the kids were off to build sand castles.

Now as I write this our trailer is packed with sleeping family.  We have Daddy and Mummy, Nana L and our dear friend Baba (that’s what our children call her), the Milk Monkey, the Princess and the Little Professor, Miss Fancy and my brother Tim all sleeping in our trailer.  You would think with so many people we’d be completely full but no, we still have one more spot available, so if anyone wants to join us….   You’d have to be a little bit crazy!  Having all these visitors makes it feel more like camping and less like a roaming home.  Having more family around means more hugs for the kids, more love and more people to take them to the “other” park, the one that needs an adult accompanying them because we can’t see it from our site.  Having more family around means lots more love and fun!!


Bronte Creek Provincial Park….

Today we left Bronte Creek Provincial Park and headed off to the next campground on our agenda.  It was kind of nostalgic camping at Bronte after all the years I spent going there as a child.  Our visits were always day trip ones because way back then wasn’t a campground.


I’m so glad they added the camping!  I’m hoping we get to go back soon.  The kids had so much fun and the views were so beautiful.  I wish we could have spent more time there but I’m also excited to continue on with our adventure.  The days at Bronte went by quick because we spent so much time running around with all the celebrations going on.  We did manage to hop over to the “day use” side of Bronte and the kids had a chance to experience the “play barn”.  Being there brought back so many great childhood memories.

Yesterday my little cousin officially joined our family for the following month – cute name for her to follow!  I’m surprised at how well she has fit in to our family.   I thought for sure our gang would have driven her crazy by now, making her regret her decision to spend the next 4 weeks with us but she’s already very comfortable and thoroughly enjoying herself!  She’s super helpful and I’m already beginning to wish she’d never leave!!!

Something exciting we saw today…a turtle getting ready to lay eggs.  We never actually saw her lay the eggs.  She was getting scared with so many people watching her.  We took a few pictures and waited, then decided to give her some privacy.  All the kids really thought it was cool to be able to be so close to the turtle.


Four Feet too Short….

We made it to Canada without any major issues – yay!  We were able to get on the road by 2:30am and arrived at the campground around 1:30pm.  We set up the trailer only to find the electric hook up was over 50 feet away.  We had a long 15 amp extension cord that we were able to hook up to using our adapter, however as soon as we turned on the air conditioner it blew the circuit.

Going without A/C was not an option – it was a sauna in the trailer.

We had to find a 30amp extension cord – apparently not an easy task!  We eventually found one at an RV dealership.  As it turns out they are not only hard to find but are fairly expensive too – and by fairly I mean very!  We opted for the 25foot one for $75, rather than the 50foot one for $140.  When we got back to the campsite and hooked it up we found out it was about 4feet too short.  No biggie, we figured we’d just move the trailer up a couple feet, except that it turned out we had blown a fuse too and couldn’t lower the hitch.  So back in the truck we climbed and off we went in search of a fuse.  It was around 9pm by the time we finally got everything working properly and in the right place!  By that point we had spent about 19 hours in the truck and we were all a little punchy.

It could only get better from there and it did.  We had a wonderful time with friends and family at the Milk Monkey’s baby dedication.  It was so nice to be able to share that day with everyone.  The next day we celebrated the Princess’s 5th birthday and the Milk Monkey’s 1st birthday with all our friends and family too.  It was a great weekend…I’m so thankful to everyone who took the time to be with us during this special weekend.  We thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone!  I wish we could do that more often!

We put the extra big sink in the trailer to good use!

Daddy Says… The Milk Monkey turns one.

Today the Milk Monkey turned 1 year old, and of course we celebrated in our favorite way – camping! It’s amazing how quickly the year has passed. Our little guy has grown so much.

We took the trailer on our first really long haul, and after a long weekend of fun and adventure we are all exhausted. This post is being emailed in, so hopefully it gets through ok! Once we are able to secure an Internet connection for the computer, we’ll have a lot more stories to share.

Until then – Happy Birthday Milk Monkey!!!

The Milk Monkey enjoying a birthday dinner of smoked ribs ala Honestly Daddy.

The Night Before Canada…

I’m exhausted!

If you ever want a good work out, spend the day packing a trailer!!  My body hurts all over…especially my legs!  That first step up to the trailer is so high, it’s like a lunge every time.

We had most of the trailer packed and ready to go, but there’s always the last few things…which turn into a few more things and even a few more.

Now, we are packed!

Since we’re leaving in the middle of the night, we decided to sleep the first part of the night in the trailer, that way we don’t have to bring all our bedding out at 2am.  We really, really need to get bedding and pillows just for the trailer!!  At the moment everyone is asleep except me.  Daddy went to sleep at 8, so that he’ll be rested while driving through the night.  On a long trip like this – 9 to 10 hours – we try to do a good portion of it during the night so the kids can sleep.  That way we don’t have to stop as often.

I really enjoy long trips in the car, especially with my wonderful husband.  We talk and laugh – it’s usually the gasping for breath with tears rolling down my cheeks kind of laughing.  We eat sandwiches and snacks and drink coffee.  While the kids are sleeping we quietly listen to music, usually something that my amazingly patient husband has to suffer through – this time it’ll be songs from the show Smash…yay!!  I usually end up playing a game or two on my laptop, read my kindle and I always, always spend time texting my friend Superwomen!!! She’s the best!  

What I do not do is drive.  That’s better left to Daddy.  He prefers to do it, I prefer to let him – especially now with the trailer.

I look forward to the long drives, especially the ones to Canada!  It’s always a nice feeling knowing that I’m heading home to see my friends and family.  This time is even more special because we are having the Milk Monkey’s baby dedication.  I have family travelling from all over so they can attend.  It’ll be so nice to see everyone.  I’m so excited!!!

I guess I should try to get a little sleep before we leave!

Daddy Says… It’s all in the preparation

Our house is in prep mode.  We have a trip planned to Canada in two days and we are all working to get the trailer packed, the house tidied up and everything ready.  There’s always a long list of things to bring with us, but now it’s a little longer as we have a trailer to prepare (and store things in!).


On top of that, we’re going to be bringing home a visitor! Mummy’s 10 year old cousin is going to be coming home with us to stay for a month during her summer vacation.  The kids are pretty excited about it as they don’t see her very often. It will be fun to have another person in the house, especially someone the kids will have a lot of fun with.

Of course, all this prep work can add to the stress level here as well.  Sometimes Mummy or I get a bit frazzled with everything going on, but we know that once we’re on the road – all that stress just melts away. It’ll be a long drive too, with a big trailer – our longest haul with the trailer so far – but it will also be a fun adventure.  And at the end of the journey, there will be all sorts of friends and family to visit, a baby dedication and two birthdays to celebrate.  But even better than that – there will be lots and lots of family camping time together.

And that’s what makes the work worthwhile.

It’s Finally Finished!!!

After weeks and weeks of endless sewing I have finally finished the quilt for my Princess!

I’m pleased with how it turned out.

It’s not perfect,

but it’s beautiful!

What I really love about it is that I finished it.  Lack of follow through has always been one of my flaws.  I start many projects but I rarely finish them.  I tend to lose interest before I get to the end.  As I get older – or as I like to call it…more mature – I’m learning the importance of finishing things to the end.

It turns out, finished projects are much more beautiful than the unfinished ones.

I really enjoyed sewing it, I just didn’t enjoy the looming deadline.  A month is not enough time to complete a quilt that size.

I’m so happy with how it turned out…the colours, the pattern and even how it has the wrinkly quilt look to it.

My sweet little Princess is going to love it!  I can’t wait to see her expression when she sees it.


Soon, I will start picking out fabric and a design for my next quilt.  I’ll be making it for my Little Professor, for Christmas – months and months  from now!

Soccer Pics and Solar Panels…

Our weekend went like this…

Saturday morning the kids had soccer pictures so they had to be at the field half an hour earlier than usual looking their best.  The Little Professor and I had been talking about cutting his hair, it had grown too long and he doesn’t like it when I style it for him.

He says I make it stick up too high.

I say it sticks up because it’s too long.

We both agree keeping it short is the way to go.

We decided to cut it last minute, so that put us behind in our schedule.  With a lot of rushing we were able to make it to the field on time.  I gave strict warnings not to get dirty.

No running around and no digging in the dirt…just stay clean until the pictures are taken!

That didn’t last long…the Princess was all over the place, rolling around in the grass and digging in the dirt.  When I reminded her of the no dirt rule she responded…”It’s not dirt Mummy, it’s sand!”  Then the Professor came running over with pieces of grass all over him, all sweaty and flushed and something on his shirt.  Apparently, one of the other boys was throwing grass and a blade landed in his mouth which made him throw up…on his shirt.   I guess all those times I told him not to put grass in his mouth because dogs pee on it really made an impression on him.  Thank goodness for baby wipes!!!

I managed to get both of them clean and you can’t even tell in the pictures.


The rest of Saturday and most of Sunday was spent shopping and packing for our first big vacation with the trailer.  We’ll be driving all the way to Canada (10 hours) for the Milk Monkey’s baby dedication.  There was a lot of eye rolling and sighing going on at the stores.  It makes for a very distracting shopping trip and as a result we ended up going to 3 different Walmarts in one weekend.  Not fun!  One of those times we came across a travel trailer in the parking lot.  The owners had unhooked it and were off somewhere.  It had what looked like a solar panel propped up on the ground charging the battery.  Super cool!!!  It left us full of questions.  Did Walmart mind that they had unhooked and left it unattended?  I wonder why they did that?  Where did they get the cool solar panel?

I needed to know!

So I found a scrap of paper and left them a little note and put my email address on it.  We tucked it into the door handle to their trailer.  I don’t know if they’ll get it, they should, and if they do I’m not sure if they’ll email us back but it was worth a try!  If they do, I’ll let you know!

Later…back at the trailer…


We started packing our things.  I also put down some of that rubbery shelf lining to try to keep things from moving while the trailer is on the move.  Meanwhile, Daddy un-boxed his new smoker/bbq –it was a late birthday gift– for travelling.  It turns out it’s too big to fit in the storage compartment of the trailer.  That won’t stop him!  He’ll find a place for it.  He’s pretty excited to smoke something…I think it’ll be ribs first!

Daddy says… Sci Fi Fun

I guess I have to say it, we’re a family of sci-fi fans.

It’s hard to find a good show where Mummy and I can just sit and relax together without it either being about a hospital, a police precinct, or a group of forensic investigators, but a good sci-fi show always does the trick.  Of course, for some reason it seems that every time a good one comes along, it gets cancelled.


However, every now and then we manage to find one we really like (that doesn’t get cancelled!) and we spend hours side by side watching and waiting for the next good twist in the story.  We found one of our favorites after the series had already completed it’s 4 season run – Battlestar Gallactica.  We borrowed the full seasons on DVD from our local library and would spend late nights together, watching and talking about the various twists and turns in the story. And while we would wait for the next season to arrive, we would discuss who we thought was secretly a Cylon, and why (frakkin toasters!).  I have to say, Mummy knows her sci-fi and was right more often than not…

Interestingly enough, it seems we’ve passed our love for science fiction on to our kids!  The little Professor has been a fan of all things Star Wars since he first encountered the series, and even the Mighty Princess enjoys it. Whenever they are running around with their lightsabers playing Star Wars, she pretends she’s her favorite Jedi, Ahsoka Tano.

Through the countless hours Mummy and I have spent together, not only watching, but talking about our favorite shows and the playful adventures with our kids – I’ve come to realize that while science fiction is a lot of fun and can be a great source of entertainment, my favorite part of all is that it brings my family together for something we all enjoy.

Live long and prosper!