Squishy Baff Anyone?

The other day I came across something that I just couldn’t resist buying for the kids – Squishy Baff.  I had heard about it on the View and the package looked so much fun, that I decided to grab a box and surprise the kids.  I ran the bath Saturday night and poured the powder in, following the instructions that came with it.  I immediately recognized exactly what it was I was dealing with.  Squishy Baff and I had met once before, long ago when the Professor and the Princess where both very little – the days I barely survived.  I remember that day clearly.  I was doing a load of laundry, one of many and somehow a diaper made it’s way in – don’t worry, it was a clean one.  As I’m sure all of you with kids know, diapers and water do not mix.  Given enough water they swell up until they pop and a very Squishy, gel like substance springs forth clinging to anything it comes into contact with.  Had I known then what I know now, I would have scooped up that gelatinous gold and thrown it in the bath!  I would have given it a cute little name and laughed all the way to the bank, instead of crying in exhaustion about another mess I’d have to clean up that day!

As I watched the pink water thicken with diaper gel, I was pretty excited to see the kids reactions.  They kept pounding on the bathroom door inquiring about the surprise.  I would open the door just enough to poke my head out and shout “NO” with some funny made up accent.  This of course sent the kids into hysterics, adding to the build up of a super surprise.  Finally I let them in and flung back the bath curtain waiting for their shouts of joy…and waited, and waited.  It was like they immediately knew I was trying to pass off a bathtub full of diaper gel as a fun experience and trying to hide that fact by dying it pink – after all who would want to sit in a warm bath of plain, old diaper gel.  The Professors first question to me was “Can we just have a regular bath?” but after a little coaxing they both reluctantly climbed in.

In the end the Princess loved it, she squished around in it gleefully while the Professor never did quite get past the feeling of it.  It was just too weird and gross for him.  I personally thought it felt fantastic.  I kept putting my hands in it, slowly making my way up to my elbows.  The Professor did not stick around for long, he’d had quite enough after a couple minutes.  After a lot of looking deep into their eyes, down to the debts of their souls to find out the truth – had anyone peed in the bath??! – I decided to give it a quick try myself.  It was wonderful!  It felt like a zillion lovely little jellyfish were giving me tiny warm hugs.  It was comfortable and relaxing and I would never have guessed that I would enjoy being submerged in diaper gel, even dyed pink.

A couple things I should warm you about Squishy Baff

 It says that a box will give you two baths – it won’t, unless you don’t mind baths that are ankle deep.  Be prepared to use both packages.

You really need to sprinkle the power and quickly start mixing it around or it will clump.  Ours clumped a little but it eventually…mostly broke down.

It takes a good 10 minutes to actually get the full effect, so run your water slightly warmer than your children usually like it, so that when they do get in, it’s still nice and warm.

IT IS MESSY! – Picture worst case scenario messy, me crying beside the dryer messy, little bits of gel everywhere messy and then multiply that by 10!  I cleaned it up the best I could and there were still little bits of gel here and there when I was done, however the next morning I didn’t see any gel.  Does it dry up?  Do the diaper gel fairies come to collect it for all the little babies out there?  I don’t know and honestly, I don’t care…it’s gone!

It is slippery!  Dangerously, slippery!  Do not allow your children to stand in the tub at all once they are in.  Help them get in and out.  Seriously, I almost wiped out myself – not exactly how I’d want a paramedic to find me.

I’ve read reviews where the dissolving powder, which turns out is salt, doesn’t work and it’s clogged their drains to the point of having to bring a plummer in.  Had I read the reviews before I tried it I probably would never have bought it, however it dissolved well for us.  The only thing I can think of is I added fresh hot water to the tub before putting the salt in and in about 10 minutes it had almost completely turned back to liquid.  I thought I noticed the tub draining slower tonight –it was probably my imagination – so I added some salt to the draining bath water and that seemed to help – again probably my imagination.

All in all it was a fun experience.  I don’t think we’ll do it again anytime soon.  It’s a bit expensive and kind of a pain in the butt, but totally worth it for a fun, crazy bath night.  Next time, I might just have to buy it for myself and hide it from the kids!!

A Mother is a Mother is a Mother….

This morning I came across a news story that made me cringe.  It didn’t take long to realize that it was one of the main stories for the day.  I’m talking about the comments Hilary Rosen made towards Ann Romney and the reaction it’s caused with both working and stay at home mothers.  In case you do not read or watch the news, Rosen, referring to Mitt Romney said “Guess what? His wife has actually never worked a day in her life.”  She continued by saying Ann Romney had “never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing, in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school, and why do we worry about their future.”

My first thought was “Did she really just say that??!!”, and then my second reaction was “Wow, that was pretty offensive!”.  Then I had some coffee and thought really hard about it and here’s what I decided.  She probably wasn’t attacking stay at home moms but rather “rich” stay at home moms.  She most certainly couldn’t have been referring to me, because I’m actually a Work From Home Mom who is also Homeschooling – pheeeew!  She most certainly isn’t talking about the Stay At Home Mom who works part time on the weekends because they actually have worked a day in their life, just not a week day.  Did she only mean the mothers who work that make little money?  Or do the mothers who are financially well off qualify as well?  Oh and by the way…do rich mothers not worry about their children’s futures?

Why are we as women so quick to disqualify each others opinions, choices and experiences?  We may be on different paths in our lives but aren’t we all working towards a common goal?  To give our children the best life possible and help them navigate through this complicated world?  It seems to be that once we find out we’re pregnant the war begins.  It’s c-section vs. natural birth, bottle feeding vs. breastfeeding, cosleeping vs. ferberizing and on and on it goes.  Imagine a world where we all just support each other regardless of our personal, parenting choices.  We stand beside each other, giving one another support.  Let’s not assume the Stay At Home Mom, sits around eating bon bons watching soaps all day completely oblivious to the economic climate out in the “real” world.  In turn, let’s not judge the working mother as someone who is never there for her children because she only puts her career first.  Instead lets raise our daughters to embrace each other and encourage each other through our own example.  I’d like to think we have evolved enough as women to be able to choose to stay at home if we can without making it sound like we’re settling or giving up our hard earned feminist power.

I know women of all walks of life can get along just fine. My dearest friend and I are complete opposites.  She is my South and I am her North – seriously though, she lives down south and I live more north!  She is my Ying and I am her Yang!  We could not have more different opinions on things if we tried, yet she is one of my favourite people in the whole world.  So in honor of my “Why can’t we all just get along?” post I’ve decided to interview her.  Names have been changed in order to protect the innocent!

Wonder Woman With her Children

Hello Wonder Woman, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions….

HonestlyMummy: What are your goals as a mother for your raising your children?

Wonder Woman:  My goals are currently under revision.  Of course, when  they are born, the goal is always that they “are happy”.  Generic…but a goal.  As they get older and start to show a very strong personality, the goals narrow a little.  The “be happy” goal never goes away but you want them to be happy while they are being the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. 


HonestlyMummy: What would your reaction be if your daughter decided to be a Stay At Home Mom when she grew up?

Wonder Woman:  I would support her 5000% if it was what she wanted to do.


HonestlyMummy: What do you think a Stay At Home Mom does all day?

Wonder Woman:  HA, what doesn’t a stay at home mom do???  A stay at home mom does the job that most of us “professionals” do ALL DAY EVERYDAY and still manages to be a MOM 100% of the time!  They do it without a lot of adult interaction throughout the day to keep them sane!! 


HonestlyMummy: How do you feel about what Hilary Rosen had to say regarding Ann Romney’s life choice?

Wonder Woman:  To an extent, I think it’s actually a political ploy to get attention by both sides.  I tend to ignore most of that nonsense because it’s not an actual issue.  It’s unfortunate and it make me sad to think there is such a strong judgement for women in both situations. 


HonestlyMummy: Do you think a Stay At Home Mom understands the economic situation today as much as a Mom who has a full time career?

Wonder Woman:  I think it’s 50/50.  I would say the same for working moms.  I’m a professional working woman who absolutely hides her head in the sand.  I hate to admit it but I guarantee you 50% of the stay at home moms out there have MUCH more of a grasp on current economic situations.  It has nothing to do with where I spend my days.


HonestlyMummy: Please give a short description of an average day for you.

Wonder Woman: Today: Wake up at 4 am, get kids and husband ready for school (lunches, clothes, soccer gear for practice after school, clean the kitchen, fold 2 loads of laundry, wake the kids up, wake them up again….and again, cook the chicken for your husbands lunch as it was too loud to do the night before because he was podcasting his psychology lectures for the next day….

friends drop off their 6 year old because I take her to school because they have to be to work by 6:30 am and before school child care doesn’t open until 7 am. Feed her breakfast, get the kids finally ready with teethbrushing and hair fixing

Leave the house at 7 am

Get to work at 8 am

Work a dizzy day with more responsibility than I have time to include

Husband (amazing, hard working husband) picks up kids from school

I try to get off by 6 most days so I can RUSH to soccer practice or soccer games, depending on the night get home at 8 pm, kids shower while I make dinner, feed them dinner, they fall asleep immediately…then it’s time for me to fold another 2 loads of laundry, clean up after dinner, attempt to spend 10 minutes talking to my husband and make sure homework is organized to turn in the next day


HonestlyMummy:  How do you fit all your work responsibilities and mom responsibilities into one day?

Wonder Woman:  HA!  I don’t!!!  and then I email my closest friend (she’s a very honest mummy) and let her know I feel like a failure and she loves me anyway


HonestlyMummy:  If you had one thing to say to all the other mothers out there what would it be?

Wonder Woman: If you’re trying your hardest and keeping your kids at the front of your decisions….you’re doing the right thing.




How the Trailer Came About…

Trailer post 6

In the few times we’ve been camping we have had a lot of people compliment us on our trailer.  So many have stopped by our site to ask about all the features.  It gets me giddy every time!  We spent many years researching which RV we wanted to buy, a lot of thought and effort was put into our decision, so when more seasoned campers appreciate those very features, it feels like a big pat on our backs.

Today I’m going to take you on a pictorial tour of our trailer and explain a little about how we went about buying it.  Hopefully, I’ll light a tiny little fire in the hearts of some of  you out there and for others make a dream a little more realistic.

I grew up doing a lot of camping.  When I was really little my parents would take us camping in a tent.  Eventually my mother must have come to the same decision as myself and realized camping would be much more relaxing in a trailer.  I’m not sure exactly how it came about but my parents bought a little travel trailer.  I only vaguely remember it but those few, foggy memories are fond ones.  It had bunks and and a little sink and a tiny little bathroom we never used.  I’m not sure how many years we had it for but eventually my parents sold it.  Eventually my parents bought a tent trailer (pop-up trailer).  This time there wasn’t a bathroom at all, but the beds were big and comfy and there was a lot more space then the tiny trailer.  It was a very cozy way to camp.

To be honest, I don’t even remember when Daddy and I started thinking about getting some sort of RV.  I think it just gradually came to us around the same time we were thinking about homeschooling.  The idea of taking the children on the road for some hands on learning really appealed to us.  At first it was a just one of those “If only…” dreams.  We would talk about it a lot, but it was always far off in the distance.  It was around the time when we were in the process of trading in our Civic, for a minivan, and that in itself was a huge stretch on our budget.  We would spend time daydreaming together about all the wonderful adventures we’d have in our RV one day.  By that point we knew it would happen, it was just way off in the future. I never want to forgot those moments because the “One day, when we…” dreams are so sweet and yummy.  I want to hold on to them forever and watch as they take fruition in our lives!

As it turned, way off in the future was a lot closer than we could have imagined.  On a whim, we decided to stop by a Fifth Wheel dealership and look around.  We still weren’t sure about all the different types of RV’s available but we did know about Fifth Wheels and they were definitely not something we were planning to get, or at least that was how we felt until we actually toured one.  We were blown away by all the space and comforts!  Wow, we fell in love instantly and decided a Fifth Wheel was exactly what we needed!  We were also impressed with the price tag too.  It was still way out of budget, but it did bring our dreams a little closer.  As it turned out there was an RV show going on and the sales people gave us free tickets to go check it out.  So we did.   That was the beginning of our journey in making our dreams a reality.  That day we also decided we definitely wanted a Motorhome and a C-Class, and a Travel Trailer, our decision kept changing with every new RV we walked through.

If you are interested in purchasing an RV, I highly recommend going to an RV show.  If you are not interested in buying an RV, I still highly recommend going to an RV show!  It’s an incredible experience.  There are so many types of RV’s out there – seriously, there’s something for everyone!  We go every year now and it’s the shows that helped us to decided on which RV we wanted to buy.

One of the main things we needed to consider was whether we wanted a motorized RV or a towable one, both have their own pros and cons.  We eventually decided on a towable.  The first thing we had to consider was the vehicle we planned on using to pull the trailer.  That was one of our biggest obstacles.  We had a minivan at the time with a towing capacity of 3,800 lbs which didn’t leave us with many options when we applied our wish list.  After a lot of consideration we decided to buy a new vehicle that would pull the type of trailer we were looking for.  We debated on getting a pick up truck so we could get a Fifth Wheel but the problem with that, is that we keep having more and more babies!  We would be at full capacity already, so we decided on an Expedition which meant we were looking at a travel trailer.

One bit of valuable advice a sales guy gave us, was to take our maximum tow weight for our vehicle and then subtract at least 2,000lbs from it and that’s the dry weight limit of the trailer we should look at.  So even though we bought a new vehicle, we were still limited by weight.  Our trailer is called a Light Weight Trailer – they are making more and more of them.  At that point it was just a matter of choosing the features we wanted in the trailer…this is where it gets fun!  We knew we’d need a lot of sleeping space – to fit our many babies in – and one thing I absolutely did not want is to have to constantly pull out a couch or put down a table to make beds every night!  I wanted permanent beds for each child to sleep in and I wanted them contained to their own space – children can be messy, especially while camping.  If yours are not, good for you, but I think you might be lying!

 Trailer post 3    Trailer post 8

Can you tell which is the before and which is the after picture? 

The more we looked at different styles of trailers the more we knew what we wanted and, in turn, didn’t want.  Some of the features we really liked were the little tub in the bathroom to bathe the baby, the big kitchen sink to fill a pot in and the swivel tv that can be watched from the living room or from our bed.  Don’t judge me – sometimes it’s nice to have the option to watch a movie in bed, even while camping!  We also wanted slides, they add so much extra room and take away from the cramped trailer feel.

      Trailer post 5

 Trailer post 2

Trailer post 7

Then there were the two features I absolutely fell in love with!!!  First was the door in the bathroom leading to the outside.  To me this meant not having to sacrifice dirt or sand throughout the trailer just so we didn’t have to walk the children back and forth to the restrooms 50 times a day!  They could just go in and out of our bathroom as many times as needed and never set foot in the rest of the trailer!  I would love to thank the genius who came up with that floor plan!!!  Who ever it was, they were obviously a parent!

Which brings me to my all time favourite part of our trailer.  It’s the thing we have gotten most comments on during our two camping trips so far and has attracted more campers to our trailer than a fat kid to a smartie.  It’s the absolute must have for anyone who has kids and for anyone who doesn’t.  It’s the outdoor kitchen!!!  I knew I really wanted one but I had my doubts about how useful it was going to be.  I secretly thought it might be redundant and that I was just wanting it because it was cool and the “in” thing for trailers right now.  I honestly have to say it’s the best thing in the trailer.  We do all our cooking outside and it’s just a matter of lifting up the flap to open it up and then when we leave the campsite, down goes the flap and the kitchen is closed!  There’s a small fridge, a stove that pulls out, storage and even a little sink.  It also has a tv that swivels from the kid’s bedroom to the outside kitchen!  Don’t judge!!!

Trailer post 1

So there you have it, how we came about our trailer.  So far it’s been wonderful and we’ve barely even started.  I couldn’t be more pleased about our final decision.  It may have taken a lot of research and a fair amount of patience but the outcome couldn’t have been more amazing!






Daddy says… 40

So it’s happened, no going back now – I’ve hit 40.  I can remember a time in my life when 30 seemed so far away, but now here I am in my forties!  No big deal I guess – as it turns out, I’m just one week older than I was last week.

So, how did we celebrate this amazing achievement? A wild night on the town? A big raucous party with friends and family?  Nope – I spent it with my favorite people, doing my favorite things.  I had an incredible weekend with my wife and kids, camping in our new trailer!  We cooked steaks on the barbeque for dinner, had a great dessert and spent some time together as a family. A little later on we went swimming in the indoor pool at the campgrounds and even managed to get some Mummy & Daddy time relaxing in the hot tub.  Of course, we had to give up Mummy’s iPhone as a distraction for the Little Professor & the Mighty Princess, but it was nice to have that quiet time.

The rest of the weekend was just as relaxing.  We spent time sitting by the fire –

with a bite to eat-

And having fun at the playground –


All in all – it was the best birthday so far!

Milestones and Mishaps

We had a wonderful weekend on our camping trip back at Normandy Farms.  Friday we celebrated Daddy’s 40th birthday in camping style with a roaring campfire, a steak dinner and squares of our favourite carrot cake from Konditor Meister.  Having a whole cake would have been much too tempting to have around!!!  

As we were relaxing by the fire a young park ranger pulled up.  At first we were concerned our fire was roaring just a little too much! Instead the obviously embarrassed ranger awkwardly stumbled over with a bouquet of balloons and a birthday greeting for Daddy.  We were surprised since the Little Professor had only mentioned Daddy’s 40th in passing, while we were buying ketchup at the camp store the day before.  They had taken note of it and sent the balloons!

It was a wonderful way to celebrate a 40th birthday, however the weekend was not without incidences.

Mishap #1 – The Princess decided it would be fun to stick a rubber band down the heating vent, which happens to be screwed on.  With the very low temperatures during the night we knew we’d be cranking the heat and weren’t particularly fond of the thought of burnt rubber smell wafting through the trailer.  It made us realize we need to put together a small tool kit to bring with us and thus the list of “Things We Need for the Trailer” began.  As it turned out Daddy had a Swiss Army Tool of sorts and it had the screw driver head that was needed.  Thank goodness for the small things that just happen to come in handy when you least expect it!  Daddy and the Princess worked together to remove the heating vent cover and retrieve the rubber band, only to watch the Milk Monkey baby puke into it later on in the day!  Ewww!  Another smell we wanted to avoid heating!  Don’t worry I won’t show you a picture of that!!


Mishap #2 – Saturday morning we woke up to find that something had gotten into our garbage. You’d think we would have known that leaving the garbage out overnight is just asking for a critter to come rummage through it.  I am absolutely convinced that if we had been camping in a tent we would never have made such a rookie mistake.  Being in the trailer has given us a sense of safety from all animals and the thought of ridding our site from any food, even the tossed kind didn’t even occur to us.  I’m not sure what our excuse was for leaving it out the following night also! <- Not proud of that moment at all!

Mishap #3 –  Of all the little things that went wrong, nothing compared to what we were greeted with Sunday morning.  The thought of it brought to reality that we are so very blessed to have God’s protection.  Each night we brought everything close to the trailer to keep under the awning in case of rain.  We ended up leaning a chair against something that has to do with the heater – I’m still not exactly sure what it is, but I think it might be where the pilot light is for the propane furnace.  It looks like this…


and it did this to the chair….



Thank goodness that’s all it did!  We definitely won’t be leaning anything else against that in the future!

Aside from all the various mishaps, we had a blast!  Another amazing weekend to remember for a long, long time!!




Happy Easter!

This year our Easter was completely different than any other Easter we’ve ever celebrated.  We didn’t do the big Easter breakfast, or the big Easter dinner and the Easter bunny came to our trailer a few days early…which lead to a lot of speculation as to whether the kids would be able to hunt him down.  They left carrots out and various veggies, hoping to catch him in a snack.

Mummy and Daddy kept spying the Easter Bunny but he was super quick and the kids were just not able to see him in time, however they did find many clues of his presence.

Those carrots and veggies did eventually get eaten, in fact one carrot was found the following morning with rabbit bites in it…made by a real rabbit to everyone’s surprise!  There were also little gifts of books and chocolates left in a basket.  It was a lot of innocent bunny fun!

Then there was this morning, my favourite part of all.  The kids climbed into bed with Mummy and we snuggled and talked about the real reason we celebrate Easter.  We talked about how Jesus died on the cross for us so that we can have our relationship with God.  That he rose again so we can be with God in heaven one day but also just as important, that we can be with Him now!  For all the fun that the bunny brought us this weekend we are so very well aware that there would be no fun, no smiles, no reason to live without out our beloved Lord and Savior!  So yes, my favourite part of the whole “Easter” weekend was watching my children with their big, wide eyes and happy smiles as they listened to the wonderful Word of God!

1 Peter 1:3
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…

The Road is Calling…

Last night Daddy and I made a last minute decision to leave a day early for our camping trip.  This weekend is Daddy’s big 4-0 birthday –yes, I am married to an older man – and he wanted to celebrate it in our new favourite home away from home – the trailer!  We’re suppose to leave on Friday but decided we just couldn’t wait anymore, we are leaving today.

The road is calling us!

We’re not even sure which campground we’re going to yet!

We have a site booked for Friday and Saturday night but it’s not available for tonight  –Who knew the Thursday night before Easter would be so busy?! – so we might spend tonight at a different campground altogether.   We just don’t know yet and I kind of like it that way.  We are free to roam where we choose, giving ourselves permission to be spontaneous and not held back by something so pesky as a reservation!  Ok, I realize it’s only for one night, but baby steps….tiny, little baby steps…

Of course this freedom comes at a price…we are not nearly as organized as I would like to be.  We spent last night running around doing last minute shopping and packing – yuck, I hate packing!  We really need to get the trailer fully stocked so I don’t have to pack so much.  We haven’t even gotten anything for Easter.  It looks like this year it’ll be hot dogs over the campfire for Easter Dinner.

Today is our adventure!

Daddy says… Oh the places we’ ll go

One of the things our family really wants to do is travel.  There are so many amazing places in North America that we’d love the kids to see – and to see ourselves!  One of our favorite places is of course – Disney! We’re pretty excited as we have begun planning a trip to Disney in the fall.  There are so many fun things to do, cool sights to see and good times to be had as a family, that always puts Disney at the top of our list.


But we also have plans for long-term camping, travelling North america and seeing some amazing places.  We feel there are so many awesome opportunities for the kids to learn, grow and experience the world around us hands on.  And homeschooling really gives us the freedom to do it!  We can travel and give the kids that first hand, life experience education while they also get the classic reading, writing and arithmetic education in a one on one environment.

Just a few places I’d love to be able to bring the kids:

     Yoho National Park – Canadian Rockies


Monument Valley – Utah

Cape Breton – Nova Scotia

 There are just so many different places to go and see, from beautiful natural vistas, to important historical sites, incredible museums and all sorts of national monuments.  There are so many amazing experiences just waiting to be had, and I’m excited to enjoy them with my family.

No Summer For You!


Exciting news flash!! The Little Professor is just a few weeks away from finishing Grade 2.  He’s been a busy little bee working hard in all his subjects.  We’ve all been cheering him on as he posts his stars to the chart that records his progress.  He’s super excited for his week break before continuing on with Grade 3.

I can practically hear the gasps coming through the computer!

What a task master HonestlyMummy is!  Doesn’t the Little Professor and the Princess get the summer off for vacation?”  

The answer to that is a firm and confident “no”.  In our house we have chosen to Year Round Educate.  When I tell people this I get a lot of disapproving looks and a few “well meaning” comments about over working my children.  Thankfully, the Professor has never been within ear shot or he’d be right there agreeing, hoping for some sympathy.  He never misses a chance to complain about his grueling work load and yet, his next sentence is usually about how easy his school is.  Six year old boys can be so fickle.

He has no idea what it’s like to wake up early for school, spend the whole day in a classroom, only to return with homework.  That’s not to say he doesn’t work hard, but while most other children are still sitting at a desk in the afternoons, my darling and sometimes dramatic son is packing up, finished for the day.  In the mornings, when he is doing school work, it’s usually at the kitchen table in the sunlight, or in the warmer seasons, out on the back patio under the shade of the tented gazebo.  One of these days he’ll be taking his school work on the road, sitting outside the trailer at the campgrounds.  Hardly, the picture of an overworked, stressed out child.

Homeschooling all year round is like having our cake and eating it too. (Mmm…cake!)  How is that, you ask?  Well, here are a couple reasons why we Year Round Educate…

  • We never have to review things we learned the year before – we never actually stop learning new things.
  • We can take more frequent breaks throughout the year in order to refresh and rejuvenate
  • We can get school finished in the mornings and have the afternoons for fun projects, crafts or just free play.
  • We can go on a lot of field trips.
  • We can go to popular places for vacation when it’s not busy and it’s less expensive – Disney in September anyone?
  • We do not shop for school supplies during the mad rush in August.
Year round education works well for our family.  We find it suits homeschooling well and gives us more flexibility with our schedules. It has been a great decision for our family.