We Just Called it a Bucket

The Tummy Tub

Maybe I’m just getting older, or maybe it’s because we are on our third child or maybe it’s simply because I can’t see myself spending $40 for something I can get at Walmart for $5.  Whatever the reason, I can’t help but think someone is pulling an Emperor’s New Clothes move on a whole lot of new mothers.  I’ve read the reviews about how it mimics the mother’s womb and how the babies love the warm water and I’m certainly not about to dispute that.   In fact, I remember my mother bathing my brother in a similar fashion when we were children but back then we just called it a bucket.

 It’s not a new idea, just a marketed idea.

Look familiar?

Growing Big…

Today was the Milk Monkey’s 9 month wellness visit.


He was fabulous!

He charmed the doctor with his chubby little body and coy little smile.









He was a sweet little gentleman, cooperating with all the nurse’s requests.

I took great joy in hearing how healthy and wonderful my little man is doing, especially around this time of his life.  He has now lived longer out in the big world than he had in my tummy and it makes me reminiscent of his gestational journey.

A little history about my Milk Monkey:

He was born a month early premature…at 9 1/2lbs…and no, we didn’t get the dates wrong.  We followed his tremendous growth with ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy.   When it comes to fetal weight, most mothers are concerned not enough is being gained but because of gestational diabetes I was on the other side of that spectrum.   I would watch in frustration as my sweet baby boy gained more and more weight regardless of my strict diet and all the insulin shots.  The gestational diabetes was out of control.  Instead of panicking, I would call my mother and we would pray.  It kept me peaceful. God is faithful.

At 35 weeks we were at a routine ultrasound and the specialist made the shocking decision to admit me to the hospital.  There was a list of serious concerns.  They wanted to greatly increase the insulin at every meal, also my little guy was transverse which along with lots of extra amniotic fluid was putting pressure on my previous c-section incisions.  If my water were to break, his cord could be born first and collapse on him.  I had been carrying around a full term baby for about a little over a month by that point so my body was stressed and it was causing many different issues.

The first day went by as a blur, so many nurses and doctors visiting my room and I missed my children immediately.  I wouldn’t be the one to explain to my children that I wouldn’t be home for month and that made me cry.  In children time that’s almost forever!

As it turned out I only lasted a week in the hospital before I went into labour.  My little baby boy was born without any complications thanks to the amazing doctors and wonderful nurses, but mostly thanks to my God who is always faithful!

I have been thinking back to those events many times lately and I always come to the same conclusion.  Every moment of it was completely worth it because it was just a process I went through to get my precious, precious little boy!


Lately I’ve been getting the Disney itch!  Maybe it’s because we’re getting ready to book our next trip in a couple weeks, or maybe it’s because we just bought the trailer, but whatever the reason – I really want to go!

When we go to Disney we like to stay at the Fort Wilderness Campground.  It’s the perfect mixture of Disney Magic and the calmness of nature.  It’s like a 5 star resort collided with home and we get to hang out in it’s backyard.  After a long day of sensory overload at one of the busy parks, we thoroughly enjoy taking comfort in our own surroundings as we unwind in the cool shade of the mature trees.  Everything is so clean and  peaceful.   There’s a kind of camaraderie among the Fort Wilderness visitors, we grin and wave to each other, all of us with that knowing look – we have a secret, we have found an oasis in the midst of the business called Disney.

There were days during our vacation when we decided to lazily hang out and rejuvenate, instead of heading off  to yet another day at a park.   We would throw on our bathing suits, grab our towels and take off in our little golf cart and make our way to the pool – and what a pool it is!  It has a little something for everyone.

There are actually two pools, a small wading pool for the kids and then the large crisp clear pool.











The large pool has a super cool water slide that people of all ages enjoy.









It also has a fun splash park for the children which provided many fun and exciting ways for water to be splashed into their faces !  The Professor and the Princess spent hours playing in the splash pad until their little fingers and toes wrinkled like raisins.




















After a long day of swimming we would head back to our home away from home and get into snuggly clothes.   We’d order some pizza or roasted chicken and eat it underneath the star speckled sky while watching a Disney movie at the outdoor theater.  One night we even had company as an armadillo wandered over to where we were sitting.

There are many reasons why we enjoy staying at Fort Wilderness but nothing tops the constant smiles plastered to our children’s faces throughout the whole vacation!